Handyman Wanted Main Mission in ELEX II

Walkthrough for Handyman Wanted Main Mission Adam Charles Dawkins Mission Giver in ELEX 2, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

Mission Description

Mission Type: Main Mission

Mission Name: Handyman Wanted

Mission Giver: Adam Charles Dawkins

Mission Start: In 013 at SC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"There's a strange man who lives in the main house of the Bastion's garrison. His name is Gardok. Apparently, he's an experienced builder who'd be able to make the Bastion livable again. It might be best to win him over to our side before we occupy his ruined home."

Part of "Preparing the Bastion", after "Spring Cleaning".



Adam Charles Dawkins

Adam directs you to Gardok for you to recruit him.


Gardok's House

You have to finish:

Then find Gardok in yard of Bastion and talk to him, now he become Trainer [02] and Merchant [02]

(The End)

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