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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Havarl Missions (Quests) in Mass Effect Andromeda

Missions starting on Havarl. This is full list of all available Havarl Quests, Mission, Priority Ops, Heleus Assignments, Allies and Relationships Missions and Additional Task in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Register of Journal Missions contains Quest Name, Quest Type, Quest Starter, Mission Prerequisites, Missions Location.

All Quests Priority Ops Allies and Relationships Heleus Assignments Additional Tasks Nexus Tempest Eos Aya Havarl Voeld Kadara Elaaden

Mission Types:

PO - Priority Ops

HA - Heleus Assignments

A&R - Allies and Relationships

AT - Additional Tasks

Quest Name Type Quest Starter Required / Prerequisites Location
Liam Kosta (1): Outpost Worlds A&R Land on Havarl Settle Prodromos Havarl
Turian Ark (1): Not Dead Yet A&R Havarl, Pelaav Research Station, Kiiran Dals Helping Havarl's Scientists Havarl
Task: Roekaar Manifestos AT Havarl, Roekaar Datapad Land on Havarl Havarl
Task: Turian Salvage AT Havarl, Turian Camp, Drusa Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet Havarl
Task: Unearthed AT Havarl, Mithrava Sanctuary, Sage Fleera Helping Havarl's Scientists Havarl
A Dying Planet HA Havarl, Pelaav Research Station, Kiiran Dals Helping Havarl's Scientists Havarl
A Lost Sister HA Havarl, Mithrava Sanctuary, Sage Amurd Helping Havarl's Scientists Havarl
Forgotten Stars HA Havarl, Pelaav Research Station, Raashel Vier A Trail Of Hope Havarl
Overgrown HA Havarl, Pelaav Research Station, Nexus Scientist A Dying Planet Havarl

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