A Common Path Main Mission in ELEX II

Walkthrough for A Common Path Main Mission Adam Charles Dawkins Mission Giver in ELEX 2, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

Mission Description

Mission Type: Main Mission

Mission Name: A Common Path

Mission Giver: Adam Charles Dawkins

Mission Start: In 013 at SC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"I've become weak. I have to find my center and my fighting spirit again. I could try on my own, but improving my uprooted, homeless circumstances by joining a large community again is a better path. It's good to keep an eye on the smaller factions, like the Clerics and Outlaws, but they won't be able to get me through the first and biggest challenge, basic training. The large communities that can really help me right now are the Berserkers, the Morkons, or the Albs. Or of course I can try to go my own way."

Part of "Strong Alliances".



Adam Charles Dawkins

(to be continued)

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