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Walkthrough, Game Guide & ELEX Maps

Places and Xacor Missions for ELEX

List of Missions (Quests) in ELEX for Places and Xacor ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

This list is incomplete. I am working on it.

All Missions Main Missions Edan Missions Tavar Missions Abessa Missions Ignadon Missions Places and Xacor Companions
Mission (Quest)Starter
Places Enter Edan Old Observatory, Prologue
Places Enter the Berserker City Goliet Goliet
Places Enter the Fort of Tavar Tavar, Fort, Spike
Places Go to the Meeting Point in the Ruins West of Goliet Small Camp
Places Enter the Domed City in Abessa Abessa, Domed City
Places Enter the Hort in Ignadon Ignadon, Hort

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