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How to join The Claws - ELEX Guild of Thieves, Missions

The Claws is secret underground organization of thieves in ELEX, like Guild of Thieves. Their headquarters is in sewers below the Domed City. You have to get (or steal) Strange Key from Vito, tavern keeper in Domed City. Use Strange Key to open Strange Mechanism to open trapdoor leads to The Claws headquarters and join them. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

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The Claws are Guild of Thieves in Elex.

You do not have to join the Claws to complete the game, but joining the guild gives you extra missions and equipment.

For joining The Claws go to The Domed City.

Joining The Claws in ELEX
Joining The Claws in ELEX

01 Tavern - Vito

Vito find him in Tavern. You can talk to him and get Strange Key. Or if he do not want to talk with you about that, you have to steal this key from him.

Strange Key

A Strange Mechanism

I received a strange key. I don't know what it opens.

02 Strange Mechanism

Use Strange Key on Strange Mechanism and open trapdoor

03 Trapdoor to The Claws Headquarters

Inside The Claws Guild of Thieves in Elex

Darius talk to him about to enter Headquarters. Tell him true.


Talk to him and ask for joining The Claws.

My Claw symbol of The Claws.

The Claws

I have discovered the Claws. A secret underground organization of thieves with their HQ in the sewers below the Domed City.

On Behalf of the Claws

The Claws place available missions into a trunk, I can pick up requests and orders from there. Any objects bring back must be taken to one of the designated drop boxes that can be found in all large cities on Magalan. Hector has the key to the Job trunk.

Key for the Job Trunk

Grisu Trader

Yasma Crafting Trainer

Dualskill Amulet + STR, +5 DEX, +2 Combat

My Chest

Job Trunk

Claws' Mission: Supply Crates From Goliet

Rob Oran

Oran, the tavern keeper from Edan, doesn't just have good beer. He also has a secret stash of supplies. He keeps the key for this stash on him.

After [Rob Oran]

Back to the Sewers

I will be rewarded for each job I do for the Claws. I can find assignments in the trunks in the Claws' HQ, in the sewers below the Domed City.

Claws' Mission: Fighting Colossus Blueprints in Job Trunk

Blueprints for a Fighting Colossus

Mechanical guards are reliable and don't betray secrets. Since the Albs aren't just going to tell us how to construct Some, we need someone to look around the Clerics' production facilities to acquire some suitable blueprints.

Claws' Mission: Cleric Research Documents in Job Trunk

Cleric Research

Elex is versatile. The Clerics are masters at using Elex as an energy source. Since they aren't prepared to share their knowledge, someone will have to relieve them of this knowledge secretly. The information we need can be found in their Archives. Our intelligence suggests that, if the documents can't be found on the shelves, the archivists must carry them on their person. Collect Cleric Research Documents.

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