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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Maps, Walkthrough & Game Guide

Kadara Map Walkthrough Guide | Mass Effect Andromeda

Kadara Map, Kadara Walkthrough, How to Kadara Game Guide for Mass Effect Andromeda. Map contains Quest Starters, Kadara Remnant Vault Walkthrough with Secrets and Rem Tech, Monoliths, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Forward Stations, POIs locations, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Priority Ops, Secondary Ops, Resources.

Kadara Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Kadara Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda

Kadara was of great interest to the Andromeda Initiative after it appeared on long-range Surveys. Seemingly abundant liquid water and an oxygen-mix atmosphere made it a strong candidate for settlement, earning it the designation Habitat 4. Closer range surveys now reveal that Kadara's water sources are tainted and unpotable.

Of greater concern is the large settlement known as Kadara Port Reportedly once a trade port for the angara, it has been adopted by exiles, pirates, and mercenaries who use it as a staging ground. Kadara Port is considered a rogue state by the Nexus, given its strong ties to the Exiles, and Initiative personnel are advised to keep their distance.

01 Entrance to Kadara Port & Slums



Heleus Assignment

Counting Bodies

Saneris and Drexel have both asked you to scan murder victims in the badlands. One wants justice, the other wants profit. Search for bodies in the cesspools, scan them, and decide who you'll give the information to.

  • Scan five Corpses (5)
  • Return to Saneris and Drexel with the scan data.

Scan Kadara A

03 Collective Camp


Additional Task

Task: Kadara's Ransom

You found a datapad revaling that the Collective is holding a member of the Outcast for ransom.

  • Search for more datapads on Outcats member being held by Collective
  • Go to teh navpoint
  • Investigate the bodies
  • Read the datapad.

Scan Kadara B x 3 (they are probably arranged randomly). It finish at Kadara 33

04 Kadara Remnant Monolith (1/3)

Heleus Assignment

Healing Kadara's Heart

Kadara needs clean drinking water-streams and lakes are toxic and filled with sulfuric acid. Remnant technology could transform Kadara's water supply, but the monoliths around the planet must be activated to begin this process.

  • Activate monoliths (3)
  • Investigate the Vault's entrance
  • Activate the Vault's emergency power
  • Remove the Vault's lockdown
  • Escape the purification field and exit the Vault

Locations for this task are Kadara 04, 05, 06, 07

The Outlaw Monolith

The Outlaw Monolith is a part of Healing Kadara's Heart task.

Remnant Puzzle

Kadara Monolith (1/3) Remnant Puzzle Solution

Kadara Monolith (1/3) Remnant Puzzle Solution

05 Kadara Remnant Monolith (2/3)

Local Angara

06 Kadara Remnant Monolith (3/3)

07 Kadara Remnant Vault

Remnant Puzzle

Kadara Remnant Vault Puzzle Solution

Kadara Remnant Vault Puzzle Solution

Heleus Assignment

Settling Kadara

Before an outpost can be established on Kadara, you must Solve Kadara's water toxicity problems and quell the escalating rivalry between the Outcasts and Collective.

  • Find an outpost site
  • Look for signs of violence between rival factions in Kadara Port
  • Work with Reyes
  • Return to the Tempest
  • Check your email and respond to Reyes
  • Attend Sloane's party with Reyes
  • Investigate drug use in Kadara Slums
  • Help Dr. Nakamoto retrieve the formula
  • Ask Outcast leadership about trouble on Kadara
  • Help Kaetus with the kett on Kadara
  • Meet Sloane
  • Speak with Reyes
  • Stabilize Kadara's environment by resetting the Vault
  • Reach 40% viability on Kadara
  • Create an Outpost

08 Satellite Scavengers Hideout

It is for Safe Journeys, kill them and search containers.

09 Dr. Nakamoto's old lab

For Modern Medicine, kill guards and retrieve forumla.

Terminal read messages.

Dr. Farenth tell her you don't belive her and not buying it.

10 Search for Better Crafting




Datapad x2

Container is at the top of instalation. Next two containers are at bottom level.

13 Refugee Camp


There is a connection in the tasks between this location Refugee Camp (13) and Herbal Entrepreneurs (29).

Incorrect sequence of tasks blocks (probably due to a bug in the game) getting another task.

Apply this order.

  • At 13 inside building, talk to Asari and finish Task: Broken Family.
  • At 13 talk to person on left side the one that stands near the patient. Scan the Patient
  • At 13 talk to person on right side near the terrarium.
  • Go to 27 and get Emergency S.O.S.
  • Find Emergency S.O.S. location, and talk to Herbal Entrepreneurs at (29), do not scan plants
  • Return to 13 and take UV light from Salarian on right side
  • Return to 29 and give them UV Light for Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs
  • Scan the plants
  • Return to 13 and talk about medicine with person on left side for Task: Running a Fever

Additional Task

Task: Broken Family

An asari on Kadara hasn't spoken to her mother since she was exiled from the Nexus. There's a possibility the signal from her communications equipment could reach the Nexus, but it's broken. You need to look into repairing the equipment for her.

  • Scan broken Communications equipment
  • Repair the equipment
  • Verify equipment is working

Climb the tower, scan and fix.

Datapad x2


Terminal On lower level use Security Override

Audio Logs on upper level



Heleus Assignment

Mind Games

You came across some people living in a hut; they are acting strangely and babbling nonsensically. Investigate the cause of their odd behavior.

  • Examine the datapad.
  • Scan the people (3)
  • Locate the source of the mysterious signal
  • Speak to the scientists
  • Alter the mind control signal

Go to Kadara 16


For Mind Games

Scientists talk to them


Alter the mind control signal for Mind Games





For Out of the Frying Pan

Terminal open cell

Remi Tamayo


For A Peaople Divided. You have to scan a lot of items, also small. Traces lead outside, to the blade.

Datapads x2


For Hunting the Archon

Kett Transponder


It is for Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal. Defeat the exiles. Search the hideout for clues.

Datapad quest item


22 Collective Base Cave

Datapad x 2

Containers x 3

Surveyor's corpse for The Baryte Rush, above the corpse you will find datapad.

Behind closed doors. You will meet Lynx.


Heleus Assignment

The Collective Base

You've learned that the Collective build a hideout deep within one of the cave networks in Draullir.

  • Speak to Crux

Just go to Crux and talk to her.

There are some scans inside base. Also you will find containers.


Heleus Assignment

The Charlatan's Charlatan

One of the Charlatan's representatives has been tweaking orders for their own gain. You have offered to discreetly investigate the Collective base to help uncover the imposter.

Crux has provided you with two clues to help identify the imposter their footprint is humanoid in shape and they should have high levels of residual sulfur on their clothes.

  • Scan suspects (5)
  • Speak to Lynx and Dorado
  • Report back to Crux
  • Find Dorado
  • Defeat Dorado and her dog

Dorado is Imposter.


Mysterious Button at the foundations of the building. Each press will give you another message until the text ends.

Some containers around the base.

Prison Prison is at the very bottom of main building. To open it use Terminal in Crux room


Collective Guard

23 Crash Site

For Behind Enemy Lines

Trader talk about Kett

24 Cave

For Behind Enemy Lines

25 Roekaar hideout

For A people Divided, enter building, defeat the Roekaar. Explore cave for containers before you exit.


Heleus Assignment

Something In The Water

While exploring Kadara, you found a settlement littered with dead angara.

  • Search for clues to angaran deaths (2)
  • Search Charybdis Point for evidence
  • Defeat the exile responsible

Scan around, listen to audio log and go to Kadara 20 to finish it.

Datapad x2

Audio Log Quest Item, listen to it.

27 Emergency S.O.S. Signal

Heleus Assignment

Emergency S.O.S.

An urgent S.O.S. signal from someone in serious trouble was received.

  • Follow the S.O.S. signal to its source.
  • Speak to the person who sent the SOS signal

SOS source is at Kadara 29


Angaran Artifact for Forgotten History

29 Herbal Entrepreneurs

For Emergency S.O.S., just talk to them.


Datapads x3

30 Wind farm

Aislin outside

Heleus Assignment

Gone With the Wind

Scavengers are stealing turbine parts from the wind farm outside Kadara Port. An exile named Aislin has enlisted your help to bring the parts back.

  • Find stolen turbine parts
  • Examine debris
  • Defeat ancient eiroch
  • Return to Aislin

Go to Kadara 31 and defeat ancient eiroch




Heleus Assignment

A Packaged Deal

A turian named Thrasia sold you the navpoint for a weapons cache stolen from the Nexus.

  • Travel to the navpoint
  • Defeat the exile
  • Examine weapons cache
  • Confromt Thrasia

After return from A Packaged Deal Thrasia will become merchant

Kett Shuttle Model you can buy it from Thrasia




Examine Debris for Gone With the Wind

Ancient Eiroch kill it.

32 Weapons Cache

Weapons Cache for A Packaged Deal, defeat the exiles, examine.


Location for Task: Kadara's Ransom after you scan 3 datapads.

Investigate the bodies. Watch for land mines.

Datapad read it.


Scan weapon cache at crash site.

Additional Task

Task: Cold Hard Cache

You discovered a weapon cache on kadara. Continue to scan caches to determine their destinations

  • Scan weapons caches.
  • Travel to the navpoint
  • Search for the message source
  • Defeat the outlaws
  • Prevent the shuttle from leaving Kadara.

Scan cache at Kadara 34, Scan cache at Kadara 35, at Kadara 37 destroy shuttle by shooting explosives and kill outlaw.


Scan weapon cache for Task: Cold Hard Cache

Datapad read it.


Corpse and Datapad.


Final location for Task: Cold Hard Cache.

Shoot explosives at ladning zone to prevent the shuttle from leaving Kadara and defeat the outlaws.

Hydra x2

38 Salarian near terrarium inside building.

It is possible after finishing Emergency S.O.S. Task at (29).


Additional Task

Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs

You've found a UV light that could help the herbal entrepreneurs grow their plants.

  • Bring the UV light to the herbal entrepreneurs.

Go to Kadara 29


When you give them UV Light

Additional Task

Task: Running a Fever

Return to Kadara 13 and talk to Refuge Doctor.

Now return to Kadara Port & Slums

After visiting back Kadara Slums

40 Hidden Console

Hidden console for Precious Cargo


Meeting Point for Precious Cargo defend youself.

Now you can finish Settling Kadara, to do this you have to return to the Tempest.

From Tempest return to Kadara Port and do Night on the Town, then wait to get High Noon

With High Noon Task Active


Sloane and Charlatan meet point for High Noon

Here you will you will choose Collective or Outcasts to rule Kadara

Save Sloane to choose Outcasts. Then go to Kadara Port 04

Or let Sloane die to choose Collective. Go to Kadara Slums 21

In both cases you will be able to build Outpost on Kadara.

See below both solutions.

After High Noon

43Kadara Outpost

Initiative Shuttle Model

Dru Senecus

Christmas Tate

Heleus Assignment

Old Skinner

A group of settlers have created a cult to worship a massive machine they call Old Skinner. Their leader, Bishop, left to pay tribute in Kurinth's Valley but has not returned.

  • Search for Bishop
  • Defeat the Architect


For The Firefighters.





For Old Skinner


46 Architect

Kadara's Architect after you got Old Skinner

Now you should have easily:

100% Planetary Viability for Kadara

Later in game ...

47 Bootlegger


For Task: Beer Run

48 Remnant Site

Defeat the outlaws for Peebee: Remnant Scanner and search site for rem-tech piece.

Remnant Relic

Return to Kadara Port to meet Peebee and outlaw krogan. Kadara Port 01

49 Three Sabers hideout

For Life on the Frontier


Defeat the Three Sabers and search the hideout.

Datapads x2


Crash Site for Contagion, scan ship

Shuttle Cockpit Recorder

Scan footprints


Location for Contagion, defeat the Roekaar, and enter building.

Start from lower floor, use console.


Datapad x2

Ruth Bekker

There is no need to kill her. Let the Roeaaker leader go.

Locations for Quests

A Corpses to scan for Counting Bodies

B Datapads for Task: Kadara's Ransom

C Scan minerals for Task Hitting Rocks For Science.

D Scan kett tracks for Behind Enemy Lines (after visiting 23)

Hidden Cache Locations on Kadara

X1 inside Kadara Port & Slums

X2 See exact location of Hidden Cache X2

X3 See exact location of Hidden Cache X3

X4 See exact location of Hidden Cache X4

X5 See exact location of Hidden Cache X5

X6 See exact location of Hidden Cache X6

X7 See exact location of Hidden Cache X7

X8 See exact location of Hidden Cache X8

X9 See exact location of Hidden Cache X9

X10 See exact location of Hidden Cache X10

X11 See exact location of Hidden Cache X11

X12 See exact location of Hidden Cache X12

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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