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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Elaaden Remnant Vault Walkthrough & Map - Mass Effect Andromeda

This is walkthrough, map and guide for Elaaden Remnant Vault in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Elaaden Remnant Vault map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Elaaden Remnant Vault map for Mass Effect Andromeda

You have to activate Three Elaaden Remnant Monoliths first before you come to Eladen Vault.

This is for Taming A Desert Heleus Assigment.

01 Exit from Gravity Well

Activate console A. To raise five console open the door.

Activate the B and C console, the others do not switch on and the door will open.


Kill Remnants and go right to left side of Vault.


Kill Remnants

Here is first Rem-tech. You can take it when you escape Vault after purification.

Switch both D and E to make path to F and G

Switch F and G

Then turn off D and E

Now you got path to (04), use H to open (04)



Hack te turret

Use console I to open doors to purification chamber and make path to return to (03).

Swith J, this console will rise part of your escape route.

06 Tree

Jump here and then to (07)


Kill all Remnans around.


Hack te turret

Swith K, this console will rise part of your escape route.


There is container on ground level here


There are Remnants to kill at upper level here.



Use console L to rise bridge to purification chamber and go to (12)


Use console M to unlock doors to right wing. Open doors


There are consoles around room on floor level. Switch them all. But use only ones without glowing globe..

When you use all "globe" consoles two new ones will rise. N and O

Use N to open Remnant Data Core Room.

14 Remnant Data Core Room

Remnant Data Core take it.

15 Remnant Puzzle

Use O to open escape route and second Rem-tech. You will pick it up during escape.

16 Remnant Puzzle

Elaaden Vault Remnant Puzzle Solution

+2 Skill Points

Train Escape Route

Before you run vault at (20), check escape route.

You will run from (20) to (03)

At (03) and pickup Re-tech

Then from (17) joump to (18) (there is container here, open it now when you test escape route).

Then (13) to (15)

At (15) and pickup Re-tech

At (19) use console to finish it.

20 Now you are ready to finish Vault.

Kill Remnants

Use P to start purification and run Forest run...

This is end of Taming A Desert

Video Walkthrough for Elaaden Vault

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