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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Maps, Walkthrough & Game Guide

Aya - Planet in Mass Effect Andromeda

Aya. Map of planet surface for Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Atlas with Maps, Game Guide and Walkthrough. Map contains Quest Starters, Forward Stations, POIs Interesting locations, Remnant Monoliths, Remnant Vaults, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Resources, Raw Materials and other secrets.

Aya Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Aya Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda

Aya is an anomaly in the Heleus Cluster: a lush planet where a Remnant site appears to be active. It is a sanctuary for the angara, the only known sentient species local to Heleus, and guarded fiercely against Outsiders. This is helped by Aya's position relative to Heleus black hole, whose gravitational lensing effect makes Aya harder to detect. The Scourge also makes the approach to Aya extremely dangerous for untrained pilots. Scans indicate numerous kett wrecks lost in the Scourge nearby, picked clean by angaran salvagers.

Aya is also the headquarters of the Angaran Resistance movement against the kett, whose leaders advise Aya's planetary governor, Paaran Shie. Director Tann has ordered that Aya is not only to be Considered Sovereign territory, but a military power.

Flight to Onaon System

Priority Mission: A Trail of Hope leads to the Onaon System.

During the flight, you encounter Kett's fleet which is commanded by The Archon.

You manage to escape and land on the planet Aya.

On Aya

Priority Mission

A Trail Of Hope

You've made contact with the angara and met Evfra, the leader of the Resistance. However, the angara don't trust you and without their trust, they refuse to give you access to the vault on Aya.

  • Follow Paaran Shie
  • Enter the Angarian Resistance Headquarters
  • Return to the Tempest

Do not do anything suspicious, do not scan do not look around when you follow Paaran Shie.

Jaal Ama Darav new member of your team.

01 Aya Docks

Here you will start after meeting with Resistance

At the moment you can only visit the docks. Closed passages will open later when you gain Aya's trust.


Sohkaa Esof you will be able to trade with him after finishing quest.

Heleus Assignment

Trading Favors
  • Meet the Resistance leader on Voeld
  • Speak to the Resistance lookout
  • Search Sohkaa's navpoint on Voeld for the missing supplier
  • Investigate the supply camp
  • Defeat the Kett ambush
  • Recover the Supplies
  • Deliver the weapons to Sohkaa Esof on Aya

Supplies are on Voeld B


Avela Kjar

Heleus Assignment

Recovering The Past

Avela Kjar, curator for the Repository of History on Aya, has asked you to investigate an ancient crashed shuttle on Havarl and recover any artifacts.

  • Locate the ancient crash site on Havarl
  • Investigate the crash site
  • Return the relic to Avela on Aya

Return to Tempest

Next location to explore should be Havarl then Voeld

After A Trail Of Hope, Havarl and Voeld parts.

Take shuttle with Moshae to the Aya Vault.

After return you can explore Aya

T Fast Travel Station

05 Spaceport Command

Research Center

Port Capitain's Computer



Holographic Message Terminal

Angaran Mural

06 Marketplace

Arbiter Renaav

Additional Task

Task: Laws And Customs

An angaran arbiter in Aya's marketplace advises you to learn the laws and customs of her people. She has directed you to visit two other arbiters in the city for more information.

  • Speak to the Angaran Arbiters
  • Speak to Arbiter Ohmdaal
  • Read Arbiter Ohmdaal Datapad
  • Speak to Arbiter Vraagen
  • Read Arbiter Vraagen Datapad

Holographic Message Terminal

07 Governor's Office

Arbiter Ohmdaal

Enroh Bosaan

Additional Task

Task: Messages To The Nexus

Governor Shie's assistant, Enroh Bosaan, has established message terminals across the city for citizens to record personal messages to the Nexus. Enroh has asked you to visit each of these terminals, view the messages, and pass them along to the Nexus leaders.

  • Collect messages from the Docks terminal
  • Collect messages from the Market terminal
  • Collect messages from the Tavetaan terminal
  • Collect messages from the Resistance Headquarters terminal
  • Collect messages from each terminals in Aya


Paaran Shie




Additional Task

Task: Test Subject

SAM identified an angara who was scanning you without permission on Aya. Speak to this person and learn why.

  • Speak to the angara who scanned you

Talk to Daanfre

10 Repository of History

Avela Kjar talk to her about Recovering the Past.

Heleus Assignment

Forgotten History

Avela Kjar suspected there are angaran artifacts hidden on the planets of Heleus. Search the planets and recover lost relics.

  • Search Voeld for and angaran relic.

Examine Museum, talk to visitors.


Arbiter Vraagen talk to him about Task: Laws And Customs


Communication Terminal


Here you can finish A Trail Of Hope

Priority Mission

Hunting The Archon

The Moshae says the Archon has a Remnant map that may point the way to Meridian. But you don't know where his ship is. You must first track down the angaran traitor, Vehn Terev, on Kadara Port, and learn what you can from him.

  • Go to Kadara Port in the Govorkam system.
  • Speak to the Resistance contact at Kralla's Song.
  • Meet Sloane Kelly in the Outcast headquarters on Kadara Port
  • Interrogate Vehn Terev
  • Retrieve the kett transponder from the badlands
  • Speak to Gil in Tempest engineering
  • Locate the kett flagship in the Tafeno system
  • Patch SAM into the ark's systems
  • Locate the Salarian Pathfinder, Zevin Raeka
  • Identify the dead salarian
  • Locate the dead Salarian's Stasis pod
  • Revive the Salarian Pathfinder
  • Infiltrate the kett ship
  • Patch SAM into the kett ship's Systems
  • Send the Salarian Pathfinder team on their way
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Survive the ambush
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Bypass kett security
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Escape the trap
  • Make your Way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Find the relic
  • Kill the exalted krogan and the kett
  • Escape the kett ship
  • Rescue the captive salarians



Heleus Assignment

Safe Journeys

Maariko, Aya's chief astronomer, requests help locating several missing satellites essential to monitoring the Scourge. Fly the Tempest to Maariko's Satellite navpoints and search the areas.

  • Investigate the 1st missing Satellite navpoint
  • Investigate the 2nd missing satellite navpoint
  • Investigate the 3rd missing satellite navpoint
  • Travel to the angaran vesse's navpoint
  • Travel to Kadara Port
  • Find the satellite scavenger hideout
  • Defeat the satellite scavengers
  • Find the missing satellites
  • Return to Maariko

Do not go to Kadara now, first explore Voeld

After completing Voeld

Go to Aya 02 and talk to Sohkaa Esof about Trading Favors

Now you can trade with Sohkaa Esof.

Return the carved figure to Avela Aya 10 for Forgotten History

After Kadara

Return to Maariko Aya 13 for Safe Journeys

14 Andromeda Initiative Embassy

Ambassador Rialla

Talk to Rialla about Task: The Angarian Initiative

Heleus Assignment

The Vesaal

Ambassador Rialla, leader of the initiative's embassy on Aya, reports that an angara from the Resistance has threatened a salarian scientist named Sorvis Lenn. She has asked you to resolve this matter discreetly.

  • Speak to Sorvis Lenn
  • Scan Resistance members
  • Speak to Jarryb Sjek
  • Return to Ambassador Rialla

Additional Task

Task: The Nexus Exchange

Director Tann has suggested strengthening ties between the Initiative and Aya by allowing angaran volunteers to live on the Nexus. Several angara have expressed interest, and Ambassador Rialla has tasked you with interviewing each candidate.

  • Interview each of the angarian candidates
  • Speak to Saalro about moving to the Nexus
  • Speak to Yuraalt about moving to the Nexus
  • Speak to Hellruul about moving to the Nexus

Athabasca Class Freighter Model



Additional Task

Task: Outpost Supplies On Eos

Merixus, a turian supply pilot for the outposts, is looking for quilloa seeds for the outpost on Eos. He has not been granted clearance to enter the city, and so has asked you to track them down for him.

  • Acquire quilloa seeds on Aya
  • Deliver the quilloa seeds to Merixus

Buy quilloa seeds from Agricultural Scientist at Aya D

Additional Task

Task: Outpost Supplies On Kadara

Merixus says people at the Kadara Port outpost are suffering from a widespread bacterial infection. This bacteria is native to Heleus, so perhaps angaran antibiotics can treat it.

  • Acquire angaran antibiotics on Aya
  • Deliver the angarian antibiotics to Merixus

Buy antibiotics from Assistant Medic on Aya G

Additional Task

Task: Outpost Supplies On Voeld

Merixus has informed you that the Voeld outpost has requested an angaran solar amplifier to aid with energy production. He believes one can be purchased in the city, but still has no clearance to enter. He hopes you can obtain it for him.

  • Acquire a Solar amplifier on Aya
  • Deliver the solar amplifier to Merixus

Buy solar amplifier from Solar Technician on Aya B

16 Scan Fruits

Additional Task

Task: Local Cuisine

Lexi T'Perro thinks the food on Aya may be safe for Milky Way species to eat. Collect food samples in the city and send them to Lexi.

  • Scan fruit plant varieties on Aya (3)
  • Retrive a fruit sample from the market
  • Investigate nutrient paste in the tavetaan
  • Allow time for Lexi to analyze food samples

Scan on Aya F


Talk to Liam for Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya


Sorvis Lenn

Speak to him about The Vesaal


Jarryn Sjek

Scan him and talk to him for The Vesaal


Avela Kjar talk to her about Forgotten History.



Talk to her for Peebee: The Museum Trip

Allies and Relationships

Peebee: Remnant Scanner

Find rare Remnant tech so Peebee perfect her scanner.

  • Read email from Peebee
  • Speak to peebee on the Tempest


Moshae Sjefa


Talk to them for Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?

Talk to Moshae again.

Return to Ambassador Rialla Aya 14 for The Vesaal

Return to Merixus Aya 15 to finish three supply quests.

Later in game ...



Additional Task

Task: Outpost Supplies On Elaaden

Merixus needs an angaran ionic filter to improve production of purified Water on Elaaden. He still hasn't been allowed into the city, and has asked you to track down the filter for him.

  • Acquire an ionic filter on Aya
  • Deliver the ionic filter to Merixus

Buy Ionic Water Filters in Aya 22


Aqueduct Engineer

For Task: Outpost Supplies On Elaaden buy Ionic Water Filters


Avela Kjar talk to her about Forgotten History.

23 Med Center

Search for The Search for Ljeta


Allies and Relationships

Jaal Ama Darav: Angaran Affection

Only for Female Ryder, after Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh And Blood - Loyalty Mission

  • Talk to Jaal on Aya, near Repository of History

After Hunting the Archon

Check three locations for Task: The Witnesses - Aya H

Locations for Quests

A Speak for Task: The Nexus Exchange

B Buy solar amplifier from Solar Technician for Task: Outpost Supplies on Voeld

C Buy Tavarv Plant from General Good Merchant for Movie Night: Snacks

D Buy quilloa seeds from Agricultural Scientist for Task: Outpost Supplies on Eos

E Scan Scan the hostile vendor's goods for Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya

F Scan fruit plant for Task: Local Cusine

G Buy antibiotics from Assistant Medic for Task: Outpost Supplies on Kadara

H Witnesses to speak for Task: The Witnesses

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

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