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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Elaaden Second Remnant Vault Walkthrough & Map - Mass Effect Andromeda

This is walkthrough, map and guide for Second (unmarked on map) Elaaden Remnant Vault in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Elaaden Second Remnant Vault map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Elaaden Second Remnant Vault map for Mass Effect Andromeda

Second (unmarked) Remnant Vault on Elaaden is located west of Third (Southern) Elaaden Remnant Monolith on the edge of big sinkhole.

There is no in game map for this location.

The main purpose of this location is to gather Remnant Data Core for task and solve Remnant Puzzle for Cryptographer Trophy.

01 Exit from Gravity Well

Console A will disable turrets.

Console B will spawn Destroyer in (06).


You do not need to jump inside, just Scan Adaptive Remnant Core Device standing near corner of pit.

03 Remnant Puzzle Chest

Scan two glyphs in this room and open chest.

Elaaden Second Vault Remnant Puzzle Solution

Elaaden Second Vault Remnant Puzzle Solution

04 jump up here, jump to (05)

05 Container



Jump into pit and pick up Remnant Data Core

Remnant Data Core

To jump out do not stand to close to edge.


To raise pillars switch console C then D.

After this step you should have three columns lifted up.

Use them and jump to middle shelf with console 08.

08 Ledge with Console

Console E this console against conspiracy theories do nothing more than spawn few Remnants at 11

Jump to 09 and make long jump with Explorer Profile Biotic Blink to 10.

09 Ledge

10 Ledge with Container

11 Remnants spawned by E

Video Walkthrough for Elaaden Second Vault

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