Group Areas in New World MMO

Group Areas in New World are open world monster areas intended for a group of 5 players, more about. New World MMO Maps & Resource Locations.

Group Areas Location Map in Aeternum for New World MMO

Map of EGroup Areas Location in Aeternum for New World MMO.

Map of EGroup Areas Location in Aeternum for New World MMO.

Group Area Locations

Monarch's Bluffs

Deadman's Cove - lvl 25 - Flintlock pistols and the smell of gunpowder waft in the wind, and the screams of tortured sailors intrude at night.


The Azoth Tree - lvl 32 - A living monument to the soulful sacrifice nature once made to stall the spread of deathless pestilence.

Brightwood Isle - lvl 34 - Once upon a time, there was an Alchemist who lived on an island. Work consumed his days and nights, and ultimately consumed his soul.

Cutlass Keys

Stone Skull Fort - lvl 40 Pirate Fort - By the Thalassocratic Order of the Skullworms, this region is hereby under direct authority of Goldstein the Equalizer.

Weaver's Fen

Periville - lvl 40 Haunted Town - A place of once-believed promise, now lost to the raving-mad scourge of undeath.

Restless Shore

Eridanus - level 46 Ancient Lighthouse - High atop the Verdant Ascent, nature's quiet reclamation continues unabated.


Hibbotsfeld - level 50 Abandoned Village - The farmstead would seem almost normal, if it wasn't for the burning gaze of the inhabitants.

Scorpius - level 50 Ancient Lighthouse - A beacon of despair, a monument to plagues, and sickness, and madness.

Great Cleave

Svikin's Stand - level 50 Corrupted Military Camp - An ancient battlefield where the hordes of Corruption overwhelmed General Svikin and his valiant Defenders.

Dead Fool's Pass - level 60 Corrupted Ritual - A dead fool is a lesson unlearned. But on Aeternum, not every death is a mistake.

Stranglepitch Road - level 60 Abandoned Village - Stay on the solid path, lest you fall prey to horrors in the lightless dim.

Balebane Maw - level 60 Beast Encounter - The Herald witnessed the end of all days and said, "It is good."

Mangled Pox Gate - level 60 Corrupted Ritual - Foulest of rituals, and most unhallowed of priesthoods, are consecrated beneath the Mangled Pox Gate.

Nihilo Visage - level 60 Ancient Shrine - As bindweed strangles a tree, so do the tendrils of Corruption twist and writhe at the peak of Mangled Heights.


Malevolence - level 62 Malevolence - In the heart of Edengrove, there Malevolence reigns.

Fungalrust - level 61 Blighted Cave - The earth cried out for the plants to protect themselves. This was their answer.

Ebonscale Reach

Imperial Palace - level 62 Empress Fortress - In the absence of the Empress, the Palace is guarded by her most trusted and loyal attendants.


Eternal Pool - level 64 - Nature hides its most precious gifts, and when commanded, defends them to the death.

Forecastle Drift - level 65 Siren's Settlement - The Siren Queen instructed her thralls to build a grand settlement on the marshlands of Reekwater. And so they did.

Shattered Mountain

Caminus - level 61 Corrupted Fortress - Now, the defeated warriors tirelessly tend the furnaces and weapon forges of Caminus in service of Corruption's plague.

Ambusti Inferior - level 63 Lower Mine - Droning, drilling, mining, and milling do the Corrupted souls toil through eternity.

Ambusti Superior - level 61 Upper Mine - What darkness has Corruption wrought? What evils are yet to be unearthed?

The Tangle - level 65 Myrkgard South - The market stalls decay, and the spillway is choked with ash. The gate is open. And all manner of dark things stare back from the abyss.

Upper Harrow - level 65 Myrkgard North - Buried in the heart of the city, the highest echelons of Corruption prosper.

Greater Tribulation - level 65 Myrkgard West - The people of Old Myrkgard knew only sorrow at first, yet nothing of the dreadful fate they would soon come to suffer.

Opulence - level 65 Myrkgard East - For all of Myrkgard's lust of power, none compare to the lavish and wasteful excess of its unholy clergy.

Myrkgard Cathedral - level 65 - The loathsome crown jewel of Myrkgard, once heralded pure, now sullied by Corruption's embrace.