Restless Shore Map for New World MMO

New World Restless Shore Territory Map, with locations of Settlement, Fort, Landmarks, NPCs, Fast Travel Points, Monster Areas with Monster Level, Chests, Lore Pages & Expeditions.

Restless Shore Territory Map for New World MMO

New World Map Restless Shore Territory

New World Map Restless Shore Territory

Restless Shore Territory

Restless Shore - A chain of islands and archipelagos besieged by undead pirates and ghosts.

Location of Restless Shore in Aeternum. - New World MMO

Restless Shore is suggested territory for players at level range 42-46.

Restless Shore Settlement, Restless Shore Fort.

Regions in Restless Shore: Sunshade Plains, Bubbly Bay, Solitude, Shiresad Beach, Verdant Ascent

Spirit Shrines: Shrine of Sisyphos.

Expeditions in Restless Shore

The Depths Expedition - level 45 - In the deepest abyss, the familiar face of calamity abides below.

Group Areas in Restless Shore

Eridanus - level 46 Ancient Lighthouse - High atop the Verdant Ascent, nature's quiet reclamation continues unabated.

NPCs & Quests in Restless Shore

Quest location pins - New World MMO

Search on in-game map for locations marked with yellow pins to receive new Quests at the appropriate experience level for you.

New Quests will appear as you complete previous quests (prerequisites).

Quest givers in Restless Shore Territory: Rilette Wilson, Lyse Muller, Taslav Gurkin, Elinor Taethen, Niki Andris, Hecta Garcia, Hecta Garcia, Emile d'Aquitane, Rima Bahar, Nekumanesh, Warden Scout Titus, Finola O'Connor, Range.


Restless Shore Settlement

Rilette Wilson

Lupine Observations prerequisites level 40.

Defeat Fangsnap in Fangsnap's Den for Survivalist Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2440 XP.

Hoppy Trails prerequisites Lupine Observations.

Defeat Stanley the Rabbit to summon and defeat The Harekeeper for Survivalist Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2400 XP.

Where The Boars Roam prerequisites Hoppy Trails.

Defeat Boars and Tuskgore at Boarsholm for Survivalist Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2590 XP.

Lyse Muller

Pirates Will Pirate prerequisites level 39.

Defeat Neptunite Pirates and collect Pirate Booty from chests for Constable Muller in the Restless Shores Settlement - 1950 XP.

Scouting Report prerequisites Slaying the Shadowslayer.

Destroy Channelview Pirates in Channelview Post and Oceanview Pirates in Oceanview Post and look for anything suspicious. Then report back to Constable Muller in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2640 XP.

Damnation's Fall prerequisites Scouting Report.

Defeat Admiral Reis in the center ship of Fort Damnation. Then report back to Constable Muller in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2690 XP.

Taslav Gurkin

War of the Lost prerequisites level 39.

Defeat Seele's Withered at the Decayed Campsite for Magistrate Gurkin in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2940 XP.

The Greater Threat prerequisites War of the Lost.

Kill Eastshore Forces at the Eastshore Pier and Gather Fishing Supplies for Magistrate Gurkin in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2540 XP.

Archdeacon Azamela (Expedition) prerequisites level 43, Damnation's Fall, The Greater Threat.

Collect the head of Archdeacon Azamela in The Depths for Magistrate Gurkin - 12500 XP.

Elinor Taethen

Disarmament (Elite) prerequisites The Greater Threat.

Confiscate grenades from chests and destroy Ching Shih the Shark for Artificer Taethen in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2540 XP.

Slaying the Shadowslayer prerequisites Disarmament (Elite).

Kill Erika the Shadowslayer in Solitude Cemetery for Artificer Taethen in the Restless Shores Settlement - 2590 XP.

Niki Andris

Paying Respects prerequisites Damnation's Fall.

Travel to Mourningdale and convey Barkeep Andris's respects to Barkeep Brewell - 2150 XP.

Hecta Garcia

Marauder Advancement: Destroyer prerequisites Trial of the Ravager, Marauder Reputation 26 000.

Earn Faction Reputation and challenge for the rank of Destroyer. Travel to Restless Shore and complete the Trial of the Destroyer - 2640 XP.

Trial of the Destroyer prerequisites Trial of the Ravager, Marauder Reputation 26 000.

Destroy enemies from each region of Mourningdale to prove you're worthy to advance to the rank of Destroyer. Talk to Destroyer Garcia in Restless Shores when the task is complete - 2890 XP.

Allyson Ruckman

Rymon Hallock

Laszlo Tomaso

Trader Elliot

Emile d'Aquitane

The Story Behind the Name (Main Story) prerequisites ?mile's Request.

Investigate the Arclight Cavern for clues about the mysterious Captain Isabella - 6600 XP.

She Came Back (Main Story) prerequisites The Story Behind the Name.

You didn't expect to see Rima again after the fall of Fort Alazar, yet here she is. Talk to her at the bar - 4040 XP.

Rima Bahar

Natural Inspiration (Main Story) prerequisites She Came Back.

Rima has asked you to go commune with nature in Restless Shore. She probably has a good reason - 4110 XP.

Race for the Box (Main Story) prerequisites Mother Tongue.

The box is in Edengrove. Quickly, find it before Isabella does - 5780 XP.

Dr. Theophrastus


near The Depths Expedition


Meat For Nekumanesh (Expedition) prerequisites level 43.

Collect Hunks of Meat for Nekumanesh the alligator from Corrupted Leaders in The Depths Excavation - 8600 XP.

Warden Scout Titus

Into the Depths (Main Story) prerequisites Answer the Call.

Finally, the battle with Commander Thorpe has arrived. Make your way through the Depths and take him down - 12500 XP.

Triumphant Return (Main Story) prerequisites Into the Depths.

Return triumphantly to Fort Alazar with news of your victory over Thorpe - 4800 XP.


Island SW of Solitude

Finola O'Connor

Weapons of the Sea prerequisites Reel Life (Weaver's Fen).

Catch a Fish Sword and a Fish Head Hammer for Master Fisher O'Connor and present them to Master Fisher Abebe in Mourningdale. - 2380 XP.


Shiresad Beach


Mother Tongue (Main Story) prerequisites Natural Inspiration.

A talking wolf has asked for your help. Return to Rima and share the message - 4190 XP.

Bosses in Restless Shore

  • Bladedancer Elite Boss in Eridanus
  • Scurvyhook Boss in Ravaged Wreck
  • First Mate LaCuran Boss in Arclight Cavern
  • Harekeeper Boss in Rabbit Island
  • Ching Shih the Shark Boss in Minnow's Revenge
  • Erika the Shadowslayer Boss in Solitude Cemetery
  • Chompy Boss in Fort Damnation
  • Admiral Reis Boss in Fort Damnation
  • Tuskgore Boss in Boarsholm
  • Fangsnap Boss in Fangsnap's Den

Landmarks & Monster Areas in Restless Shore

  • Accursed Camp - lvl 42 Camp - Accursed are those who take without asking, giving nothing back.
  • Fangsnap's Den - lvl 42 Animal Den - When Fangsnap bites, Fangsnap never lets go.
  • Jetsam Isle - lvl 42 Isle - It is amazing what washes up here, after a good storm.
  • Seele's Stake - lvl 42 Decayed Camp - Little did Seele know exactly what was at stake, when building a camp here.
  • Eastshore Pier - lvl 42 - An impressive feat of engineering, reusing scraps of ships to construct this multi-level pier.
  • Neptune's Fury - lvl 42 Shipwreck - Great and lofty ideas of humankind cannot attest to the deep and troubling enormity of the briny sea.
  • Festering Flotsam - lvl 42 Shipwreck - The horrible wreckage that litters these shores is not of ship's hulls, but of lost souls.
  • Arclight Cavern - lvl 42 Archlight Cave - Lost light in a place where darkness became the sole source of comfort.
  • Cutthroat Cavern - lvl 42 Cave - The loyalty of a pirate crew dries quick, when marching too far from salt and sea.
  • Rabbit Island - lvl 42 Bunny Island - There once was a rabbit who lived on an island...
  • Ravaged Wreck - lvl 43 Shipwreck - The wreck lies untouched, a perfect warning of what happens to those who reach Aeternum's shore.
  • The Golden Princess - lvl 43 Shipwreck - A fairer ship was never to be glimpsed, though it has seen better days.
  • Solitude Cemetery - lvl 44 Cementary - Do not expect to find peace here. No one else has.
  • Minnow's Revenge - lvl 44 Blighted Wreck - Such a small fish, to try to take on the sea. It didn't go well.
  • The Plundering Shark - lvl 44 Shipwreck - Only the most nasty of pirates prey on other pirates. These are the true sharks of the sea.
  • Treetop Terror - lvl 45 Camp - Whether swinging from the ropes or rigging up boardwalks on branches, these pirates are equally at home.
  • Channelview Post - lvl 45 Lookout West - They knew the true threat came from the land, so they made sure to never miss a watch.
  • Oceanview Post - lvl 45 Lookout East - There are those who watch the sea, not for escape, but for new victims.
  • Fort Damnation - lvl 45 Fort - Old stories say the fort was constructed by a Corrupted Legion that later vanished into thin air.
  • Poseidon's Plunder - lvl 45 Shipwreck - A ship that once carried the bounty of the ocean, now it holds nothing but regrets.
  • Boarsholm - lvl 45 Blighted Camp - Once the boars moved in, there was no removing them.
  • Pisces - lvl 46 Shrine - Once part of a much larger structure, only one Ancient arch still stands.
  • Fornax - lvl 46 Ruins - Legend has it that those who hold Fornax have the power to forge their own fate.

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Restless Shore Lore

Life Outside the Settlement

Sunrise on Aeternum

Found in Eastshore Pier

Is there a more beautiful view than the sunrise on Aeternum? Spent beside my family there is no place I would rather be than sitting on the docks with our feet dangling off over the water. I close my eyes, feel the warmth of the sun upon me, and I pray we stay forever this fortunate.

Sunset Shoals

Found in Eastshore Pier

Last night at sunset Bobby says he saw one of those grenadiers wandering the coast and killed it. I highly doubt his story. No undead pirates dare come so close to the settlement and Bobby is known to be a boastful man. He once 'wrestled' an alligator in an attempt to impress me and was promptly chomped in half by the gator. So no, I do not believe we are in any danger of being encroached upon. Tell that to your mother, and set her heart at ease for me.


Found in Decayed Campsite

Those settlement people with their houses and workstations think they've conquered the land, but I am not here to conquer. I am here to coexist, to live off the bounty of Aeternum without creating structures more permanent than a watchtower. I see their chimney smoke on cold nights and shiver next to my campfire, but I would never trade my morals for a little warmth. How weak-willed my husband was to move in to the settlement overnight without as much as saying goodbye. I will never end up like him.

Aeternum Provides

Found in Decayed Campsite

The lake nearby gives us fresh water and fish, and the wolf population of the island gives us furs and meats. We are truly blessed to be here on Aeternum where nothing truly dies, assuring a steady supply of food without having to wait for repopulation or worry about overhunting. The settlement is a luxury we do not need. Aeternum provides all on its own.

Pirate's Life

The Great Port Heist

Found in Neptune's Fury

Matis and Chekov and I will distract the Captain. You, Anne, and Henry sneak into his quarters and use Anne's lockpicking skills to get into the red cabinet on the left of the room. Grab the Port, pour it into a flask and replace everything you took with seawater. This won't deter him long but it'll give us a few precious moments between him pouring the Port and realizing that some of it has been replaced. Return with the flask and Henry will give the all-clear signal and boom, we're swimming in quality drink. There's no way this plan could go wrong.

Captain's Orders

Found in Neptune's Fury

Stay out of the Captain's Quarters if you value your sorry lives. I know at least one of you scoundrels has been helping themselves to my bottles of Port I keep locked up within, and I will find out who it is. When I do, they're getting the plank! Your days are numbered, thief, for only a fool robs a robber.

Fangsnap's Reign

Day One

Found in Fangsnap's Cave

Today I begin my hunt for Fangsnap. I am loaded with steel arrows and my trusty sword. This beast has terrorized the coast for far too long, and it is up to me as Survivalist of the settlement to put the matter to rest.

Day Four

Found in Fangsnap's Cave

My body and spirit feel broken. My arm tingles where Fangsnap last closed his fangs around it, tearing flesh from bone that has now healed, but still the ghost of the injury lingers. I make my retreat today back to the settlement to regroup and possibly ask for assistance. But who would be fool enough to go into this cave after all the horrors that have occurred here at the claws and teeth of such a rabid beast? Perhaps an adventurer from the new shipwrecks down south might come along. I can only hope they do.

Rabbit Reads

The Family

Found on Rabbit Island

Today we have a new addition to our family, a pair of spotted rabbits I rescued from Windsward where adventurers were killing them nonstop. I will call them Romeo and Juliet after the recent play of fame in the Old World.


Found on Rabbit Island

I don't pick favorites, but if I was to pick a favorite, it would have to be Stanley. He is the crown jewel of my rabbit collection, stolen from up north where the Corrupted hunted him for meat. He is a beautiful snowshoe hare with the softest fur I have ever had the pleasure of feeling. I hold him close to me at night when I am coughing and cannot sleep, and he seems to understand my plight. He stays at my side, and I could not ask for a more loyal companion.

Boar Takeover

Campsite Set-up

Found in Boarsholm

The funniest thing happened to me when I was setting up my tent. I could have sworn, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something of about knee-height rustling in the bushes. Figuring it to be a boar, I aimed my musket and fired into the brush, but whatever was there was gone when I went to find my kill. That was strange, but just an hour later, when I had finally set up the campfire, did I feel eyes on me again from the same bush. Was this boar watching me? Or am I going insane?

Too Many Of Them

Found in Boarsholm

They came at nighttime, and there were too many of them to fight off. They swarmed McFarland first, all grunts and oinks as they ripped him to shreds. He was resurrected just a few feet to the left in his campsite and when he reappeared those crazed boars killed him again! It took him three more deaths and took me two more just to get out of the campsite boundary. Tomlinson says we should try and reclaim the camp on sunrise, but I say we abandon this venture. I've never seen the yellow eyes of a boar look at me with such malice, such hatred. Something is not right here, and I am not sticking around to find out why.


Found in West Lookout Camp

Bets are placed on numbers two to twelve, those two being the rarest scores. Two six-sided dice are rolled, and their sum is the winning number. Whoever gets closest to the winning number gets the pot, and no two players can bet on the same number. If there is a tie, the pot is split in half favoring the higher number if the pot is uneven.

Loaded Dice

Found in East Lookout Camp

Jackson's got loaded dice, I can tell. There's no way in hell the winning number is always seven. He's not even subtle about it! Those wooden monstrosities need to be tested before our crew loses the whole haul to him. Gonna talk to the Captain Flotsam about it tomorrow morning, and anyone who agrees can come with me.

Captive Proves His Worth

Found in Fort Damnation

The man we took hostage is proving to be more profitable in our brig than it ever would be to ransom him. His knowledge of magic and runestones is plentiful. If we, with enough supervision, give him the materials to attune new runestones to something valuable, say a kind of drink, then the runestones can guide us towards it. We've seen how it works for gold and silver, just look at our stores! This wizard has more than proved his worth to us, and the only thing we have to worry about is him escaping.

Endless Drink

Found in Fort Damnation

Yo-ho, Yo-ho

Runestones, runestones!

They pulse and quake

They shudder and shake

Leading us to liquid gold!

Yo-ho, yo-ho, now everybody yo-ho!

Eternal Conflict

Bubblebeard's Prayers

Found in Minnow's Revenge

I swear, if I hear one more prayer out of Captain Bubblebeard, I am going to lose my mind. He prays before battle, he prays after battle, hell, he prays during battle! We're the ones carrying this crew to victory every time we have to raid a ship or a supply line! The man's more cowardly than even some of the green young lads we take on, and that's saying something with how Katsuki acts whenever we fire a cannon.

A Prayer for Peace

Found in Minnow's Revenge

May Providence bless the ship

May Providence bless the crew

Bless the bow, the stern, the aft

Bless me and bless you

Bless each all cannon fodder, bless all the swords and shields

For we will need every blessing when we are in the field.

Eternal Resting Place


Found in Solitude Cemetery

Here lies a soul taken from us far too soon. A young soul, a brave soul, one who spent their life on Aeternum fighting for the good of others. They deserve more than this shallow grave in a dilapidated cemetery, but this is the best I can do. Rest well, dearest. I will visit you again soon.


Found in Solitude Cemetery

WARNING: Do not proceed! There is a dangerous individual inside of this pavilion who has lost all sense of conscience and morality. She is no longer the woman she once was, and must be avoided at all costs!

O'Connor's Triumphs


Out-Fishing Them All

My colleagues, the Master Fishers, are an eclectic group of individuals with not very much in common if you were to line us up and inspect us. But if you were to weigh our hearts, they would all have the same lightness when it came to fishing. Some fish for the food to feed others, some fish for bragging rights, and some like me fish because it's the most thrilling thing on Aeternum.

The battle one is locked in when reeling in a fish is a hard-fought one on both ends, and coming out of that victorious will never cease to amuse and amaze me. Grand Master Fisher Machera has reigned as our leader long enough. My secret desire is to out-fish him and everyone else, and take the title for myself. Now that would be truly thrilling.

Oar You Ready?

Lost Debris

I fished up the most curious thing the other day. It was an oar, one from a rowboat that might have been attached to one of the larger ships that crashed here. When I held the splintering wood up to the light I had an idea: why not use this as a weapon? I only killed a few rabbits on Rabbit Island with it before I angered the Harekeeper's wraith, but overall not a bad run for a piece of wood. I think I shall keep this oar, and use it to hit things far away from me.

Blue-blooded Barb

Behemoth Sighted

Blue-blooded Barb, oh love of mine, behemoth of the deep. One day you shall be mine, and on that day I will take your corpse to Grand Fisher Machera and show him what I've learned, challenge him to a fish-off. Once I have you, I shall rule the fishing world on Aeternum.

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