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Walkthrough, Game Guide & ELEX Maps

ELEX Starter Equipment

How to find and obtain the first weapon, armor and equipment 🏹. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki.

ELEX first weapon, armor and equipment.
ELEX first weapon, armor and equipment.
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01 Starting Location

You got from the begining:

Iron Bar One-Handed Weapon, DMG:20, STR:10, CON:10

02 Cave, above starting location.

Adventurer's Amulet +1 Lock Picking

03 Old Observatory

Inside Building, near entrance to left.

Cultivator Bow Bow, DMG:34, STR:10, DEX:10

On the upper floor. You will need Jet Pack. In the room with hanging skeleton.

Ring of Vigor +10 Maximum Health

04 On the bridge

Rusty Axe One-Handed Weapon

05 Small Camp

Inside building

Rusty Axe One-Handed Weapon

06 Goliet - The Pit

Drone Control

07 Goliet - Outside Hotel

Drone Control


Ring of Vigor +10 Maximum Health


Berserker's Ring +20 Maximum Mental Energy


Broadsword One-Handed Weapon, DMG:22, STR:17, DEX:17

11 Toxic Enviroment

Hunting Bow above bed


Worker's Helmet Armor


Worker Armor Armor


Hunting Bow

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