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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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A Trail Of Hope - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Priority Ops A Trail Of Hope it is mission (quest) in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. It begins on Nexus.

Location of Quest Starter for: Priority Ops: A Trail Of Hope on Nexus


quest name A Trail Of Hope

quest type Priority Ops

starting planet Nexus

quest starter Nexus, Pathfinder Headquarters

prerequisites Prodromos settled

On Nexus

After establishing a new outpost, Tann and the Initiative have more faith in your abilities as Pathfinder. You're now free to follow the lead you discovered in the Remnant Vault on Eos the existence of a potentially active Vault. This lead is your best hope to make Heleus a home.

  • Go to the Onaon System

On Aya

You've made contact with the angara and met Evfra, the leader of the Resistance. However, the angara don't trust you and without their trust, they refuse to give you access to the vault on Aya.

  • Follow Paaran Shie
  • Enter the Angarian Resistance Headquarters
  • Return to the Tempest

On Voeld

  • Call Evfra from the Tempest's meeting room.
  • Meet the Resistance on Voeld in the Nol System
  • Infiltrate the kett facility
  • Talk to the Resistance squad
  • Search for the Moshae
  • Find out where the pods go
  • Scan for the Moshae's pod
  • Interface with a nearby Console
  • Locate the Moshae's pod
  • Talk to Jaal
  • Chase the kett Cardinal
  • Defeat the kett Cardinal
  • Talk to Moshae Sjefa
  • Hold out for the shuttle extraction
  • Reach the shuttle
  • Escort the Moshae to the edge of the roof
  • Return with the Moshae to Aya
  • Take the shuttle to the Aya vault
  • Follow the Moshae to the Aya vault
  • Investigate the Aya vault
  • Meet Evfra at the Resistance HQ

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