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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Maps, Walkthrough & Game Guide

Habitat 7 Map - Planet in Mass Effect Andromeda

Habitat 7. Map of planet surface for Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Atlas with Maps, Game Guide and Walkthrough. Map contains Quest Starters, Forward Stations, POIs Interesting locations, Remnant Monoliths, Remnant Vaults, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Resources, Raw Materials and other secrets.

Habitat 7 Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Habitat 7 Planet Map for Mass Effect Andromeda

The planet known as Habitat 7 (Ryder-I) was one of the "golden worlds" selected by the Andromeda initiative for early settlement. Signs pointed to a lush and biologically diverse tropical region that could easily support an outpost.

With no Communications from the Nexus or sister arks upon arrival in the Heleus Cluster, the Hyperion approached Habitat 7 to begin survey and settlement Operations as soon as possible, but even visual assessments showed that the planet was no longer viable. Habitat? is now a storm-wracked world with an unbreathable argon-nitrogen atmosphere, intense magnetic activity in unknown metallic elements interacts with the storms, causing interesting but highly destructive electrical phenomena.


Liam Kosta

Priority Mission

  • Locate other members of the Pathfinder team
  • Protect Fisher
  • Locate the second shuttle
  • Defend the Pathfinder team from hostile aliens
  • Locate the Pathfinder
  • Optional: Locate Greer
  • Optional: Investigate the flares
  • Optional: Investigate the alien ruins
  • Optional: Find a way to access the sealed room
  • Optional: Investigate the alien facility
  • Optional: Investigate the Crashed alien ship
  • Follow the Pathfinder
  • Defend the Pathfinder
  • Optional: Order Cora and Liam to defend both flanks
  • Defend the Pathfinder
  • Decryption Progress
  • Open the door

02 QEC Communications Relay - its broken.

03 Area with electrical discharge - sprint through them

04 Energy Cell - you can shot it for training.

05 Cave

06 You spot aliens

Try to climb up with arms raised without weapons. But it will not work. You have to kill aliens.



Protect Fisher then talk to him.


Aliens shot Kirkland, kill them.

Alien Structure.


by Angelique Devereaux
"There is a cave, just NE of 11 on across the crevasse that has an observer in it (if you're quick enough with your scanner you can grab it) then it flies off. There are also a few containers to be looted there as well."

09 Cave

Scan big plant and traped animal.

Explore the cave

10 Crashed Ship

But he does not look like a terrestrial vessel, it's a alien ship

Investigate the crashed alien ship.

11 Atmospheric Analyzer - fix it

12 Flight Recorder - listen

13 Alien building

Search the building. There are three containers in the building. Find and scan all alien devices. Try turning them on. One will turn on the light and open the door that has been closed since then. There are two more containers behind the closed door.

14 Ambush

When you try to get out of the building, aliens will attack you.

15 Cave

Greer rescue him

16 Consoles and Closed Gate

Use Consoles to open gate.


Kill enemies. Pickup Weapon.

Cora Harper


Alec Ryder

19 Alien Base

Containers and Supply Crates inside.

Kill all enemies and follow Alec Ryder.

20 Defend Alec Ryder

Order Cora and Laim to defend both flanks.

21 Open Doors.

Death of Alec is consistent with the plot of the game.

Next location is Nexus

During your trial-by-fire on Habitat7, you:

  • Tried to initiate peaceful first contact with the aliens you met despite their hostility.
  • Explored an alien laboratory.
  • Found a cave full of plant life that survived from the planet's "golden world" era.
  • Discovered alien shuttlecraft of unknown origin.
  • Rescued Greer from his captors.
  • Expressed doubts about accepting the role of Pathfinder.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

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