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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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New Tuchanka Map Walkthrough Guide | Mass Effect Andromeda

New Tuchanka Map, New Tuchanka Walkthrough, How to New Tuchanka Game Guide for Mass Effect Andromeda. Map contains Quest Starters, New Tuchanka Remnant Vault Walkthrough with Secrets and Rem Tech, Monoliths, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Forward Stations, POIs locations, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Priority Ops, Secondary Ops, Resources.

New Tuchanka - Elaaden Map for Mass Effect Andromeda
New Tuchanka - Elaaden Map for Mass Effect Andromeda

New Tuchanka is located on Elaaden.

01 Exit to Elaaden

Krogan Lookout talk to him to enter.


Go to the throne room for Parlay With the Krogan


Krogan Geneticist

Heleus Assignment

Save Dr. Okeer's Krogan Research

A terminal holding important krogan research from the famous Dr. Okeer was accidentally sold to a junker. Dr. Ganar doesn't need the terminal, but insists that the data is important to the future of the krogan species.

  • Go to the navpoint provided by Dr. Ganar
  • Hack the terminal to retrieve the research
  • Return the research to Dr.Ganar in New Tuchanka

Terminal is in Elaaden 28


There is no Hidden Cache here or it is bugged

05 Merchant





Heleus Assignment

The Search For Ljeta

A New Tuchanka krogan named Rorik is concerned about his angaran friend Ljeta, who disappeared some time ago. Track Ljeta down and give her Rorik's gift.

  • Question Velonia at the Paradise
  • Speak with Colt Dalton
  • View the dock records
  • Search the med center on Aya
  • Speak to Ljeta

This task will lead you out of Elaaden to Kadara and Aya.


Injured Krogan Scout

Heleus Assignment

The Flophouse

Nakmor scouts have reported that many of Elaaden's scavengers take refuge in a flophouse hidden in a Canyon. A concentrated population of troublemakers might be cause for concern

  • Investigate the flophouse
  • Enter the Command Center
  • Override the security station
  • Hold your ground until the security can be hacked
  • Clear out the command center
  • Defeat the leader of the flophouse
  • Eliminate defenders
  • Clear the flophouse of scavengers
  • Optional:Access the secure storage room

The Flophouse is in Elaaden 29


For Nakmor Drack: A Future for Our People

Hark speak to him when you will be ready to finish mission.


Shaman Kortik

Heleus Assignment

Rising Tensions

Shaman Kortik fears New Tuchanka will descend into a clan war unless two rival warriors perform the Rite of Union. A krogan war will likely be bad news for the Nexus and the stability of Heleus.

  • Enter a wild fiend habitat
  • Place the lure
  • Defeat and tame the fiend
  • Return to Shaman Kortik
  • Talk to Gren
  • Begin the Rite of Union
  • Defeat the fiends
  • Speak with Warka and Gren


For Parlay With the Krogan

Ravanor Brenk Start to speak to him and Morda will disturb you.

11 go down the stairs.

For Parlay With the Krogan, Speak with Ravanor Brenk again.

Heleus Assignment

Investigate Remnant Derelict

To keep Morda from potentially building a bomb, retrieve the drive core located inside the heart of the Remnant derelict. We need to get it before her people do.

  • Go to the derelict Remnant ship
  • Locate the entrance
  • Interface with the Remnant device
  • Locate the Remnant glyph
  • Enter the derelict Remnant ship
  • Locate the derelict ship's drive core
  • Find an alternate exit from the derelict ship

Entrance to the ship is Elaaden 33, exit Elaaden 34

Blood Treshers Manager

Team Ryncol Manager


Destiny Ascension Model

Later in game ...


Talk to Krogan Geneticist for Save Dr. Okeer's Krogan Research


Speak to Shaman Kortik about Rising Tensions



Speak to Gren about Rising Tensions

Agree for Arena fight. Tou will be moved to Arena to fight Fiends

Fiend x3


If you dont do this quest before talk Hark for For Nakmor Drack: A Future for Our People

The action will take you to Kadara's Moon. There will be a lot of fight.

Rescue Vorn, spare Aroane's Life



Additional Task

Task: A Flower For Kesh

Vorn has asked you to deliver a gift to Kesh the next time you see her.

  • Deliver the flower to Kesh.


Talk to Morda about Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core

You have to give drive core to Morda to get Outpost on Elaaden.

If you keep core you will get research data and credits, but it is a bad solution

Now you are ready to create Outpost and finish Settling Elaaden Elaaden 38

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

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