Lost Weapons Carakis Mission in ELEX II

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Mission Description

Mission Type: Carakis Mission

Mission Name: Lost Weapons

Mission Giver: Merchant

Mission Start: In 044 at CC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"I found Vivian's trade convoy, but they seem to have lost their weapons while fleeing from reavers. I need to find the weapons and return them."

Part of "Missing Cleric Trader"


Traveling Merchant

The traders told me that they lost two of their weapon packs somewhere on the edge of the road around here. The third weapon pack must be somewhere close to their current location.

You have to find 3 x Lost Weapon Pack and return to Traveling Merchant.

ELEX 2 Lost Weapons Location

ELEX 2 Lost Weapons Location

(The End)

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