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East Abessa Map & Walkthrough | Abessa | ELEX

Map of East Abessa for Elex. Missions, NPCs, Quests, Teleporters, Trainers, Traders, Monsters, Items, Secrets, Hints, Locations ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

East Abessa Map for Elex.
East Abessa Map for Elex.
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01 Reaver Castle - High level Area

In basement

Dr. Strange Heavy Weapon, DMG:104, DEX:65, STR:75

Powerful Mana Potion Recipe

In tower


Ring of Stamina


Ring of Radiation Resistance


Short Work Report

03 Tavar Mountains Teleporter


Notes about Bor

05 High Voltage Pole

The Dizzying Heights

There is code at top of Pole. "5491"

Safe Little lower on pole, inside some elex, elexit and gold.

High Voltage Pole Secret in East Abessa | ELEX
High Voltage Pole Secret in East Abessa | ELEX

06 Tower

Map Piece 16 upstairs


Photograph 13 upstairs, you can jump from 06.

Chest 1

08 Ground Level is Toxic

Research Notes on Subject No. 2-B

Research Notes on Subject No. 3-A

Bor he is agresive

Research Notes on Subject No. 5-D

Protocol Recording

Secret Conversation Recording 1


Regent Sword Weapon


10 Cleric's Camp


Miner Helmet Armor



Acolyte Sword I

Forgotten Message 1

Chest 1

12 Inside tunel

Outlaw Hunt Audiolog 5

13Girl and The Troll

You have to come to Arva and to be not noticeed by the troll. You can leave your Companion at a distance. You can not kill a Troll or be killed by Troll.

Talk to Arva.


One Last Journey

Arva's companion is injured. She requires some Troll's Leaf to heal him. The best chance to find Troll's Leaf is down by the river. Arva needs at least eight plants.


The Separatists want Arva and her friendly troll dead. Arva wants the Separatists to leave her alone.


Photograph 5

Four Houses Part 3 upstairs

Wethered Picture 03 upstairs

The Road to Calaan - The Third Clue

There is something behind all of this. A secret between the lines. These clues must lead somewhere.

Code on the wall "1520" - downstairs

Safe upstairs, code is "1520"

15 Separatists

Separatists are for [Non-Negotiable] from Arva. Try to talk wit them first.


A Large Obstacle

The Separatist Sardoz wants control of a nearby Elex deposit. The deposit is guarded by a Woman and her pet troll.Sardoz needs them gone so he and the Separatists can get the Elex they need.

You have to select whom do you want to help?

  • [Non-Negotiable] kill Separatists and help Arva
  • [A Large Obstacle] Kill Arva and Troll to help Separatists.

I chose to help Arva.

Reaver's Amulet Recipe

Old Notebook 3


Surveillance Recording 3

by James Randall
"Thief's amulet, on the bonnet of a car in the river, the car in the river in question is near where map piece 16 is located if that helps. "

17 Converter in South Abessa Teleporter

18 Converter in South Abessa

This Converter is controlled by Separatists.

You come here for [Refuge of the Separatists], [Chaos of Emotion], [Operating Instructions: Converter] and [A Pure Field Commander]. All this missions you can finish with Sestak.

Sestak Separatist's Leader, tak to him.


If the Alb soldiers from the outpost report my location to their superiors, Xacor will send forces to ensure I'm dead. It's better for me if eliminate them first.

After [Hunt]

The Converter in South Abessa

The Alb Converters produce the Elex the Ice Palace needs. If want to stop the supply of Elex to Xacor, then I will have to shut down the Converters.

Alternative Defense

I am no longer an Alb. I am a renegade and I am being hunted by my own kind. The loss of my power is the real problem. Without Elex, I can no longer cast magic. My endurance and my physical strength are gone. I need to find a way to regain my strength before the Albs find me. My best bet is to find equipment and allies amongst the Free People. Perhaps they will give me the training need. I want answers, I want revenge. I will find a way.


Climb Converter to finish [The Converter in South Abessa]

Separatist Trader

Plasma Rifle PT3 on the floor with the trader

Code to locked doors is "5768"

Small White Gemstone

Chest 3

Dualskill Amulet

Converter Master Switch use it to Deactivate Converter.

Chest 1

Go to the roof. Use Jet Pack to jump other part of Converter (open at the top) and pick items.

You cant open closed room at the top.

ELEX Map Legend

ELEX Location / POI

Location / POI
Significant places in the game world are numbered on the map. Each number on the map has its equivalent in the description below the map. The number can mean a specific point in the game, as well as an area or building. The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting locations.

Quest Starter Location

Quest Starter Location
This is location with NPC, item or actions which are starting a quest or mission. Some quests activate automatically, some need to talk to an NPC or raise / use an item.

ELEX Teleporter

The Magalan world of ELEX has a network of teleporters. You must activate each of the teleporters before you can use it. To activate a teleporter, you must find him and reach him on foot. Then you will be able to fast travel between any two activated teleports.

ELEX Trainer

Ability Trainer
There are four types of main ability trainers: Combat Trainer, Survival Trainer, Crafting Trainer, Charisma Trainer and three faction specific trainers: Berserker Trainer, Outlaw Trainer, Cleric Trainer.

ELEX Trader

Trader or Merchant
They act as shops where you can buy the equipment you need.

ELEX Trader / Trainer

Trader / Trainer
This NPC is both a ability trainer and a shopkeeper.


Interactive NPC
Not all NPCs are marked on maps. Such a symbol is only for more important NPCs and those with whom we can take a more meaningful interaction. This is a sign for friendly or neutral NPCs.

ELEX Quest Item

Quest / Mission Item Location
This icon indicates the location of item needed to complete the task / quest / mission or start a new quest.

Item pointer

Normal Item / Location Pointer
This icon indicates places, objects and devices of normal importance, but significant in the context of this zone. Not all items are marked on maps, the marker means those that are more difficult to notice or interesting.

Special item

Special Item / Location Pointer
This is for marking, special, interesting or worth gathering items or locations. These are the ones that you should collect.

ELEX Enemy.

Aggressive enemy / monster.
Not all opponents are marked on maps. This mark indicates the opponents relevant in the context of the place and / or threatening player at a level that is relevant to the level of the environment.

ELEX Workbench

With the right skill and the right recipe you can put gems into sockets here to modify weapons, brew potions or craft jewellery.

ELEX Ore Veins

Ore Veins
You can mine Ore Veins using Jackhammer.

ELEX Continuous damage zones

Continuous damage zones
Areas where you get constant poisonous, radiation or freezing damage.

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