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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Eos (East) Map Walkthrough Guide | Mass Effect Andromeda

East Eos Map, Eos Walkthrough, How to Eos Game Guide for Mass Effect Andromeda. Map contains Quest Starters, Eos Remnant Vault Walkthrough with Secrets and Rem Tech, Monoliths, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Forward Stations, POIs locations, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Priority Ops, Secondary Ops, Resources.

Eos Planet Map (East Part) for Mass Effect Andromeda
Eos Planet Map (East Part) for Mass Effect Andromeda

Eos, designated Habitat 1, was the earliest "golden world" identified for Outpost placement. Named for the Greek goddess of dawn by Jien Garson personally, Eos embodied the hope of the Andromeda Initiative for a new start.

On arrival, the Nexus discovered that a world projected to be arid but comfortably habitable was now ravaged by radioactive fallout from the Scourge. The planet's atmosphere is wracked by storms that have spread the radiation across continents, periodic strong winds strip equipment and damage shuttles.

Reports from the Nexus include a sanitized account of two attempts to Colonize the planet, both of which ended in failure and an unacceptable loss of life.

You will not be able to explore the entire Eos planet at the beginning of the game due to radiation. Go until you build the Prodromos Outpost and continue with the storyline. Return to Eos later in the game when radiation is no longer a problem. It will be after Havarl and Voeld.

01 Eos Landing Zone

Here you land on planet Eos. The buildings you see are your abandoned base of Initiative.

Check the Eos Site 1 Promise map to see this location.

A Better Beginning

First you should focus on completing the task A Better Beginning.

Priority Mission

A Better Beginning

... Continuation of the task from Eos Site 1 Promise

  • Investigate the strange signal
  • Search for a glyph to scan
  • Use the strange Console
  • Defeat the hostile bots
  • Activate Remnant monoliths (3/3)

02 Eos Monolith (1/3)

This one is easy one.


After fight, scan all around.

03 Eos Monolith (2/3)

Two glyphs and little sudoku (I hate it :))

Remnant Puzzle

Eos Monolith (2/3) Remnant Puzzle Solution

Eos Monolith (2/3) Remnant Puzzle Solution

After fight, scan all around.


04 Kett Base

Kill all Ketts

Scan all machines outside. There are some containers around

Turn off 4 Kett Power Generators to lower shield.


Enter base Interior.

Terminal x2

Under the base there are 2 more containers.

05 Eos Monolith (3/3)

Two glyphs

06 Console to lower bridge

07 Entrance to Remnant Vault

Remnant Vault

Priority Mission

A Better Beginning

... continuation of the quest

  • Investigate the entrance
  • Explore the Remnant vault
  • Follow the Conduit into the Vault
  • Activate the gravity Well
  • Follow the Conduit farther into the Vault
  • Repair the Conduit flow
  • Find a way through the caverns
  • Follow the Conduit to the source
  • Escape the Vault
  • Optional: Retrieve the unsealed item
  • Establish an outpost at an appropriate site
  • Speak with Tann at the Nexus Pathfinder HQ

Remnant Vault is nice visually but linearly built labyrinth. You just have to go down the very bottom by clicking on Consoles and killing your opponents.

Look around the alleys behind the crates.

You need to scan everything. With Scan enabled you will see a yellow conduit. You have to follow it all the time down into the vault.

The goal is to restart the installation.

When "everything starts to go down" and you have to run to the exit, [Optional] Retrive the unsealed items will appear.

The only thing that is more difficult to find is the secret location. It is on the side of the main task line. In the main hall on the second level, this one with trees, there is one tree a bit in the distance. To get to it you have to turn on an extra console and go back a bit. See the video below

When you come back to the surface, the this part of the task will be solved.

The next step is to go to 08


Kill Ketts

Outpost Beacon activate it.

You can build Science Outpost or Military Outpost

Science Outpost - will give you minor visual difference at the end of the game.

Military Outpost - additional troops in final fight.

You can now return to Nexus or further explore Eos

09Prodromos Outpost

Check the Map of Eos Prodromos Outpost to see this location.

After construction of Prodromos

10 Site 2: Resilience

This is location for The Secret Project Task

Search site, scan for "ghosts" upstairs. Enter closed building. Scan and use console.

Defeat attacking Ketts.

Heleus Assignment

The Secret Project

Site 2 engineers knew they were in desperate circumstances. When the kett became aware of their attempts to settle. Engineers tried to research technology that Could help them fight the kett.

  • Search Site 2 for the secret research project
  • Defeat the kett
  • Recover components (3)
  • Scan the research project.
  • Components are in Eos East B1, B2 and B3



Heleus Assignment

Something Personnel

Chief Engineer Grace Lito Was One of the last people off Eos after watching both Promise and Resilience slowly fail. She went back into Cryo on the Nexus. She might be willing to redeploy. Once your outpost is placed.

  • Find emergency muster point
  • Talk to Addison and assistant to redeploy Lito

It's all for Eos for this moment. Go on with the story and come back later in the game when the radiation decreases.

After Kadara


Field comm terminal

Additional Task

Task: What He Would Have Wanted

You found a Survey job started by Initiative technician Eric Camber. He was apparently interrupted by kett, and may have died. Accurate surveys are simple, but critical. Completing his beacon run is a small thing, but will help make Eos more viable.

  • Place Beacons (5)

Eos West L

13 Remnant site

This site is for Task: The Ghost of Promise. If you found Datapads from Ana Carrell around Eos, task will show you this location.

If you have not found any around Eos, do not worry, Datapads will be inside Remnant Site

There is also Hidden Cache X6 inside.

Additional Task

Task: The Ghost of Promise

You've discovered a research station left behind by one of Eos first settlers. SAM theorizes that there may be more at Other Remnant sites.

  • Locate the researcher's other stations
  • Follow the navpoint
  • Find Ana Carrell's final research
  • Deliver the data to Prodromos

Pickup 3 Datapads inside Remnant site and deliver them to Prodromos.

Remnant Puzzle

Eos Task: The Ghost of Promise Remnant Puzzle Solution

Eos Task: The Ghost of Promise Remnant Puzzle Solution

14 Kett site

This task has random starting location. The marker above the device is a skull and two bombs

Additional Task

Task: Watchers

You've discovered a surveillance device in a kett camp that monitors the activity of Prodromos colonists. Prodromos won't be safe unless these devices are destroyed.

  • Find and destroy kett surveillance devices
  • Follow the navpoint
  • Eliminate the kett
  • Use the data console
  • Give SAM enough time to scramble the signal
  • Destroy the console

Surveillance devices are random, look at Eos West and Eos East M, then SAM will tell you when to go to Eos West 14


They are not always in this spot. Ketts group, kill them, scan and examine.

Additional Task

The task starts when you find the first (random locations) Kett device in one of their camps.

Task: Data Trail

The kett have been keeping Remnant data cores for testing in their camps. SAM suggests they may be extracting important information from the cores.

  • Locate Remnant Cores
  • Follow the navpoint
  • Enter the Remnant installation
  • Eliminate the Kett
  • Investigate the Console
  • Deliver the data to Prodromos

Scan devices in Kett Camps Eos West N, then go to Eos West 16

After Hunting the Archon Primary Ops

16 Meet with Cora

For Cora Harper: A Foundation

17 Kett Camp

For Dissension in the Ranks locate the source of the signal.

This is first relay, go to second relay Eos West 19

Hidden Cache Locations

X1 See exact location of Cache X1

X2 See exact location of Cache X2

X3 See exact location of Cache X3

X4 See exact location of Cache X4

After Kadara

X5 See exact location of Cache X5

X6 Is inside Remnant Site (13).

Locations for Quests

A2 Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

A3 Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

A4 Inside Kett Base. Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

A5 Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

A6 Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

A7 On the stairs, on side lake, near 2 story building. Dead Body to scan for Task: Naming The Dead

B1 Inside Kett Base. Component for The Secret Project

B2 Inside building. Component for The Secret Project

B3 Component for The Secret Project

D1 Put pedant here for Task: Lost Brother

E1 Investigate murder evidence for First Murderer

E2 Investigate murder evidence for First Murderer

E3 Investigate murder evidence for First Murderer

E4 Investigate murder evidence for First Murderer

E5 Investigate murder evidence and Search for First Murderer

F1 Scan for Shock Treatment

F2 Defeat the Remnant for Shock Treatment

G1 Scan shuttle burn mark on the ground for Doesn't Add Up.

G2 Scan shuttle burn mark on the ground for Doesn't Add Up.

G3 Scan shuttle burn mark on the ground for Doesn't Add Up.

G4 This location has a high level of radiation and you will be able to get to it after returning from Havarl Planet. Scan shuttle burn mark on the ground for Doesn't Add Up.

After Kadara

H Place beakons to mark any drone for Task: Drone Recovery

J Scan Minerals for Hitting Rock for Science - possible after Havarl Planet.

K Investigate supply drop sites for Task: Supply Loss and Recovery

L Place Beakons for Task: What He Would Have Wanted

M Surveillance devices to destroy for Task: Watchers (random locations)

N Small device with remnant stuff, scan for Task: Data Trail (random locations)

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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