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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Hunting The Archon - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Priority Ops Hunting The Archon it is mission (quest) in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. It begins on Aya.

Location of Quest Starter for: Priority Ops: Hunting The Archon on Aya


quest name Hunting The Archon

quest type Priority Ops

starting planet Aya

quest starter Aya, Evfra

prerequisites A Trail Of Hope

The Moshae says the Archon has a Remnant map that may point the way to Meridian. But you don't know where his ship is. You must first track down the angaran traitor, Vehn Terev, on Kadara Port, and learn what you can from him.

  • Go to Kadara Port in the Govorkam system.
  • Speak to the Resistance contact at Kralla's Song.
  • Meet Sloane Kelly in the Outcast headquarters on Kadara Port
  • Interrogate Vehn Terev
  • Retrieve the kett transponder from the badlands
  • Speak to Gil in Tempest engineering
  • Locate the kett flagship in the Tafeno system
  • Patch SAM into the ark's systems
  • Locate the Salarian Pathfinder, Zevin Raeka
  • Identify the dead salarian
  • Locate the dead Salarian's Stasis pod
  • Revive the Salarian Pathfinder
  • Infiltrate the kett ship
  • Patch SAM into the kett ship's Systems
  • Send the Salarian Pathfinder team on their way
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Survive the ambush
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Bypass kett security
  • Make your way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Escape the trap
  • Make your Way to the Archon's private chamber
  • Find the relic
  • Kill the exalted krogan and the kett
  • Escape the kett ship
  • Rescue the captive salarians

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