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ELEX Companions Missions

Where you can find your Companions in ELEX and what missions (quests) you can do for them. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

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Companions in ELEX
Companions in ELEX

C.R.O.N.Y. U4

You can find C.R.O.N.Y. U4 in Goliet (13), The Pit. He is hard to make useful at low level.

A Half Defective Tin Can

In Old Observatory

A Half Defective Tin Can Companion Mission

C.R.O.N.Y. U4, a combat drone, apparently survived the raider crash. He requires repairs, but should make a capable companion.

In Goliet, The Pit

Maintenance Protocol

C.R.O.N.Y. U4 is severely damaged. I started his maintenance protocol so that he can find a repair station. I should follow him in good time to see if he is still suitable as a companion.

You Have to Do Everything Yourself

C.R.O.N.Y. U4 requires a control module from the northern Converter in Abessa.

A New Control Unit

A drone control module, this could be very useful.

New Weapon Systems

C.R.O.N.Y. U4 can't use its weapon systems anymore. I should try to find a replacement. The U3 drone at the crash site should have what I need to repair U4.


You can find Duras at the begining of the game near Old Observatory, later he will be in Goliet (32)

by Martan
"For Duras companion
You just need to question the two closest people to Goliet in South Edan:
1) Hunter "Geron" - jetpack to quickly traverse down - he's under the Hotel in Goliet.
2) Cultivator "Irdor" - there's another quest "Supplies for the Cultivators" and also "Ragnar" wants you to check up on him at the World Heart which is quite close to the Hunter guy an on the way you can ulock the "River Delta" teleport.
After you spoke to both teleport back to Duras tell him you checked these two - he will say you're making quite a progress and will offer to join you immediately. ;)"

A Berserker Warrior

The Berserker Duras seems not to recognize me and wants to help people. I need assistance and he could be good support.

Tooth for a Tooth

Tooth for a Tooth

The Berserker Warlord has ordered Duras to find the person responsible for murdering the Warrior Askor.

Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial Evidence

The Berserkers Barin, Geron, Irdor, Rock and Thorgal are all suspected by Ragnar and were in the forest at the time of Askor's murder. I should question them.

Question Barin

I should ask Barin what he knows about Askor's murder.

Question Iridor

Should ask Irdor what he knows about Askor's murder.

Question Thorgal

Should ask Thorgal what he knows about Askor's murder.

Question Rock

Should ask Rock What he knows about Askor's murder.

Question Geron

I should ask Geron what he knows about Askor's murder.

After questioning Barin, Geron, Irdor, Rock and Thorgal talk to Duras.

Light into the Darkness

Duras wants me to see what Barin might have hidden in the spot he mentioned near the top of the Elevator into the Valley of the Damned.

After you go with Duras to Great Lift

A Dead Seeding

I discovered a dead Seedling. It is clear this was Askor's Seedling. I wasn't stolen by someone from outside Edan. Killing a Seedling is a serious offense in Edan.

Talk to Duras.

The Judgment

Duras murdered the Berserker Askor. Now I must decide Duras' fate.

To finish Duras Companion Mission you have to return to Ragnar

  • "Duras is murderer" - you will lost Duras as a Companion
  • (best solution)"The murderer is not from Goliet" (Lie) - Duras will stay with you.
  • "Barin is a murderer" (Lie) - Duras will stay with you.


You can find Ray in Sandy Pines (West Tavar).

A Crafty Crook

The Outlaw Ray is a strange individual, but he has skills that could be useful. He could be useful support if he agrees to Work with me.

For a Handful of Shards

For a Handful of Shards

The Outlaw Ray is being tracked by bounty hunters. He wants me to help him find the person who took out a contract on him and get rid of all the bounty hunters. Ray will wait for meat the entrance to the Fort so that we can enter the desert city together.

Follow Ray into the Fort

Ray wants to show me who is the person who is promoting the contracts on him.

Contract on an Outlaw

Contract on an Outlaw

A bounty has been set on the Outlaw Ray, a contract offering a thousand shards on him dead or alive. Contracts have been given to several bounty hunters.

A Price on Ray's Head

A bounty has been put on the Outlaw Ray's head.

The Distributor

Wyatt is circulating the contract on Ray in the Fort.

Leo, the Brave

The bounty hunter Leo is trying to fulfil the contract out on Ray, the Outlaw.

Mason, the Smart

The bounty hunter Mason is trying to fulfil the contract out on Ray, the Outlaw.

Bomby, the Defiant

The bounty hunter Bomby is trying to fulfil the contract out on Ray, the Outlaw.

Jackson, the Brain

The bounty hunter Jackson is trying to fulfil the contract out on Ray, the Outlaw.


You can find Arx in Central Abessa (10) he is easy to join, just talk to him and be cold as steel.

An Outcast Alb

The renegade Alb Arx has also been disowned by Xacor. A strong Alb soldier, he could be a promising companion in arms.

A Special Trophy

This powerful cyclops will have a heart full of concentrated Elex.


You can find Caja in The Domed City (13) is easy to join, just talk to her.

by Oron
Caja, in the Domed City needs help with her powers. You don't need to do any other quests except get into the city, talk to her and meet her outside the main gate, after that you can have her follow you as a companion to star her main objective.

New Findings

Caja has some sort of connection with Elex. She wants me to go with her to a set of Elex deposits so that she can learn more about it. She needs my help to do this.


Falk is on the roof of Converter in Edan. You have to kill monsters in converter to talk to him.

Electrical Technology for Falk

Electrical Technology for Falk

Falk needs to acquire a specific set of components. Falk's mission for the Clerics requires him to find a set of components - A sensor module from the Converter in Edan. A high capacity CPU from an Alb fighting machine in the Abessa Warzone. The rare metal gaurudium from the Comet crater in Ignadon. A hydraulic joint from a prewar machine in the scrap pile at the Fort in Tavar. A miniature Elex battery from a cooling unit of an Alb raider.

A Highly Sensitive Sensor Module

A sensitive sensor module from the Converter in Edan

A Miniature Elex Battery

There is a miniature Elex battery in my raider that may be of use. I might find it near the crash site if I am lucky.

A High Capacity CPU

A high capacity CPU from the Alb warzone.


by josedc
"NASTY, You need a good lvl 15-20 and done the mission from william, then when you aproach to her tent the guard tells you about Nasty wants to speak with you... you will do 2 mission with her against high level enemies... when in the Hortal gives you the mission to find a commander to lead the troops you tell her to be the command and attack the Ignadon Converter, after that she will join you."

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