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Walkthrough, Game Guide & ELEX Maps

ELEX Character Creation and Development.

How to develop your character in ELEX? 🏹 How to invest Attributes and which Abilities you should train. Abilities, Attributes, Weapons and Armors for first levels. What weapon and armor use at the beginning of the game. Here you will find my character development hints for ELEX video game. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

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I'm sure there are many ways to create and develop character in ELEX. What you will find below are just my observations from the game. You will certainly find better solutions in the course of the game, use what I wrote as the basis for your experiments.

All your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Although your hero in ELEX is a master great Alb Commander, unfortunately you start without proper equipment, without skills and with low Attributes.

As in every RPG game, same in ELEX, character development is one of the most important gameplay goals.

At the beginning of the game you have no choice of character class. You also do not have the ability to choose skills and other parameters before you start to play. All will start with the same basic character.

There are no classical classes in the game. Kind of pseudo-class your hero will be depend on to which faction you join in the game.

What is important in ELEX character development


You will get 10 attribute points per level. Later in the game you will have the ability to add additional Attributes but there will not be a lot of them.

Expanding the Attribute to 30 will cost 1 attribute point for each attribute level. Between 30 and 60 Attribute levels, raising will cost 2 attribute points. Over 60 levels, 5 attribute points.

Weapons and Armors have minimum requirements for attribute levels, so Attributes will allow you to use advanced equipments.

Abilities also have their minimum requirements for attributes level.

It would be nice to create an intelligent, enchanting intellectual, but remember that especially at the beginning of the game you have to focus on your ability to survive, ie weapons, armor and abilities.


There are many Abilities available in the game. You only get one Learning Point per character level, so at the very beginning of the game you have to carefully distribute these points.

Focus on the skills of using the weapon and killing enemies.

Advanced Abilities

Once you join the faction, you will have the opportunity to learn Abilities related to the faction. But there is nothing to enjoy. It will take a long time to become Berserker, Cleric or Outlaw.

At the beginning of the game you do not have to worry about these abilities.

ELEX Starter Equipment
How to find and obtain the first weapon, armor and equipment? See more: Starter Equipment


The number of weapons in the game is quite limited. If you find a new weapon after a fight or in a chest, or buy it from a trader, it will be a significant event at the beginning.

An additional problem is that good weapons require high levels of Attributes, which at the beginning of game make them inaccessible.

There are two types of weapons and both are needed. Ranged weapons and melee weapons.

All the time you have to work on the ability to use the better weapons.

Armor and Equipment

Armor and equipment upgrading parameters are very useful. So respect each piece of equipment you will find because you will not find it much.

Develop your Attributes so you can use good armor.

Ability to kill opponents

First, develop only Attributes and Abilities related to combat, defense, and survival. This will be useful to you.

At first, the game guides you through the Middle Ages of the Berserker world, so it does not make sense to learn abilities like Heavy Weapons or Grenades.

In the beginning you will fight with a sword, a shield, and a bow.

You will not be able to use spells or other advanced skills.

Ability to conduct dialogues

In addition to the normal Quests solution path, in the dialog options you will have additional opportunities associated with the types of Abilities which you will develop, for example Charisma and Crafting. If you get free ability points, try to develop evenly all of the Abilities trees.

ELEX Character development step by step

It's only my proposition, it is not write in stone.

Level 0

In first location Old Observatory you should find:


Adventurer's Amulet it gives you Lock Picking +1

Cultivator Bow in first room on left.

Rusty Axe - it is outside Old Observatory, on the bridge to Small Camp.

First Ability you should learn is Melee Weapons Ability, you will need Strength 25 and Dexterity 15 to do it.

Level 1

+10 Strength

Level 2

Entering Goliet you should have Level 2.

+5 Strength

+5 Dexterity

Do some easy quests in Goliet, till you meet Cormag, he is Combat Trainer and learn:

Combat / Melee Weapons

At this point in game you should got enough shards. If no, sell Cigarettes. You should get about 400 now.

Level 3

+10 Constitution

Level 4

+10 Constitution

Use Born, Survival Trainer in Goliet and learn:

Survival / Stamina

Survival / Extra Hit Points

Survival / Armor

Level 5

+10 Dexterity

Level 6

+5 Inteligence

+5 Strength

Combat / Ranged Weapons

Combat / Attack Strength

Level 7

+10 Cunning

Level 8

+5 Cunning

Go to Sinda Charisma Trainer in Goliet.

Charisma / Attribute Points

+3 Strength

Now you can use Hatchet and Wooden Shield. You can find Hatcher very close to Golier in North Edan.

Level 9

+10 Dexterity

Crafting / Lock Picking. You got +1 Lock Picking from Amulet, additional point will allow you to open Chests with difficulty 2

Level 10

+10 Dexterity

Combat / Parry Strength

Level 11

+6 Dexterity

Now you can use Hunting Bow you can find it in North Edan.

+4 Strength

Level 12

+10 Strength

Warrior's Sword.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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