Fast Travel Points Location Map for New World MMO

Location Map of Fast Travel Points in New World, you can also fast travel to Settlement, Inns, and your home.

Fast Travel Points Location Map for New World MMO


How to Fast Travel in New World

To be able to Fast Travel to a destination, you have to visit it first in person (except for Hermit's Shrine). There are no mounts in New World so Fast Travel it is the only method of travel faster than walking.

Return to Inn

Return to Inn is the easiest method of Fast Travel in the New World is to return to the Inn. There are Inns in all Settlements and Outposts. To be able to return to the specific Inn, you have to visit it first, talk to Innkeeper and set this in as return point. You can only mark one Inn at a time as your return point. You can return to in from any location just open Map, point Inn and select "Recall to Inn".

Fast Travel to Settlement or Outpost

You must first visit the Settlement you want to move to with Fast Travel. You can do this only from another Fast Travel Point or from another Settlement or Outpost. This option requires a fee in Azoth (resource), its price increases depending on the distance, there are various discounts.

Return to your Home

If you have a House in one of the Settlements (and you can own three Houses in different locations) you can Fast Travel to it. The restriction is the amount of time you can Fast Travel again, the restriction is separate for each Home.

Go to Fast Travel Point

Fast Travel Points (Spirit Shrines) are scattered outside of Settlements, you must discover them in order to use them, their location is marked on the map above.

You can travel to any Fast Travel Point if you've visited it before, pay the Azoth fare, and are traveling from Sellement or another Fast Travel Point.

Fast Travel from anywhere

From anywhere, you can Fast Travel to

  • last Inn you checked in;
  • to any of the three house you may own;
  • to your camp (it is range-limited);

Fast Travel Points - Spirit Shrines:

  • Everfall Spirit Shrines: Shadowmine Shrine, Bearclaw Shrine.
  • Monarch's Bluffs Spirit Shrines: Dreadscythe Shrine, Achernar Gate Shrine
  • First Light Spirit Shrines: Cape Thomas Shrine, Las Torres Lookout
  • Windsward Spirit Shrines: Hermit's Shrine
  • Brightwood Spirit Shrines: Alchemist's Shrine, Fort Alazar Shrine, Wolfbough Shrine
  • Cutlass Keys Spirit Shrines: Skullworm Shrine, Marshview Shrine
  • Weaver's Fen Spirit Shrines: South Pestilence Shrine, Mallory's Refuge Shrine
  • Restless Shore Spirit Shrines: Shrine of Sisyphos
  • Mourningdale Spirit Shrines: New Balefire Shrine, Ram's Respite Shrine
  • Great Cleave Spirit Shrines: Tempest Valley Shrine
  • Edengrove Spirit Shrines: Gatherer's Road Shrine, Elysian Shrine, Blighted Shrine
  • Ebonscale Reach Spirit Shrines: Traveler's Precipice Shrine, Pilgrim's Rest Shrine
  • Reekwater Spirit Shrines: Siren's Run Shrine, Time's Advantage Shrine
  • Shattered Mountain Spirit Shrines: Old Myrkgard Shrine