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ELEX Character Abilities

📌 List of all Character Abilities in ELEX video game. Abilities based on Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Cunning. Combat, Survival, Crafting and Charisma Abilities. Berserker, Outlaw and Cleric fraction Abilities. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

All ELEX Abilities Strength Abilities Constitution Abilities Dexterity Abilities Intelligence Abilities Cunning Abilities Combat Abilities Survival Abilities Crafting Abilities Charisma Abilities Berserker Abilities Outlaw Abilities Cleric Abilities

Ability Name Type STR CON DEX INT CUN Description
Melee Weapons Combat 25 15 Increases melee weapon damage.
Ranged Weapons Combat 25 15 Increases ranged weapon damage.
Heavy Weapons Combat 30 20 Increases heavy weapons damage
Attack Strenght Combat 30 20 Increases the power of your strikes.
Parry Strenght Combat 20 30 Reduces knockback
Heavy Punch Combat 20 30 Increases the dealt damage of your special attack
Grenades Combat 20 10 Increases hand grenade damage
Jet Pack Attack Combat 50 30 Unlock the ability to do a jet pack melee attack.
Mutant Killer Combat 20 40 Gives bonus damage when fighting mutants
Machine Killer Combat 30 50 Gives bonus damage when fighting robots
Radiation Resistance Survival 30 Increases resistance against radiation damage
Fire Resistance Survival 30 Increases resistance against fire damage
Frost Resistance Survival 30 Increases resistance against cold damage
Poison Resistance Survival 30 Increases resistance against poison damage
Armor Survival 15 25 Increases protection given by armor
Animal Trophies Survival 15 15 Unlocks the ability to acquire special trophies from animals
Good Eater Survival 30 Increases the health gain from eating food
Adventurer Survival 40 Reveals all teleporters on map
Sixth Sense Survival 40 60 Reveals enemies on the radar
Extra Hitpoints Survival 30 Gives additional hitpoints with each level
Stamina Survival 30 Permanently increases stamina
Lock Picking Crafting 15 15 Unlock the ability to pick locks
Locksmith Crafting 75 50 Lock picks will no longer break
Pickpocket Crafting 25 15 Unlock the ability to pickpocket and improves the probability of remaining undetected
You Only Steal Twice Crafting 30 50 Gives the ability to steal an additional item when pickpocketing
Modify Weapons Crafting 25 15 Unlocks the ability to improve and upgrade weapons.
Goldsmith Crafting 20 30 Unlocks the ability to create rings and amulets
Gemstone Sockets Crafting 15 25 Unlocks the ability to equip certain weapons with magical gemstones
Chemistry Crafting 15 25 Gives the ability to create chems and potions
Hack Crafting 15 15 Allows you to crack electronic locks
Professional Hacker Crafting 30 20 Each level gives an additional attempt when hacking
Hold Your Horses Crafting 50 30 Gives more time to complete hacking with every level
Mining Crafting 30 20 Improves the yeld when extracting minerals
Attribute Points Charisma 15 25 Gives immediately 10 attribute points
Experienced Hunter Charisma 50 30 Receive more experience for enemies killed
Bookworm Charisma 50 30 Reading gives additional experience
Practitioner Charisma 50 30 Receives more experience for completing missions
Haggler Charisma 20 30 Traders will give a discount
Combat Skills Charisma 40 40 Increases combat value
Survival Skills Charisma 40 40 Increases survival value
Crafting Skills Charisma 40 40 Increases crafting skills
Personality Skills Charisma 40 40 Increases charisma
Group Charisma 30 20 Increases the fighting strength of companion
Advocate Charisma 20 40 Reduces the cost of fines paid for committing crimes
Friend of Beasts Charisma 50 Stops weak animals from attacking
Attribute Charisma 50 Gives you additional attribute point with each level up
Emotional Charisma 50 If Cold is 0 - 20, you get a bonus on magic, PSI and stim.
Balanced Charisma 40 40 If Cold is 40 - 60, gives melee damage bonus
Synthetic Charisma 50 If Cold is 80 - 1000, gives bonus to ranged weapons
Berserker Unlock Berserker Unlocks faction specific teachers
Magic Berserker 30 Magical abilities last longer with increased damage
Mana Berserker 15 25 Increases mana with each level
Enchant Weapon Berserker 50 30 Unlocks the ability to enchant Berserker weapons
Scatter Shot Berserker 40 30 Unlock the ability to shoot multiple arrows with one shot
Seeker Shot Berserker 50 40 Unlicks the ability to shoot a terget seeking arrow
Camouflage Spell Berserker 40 50 Aura of Camouflage. Cuts the enemy's detection radius in half
Leather Skon Spell Berserker 40 50 Armor +20. Makes skin more resikient giving an extra layer of armor.
Aspect of the Warrior Spell Berserker 40 50 Melee Weapons +50
Blood Transfer Spell Berserker 40 50 Energy +20. Turns life energy into Mana
Spirit Wolf Spell Berserker 40 50 Conjures a spirit to fight at your side
Sense Life Spell Berserker 30 40 Highlights all living things in your field of view
Poisonus Aura Spell Berserker 40 50 Causes poison damage to all nearby enemies
Healing Spell Berserker 40 60 Health +50. Heals you and your companions.
Outlaw Unlock Outlaw Unlocks faction specific teachers
Unscrew Outlaw 40 30 Unlocks the ability to salvage weapon parts
Create Ammunition Outlaw 40 30 Unlocks the ability to make ammunition for Outlaw weapons
Body Chemistry Outlaw 25 Increases the effect and duration of stims
Low Tech Weaponsmith Outlaw 50 30 Unlocks the ability to upgrade Outlaw weapons
Chem Capacity Outlaw 20 25 Determines the number of stims that can be used
Overdrive Stim Outlaw 50 40 Lifeblood. Temporararily increases the regeneration rate of life energy.
Steel Skin Chem Outlaw 40 50 Temporarily gives higher resistance agaist all damage types
Pick me up Stim Outlaw 40 50 Temporarily gives quicker reflexes
Scrap Scanner Chem Outlaw 40 30 Temporarily makes normal items easier to see
Immune Booster Chem Outlaw 40 50 Temporarily gives resistance against all status effects
Tough Guy Chem Outlaw 60 40 Temporarily gives higher damage resistance during combat
Mind Changer Stim Outlaw 40 60 Temporarily gives double damage
Animal Lover Chem Outlaw 50 40 Temporarily stops weaker animals from attacking
Clerics Unlock Cleric Unlocks faction specific teachers
PSI Cleric 30 PSI abilities stay active for longer and cause greater damage
Battery Cleric 15 25 Increases your mental energy limit
High Tech Weaponsmith Cleric 50 30 Unlocks the ability to upgrade Cleric weapons
One Man Army Cleric 40 50 Increases the damage when traveling without companions
Suggestion Cleric 30 30 Unlocks the ability to influence others using mind control in dialogue options
Technophile PSI Ability Cleric 40 Sense technology. Highlights all syntetic life firms and high tech items.
Cleansing PSI Ability Cleric 30 40 Removes all Status Effects
Power Shield PSI Ability Cleric 40 50 Armor +20. Cast a power shield.
One with the Weapon PSI Ability Cleric 40 50 Ranged Weapons +50. Increases damage caused by ranged weapons for 45s
Phasing PSI Ability Cleric 50 40 Teleports to a safe distance when evading during combat, leafing a hologram in place.
Power Wave PSI Ability Cleric 40 60 Casts a power wave that damages multiple enemies in its range
The Last Stand PSI Ability Cleric 40 50 Aura of Revival. Last Stand resurrect Jax with half health.
Projection PSI Ability Cleric 50 40 Holo Projection. Creates a hologram, distracting enemies away from you.

by Dmitro Besh
Please, put this into Abilities table (for ability level I/II/III accordingly):

Melee Weapons : STR 25/55/85 DEX 15/35/55 ;
Ranged Weapons : DEX 25/55/85 INT 15/35/55 ;
Heavy Weapons : CON 30/60/90 DEX 20/40/60 ;
Attack Strenght : STR 30/70 CON 20/50 ;
Parry Strenght : STR 20/40 CON 30/70 ;
Heavy Punch : DEX 20/50 CUN 30/70 ;
Grenades : STR 20/50 DEX 10/30 ;
Radiation Resistance : CON 30/60 ;
Fire Resistance : CON 30/60 ;
Frost Resistance : CON 30/60 ;
Poison Resistance : CON 30/60 ;
Armor : STR 15/35/55 CON 25/55/85 ;
Animal Trophies : DEX 15/30/45 INT 15/35/55 ;
Stamina : CON 30/60 ;
Lock Picking : DEX 15/35/55 INT 15/30/45 ;
Pickpocket : DEX 25/55/85 CUN 15/35/55 ;
Hack : INT 15/35/55 CUN 15/30/45 ;
Professional Hacker : INT 30/60 CUN 20/40 ;
Mining : STR 30/60 CON 20/40 ;
Attribute Points : INT 15/35/55 CUN 25/55/85 ;
Haggler : INT 20/40 CUN 30/60 ;
Group : INT 30/70 CUN 20/40 .

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