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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Kadara Missions (Quests) in Mass Effect Andromeda

Missions starting on Kadara. This is full list of all available Kadara Quests, Mission, Priority Ops, Heleus Assignments, Allies and Relationships Missions and Additional Task in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Register of Journal Missions contains Quest Name, Quest Type, Quest Starter, Mission Prerequisites, Missions Location.

All Quests Priority Ops Allies and Relationships Heleus Assignments Additional Tasks Nexus Tempest Eos Aya Havarl Voeld Kadara Elaaden

Mission Types:

PO - Priority Ops

HA - Heleus Assignments

A&R - Allies and Relationships

AT - Additional Tasks

Quest Name Type Quest Starter Required / Prerequisites Location
Task: Broken Family AT Kadara, Refugee Camp Open Kadara Kadara
Task: Cold Hard Cache AT Kadara, SE Kadara Open Kadara Kadara
Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs AT Kadara, NW Kadara Emergency S.O.S. Kadara
Task: Kadara's Ransom AT Kadara, random Outcast outpost Open Kadara Kadara
Task: Running a Fever AT Kadara, NW Kadara Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs Kadara
A Packaged Deal HA Kadara, Wind Farm, Thasia Open Kadara Kadara
Counting Bodies HA Kadara, Saneris north of Kadara Port Open Kadara Kadara
Emergency S.O.S. HA Kadara, NW Kadara Open Kadara Kadara
Gone With the Wind HA Kadara, Wind Farm, Aislin Open Kadara Kadara
Healing Kadara's Heart (The Outlaw Monolith) HA Kadara, any Monolith Open Kadara Kadara
Mind Games HA Kadara, Exile in SE Kadara Open Kadara Kadara
Old Skinner HA Kadara Outpost, Christmas Tate Settling Kadara Kadara
Settling Kadara HA Kadara, after Kadara Vault or later High Noon Kadara
Something In The Water HA Kadara, NW Kadara Open Kadara Kadara
The Charlatan's Charlatan HA Kadara, Collective Base Cave, Crux The Collective Base Kadara
The Collective Base HA Kadara, Collective Base Cave, Lynx Open Kadara Kadara
Peebee (4): Reclaiming Poc A&R Kadara Port, Speak with Peebee Peebee: Secret Project Kadara Port
Task: Searching for Morga AT Kadara Port, Speak to Jataa Open Kadara Kadara Port
Behind Enemy Lines HA Kadara Port, Outcast Headquarters, Kaetus Open Kadara Kadara Port
High Noon HA Kadara Port, Outcast Headquarters, Sloane Night on the Town Kadara Port
Mixed Messages HA Kadara Port, Speak to Jim Open Kadara Kadara Port
Murder In Kadara Port HA Kadara Port, Scan body Open Kadara Kadara Port
Out of The Frying Pan HA Kadara Port, speak with Grayson Wessler Open Kadara Kadara Port
Task: Outlaw Weapon Crafting AT Kadara Slums, Outlaw near Tartarus Bar Open Kadara Kadara Slums
A People Divided HA Kadara Slums, Tartarus Bar, Reyes Murder in Kadara Port Kadara Slums
Modern Medicine HA Kadara Slums, Dr. Nakamoto Open Kadara Kadara Slums
Precious Cargo HA Kadara Slums, Tartarus Bar, Reyes Exploring Kadara Kadara Slums
The Baryte Rush HA Kadara Slums, Tartarus Bar, Derc Open Kadara Kadara Slums

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