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Walkthrough, Game Guide & ELEX Maps

Order of Exploration and visiting Save Zones in ELEX.

ELEX is a difficult game. The world you are visiting is not friendly to our hero. Easy locations are adjacent to high-level areas. Below you will find my suggestions about the order of exploration in world of ELEX. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

Safe Zones in ELEX
Safe Zones in ELEX
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Safe Zones in ELEX

How not to die at the beginning of ELEX and have fun.

01 Old Observatory / Starting Location

You are quite safe here. Three weak monsters can be easy killed with bow and starting weapons.

After exploring, it is important to follow NPC:Duras who is waiting for you near Observatory.

Duras will allow you to select next location: Small Camp or Goliet. Select Small Camp, do not be afraid.

02 Small Camp

Whole trick is to keep Duras between you and monster. He will help you to kill all enemies here.

You have to stay close to main building, do not go any farther.

There are high level monsters around Small Camp.

Duras will wait for you inside building, in the center. When you're done with the building, go back to Duras and tell them you want to go to Goliet.

All the way to Goliet be careful not to take aggro from monsters. Allow Duras to make first strike. With his help you will be able to reach Goliet safely.

03 Goliet

After you enter Goliet, you are safe inside walls. Road to The Pit near walls is also safe.

Here you can earn lot of experience doing quests, but now do not try to do missions that lead you far outside Goliet.

Inside City, there will be easy fight with mutated jackals on fields, NPCs will assist you.

During low level Questing in Goliet or in close proximity, there are only three quest including fighting. You can pass them or try solve them peacefully.

Do not try to explore Edan now. Of course you can do it if you really want it. But count on the situation where everything interesting will be surrounded by too strong monsters.

You next step after Goliet should be Sandy Pines in West Tavar.

On your way to Sandy Pines try to use river canyon and lake to avoid monsters, use your Jest Pack and often save the game. You will meet some monsters but you should be able to run away with no problem.

04 Sandy Pines

Activate Teleporter here. Do not enter big building it is full of monsters, go to second building to trigger your meeting with Ray. In near future Ray will be your first, easy to obtain Companion. Talk to him using all conversation options. He will direct you to The Fort (Outlaw City).

On you way to The Fort use main road but be careful about some monsters you can meet there (try to run).

Go to (05), avoid encounters and use save game.

05 North Entrance to The Fort

Talk to Ray. Follow him to fort. You are safe here.

06 The Fort

Inside follow Ray and finish his quest (talk to Wyatt). Now Ray will be your Companion.

Do not talk with Ray about Leo because you will be moved out of the city to dangerous location.

Now do all easy Quests in The Fort.

After that use teleporter back to Sandy Pines.

Next you should go to Camp in The Center (07). You have to avoid monsters.

07 Camp in the Center

Another small Quest Hub. Do as many quest as you can.

08 The Domed City

Another Quest Hub to visit. Do as many quest as you can.

Next Companion to join.

You should open Teleport to Hort (09) here. Use it.

09 Hort

Last big Quest Hub. Talk to Clerics.

Now you should be ready to visit other locations.

Real game will begin here :).

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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