Mourningdale Map for New World MMO

New World Mourningdale Territory Map, with locations of Settlement, Fort, Landmarks, NPCs, Fast Travel Points, Monster Areas with Monster Level, Chests, Lore Pages & Expeditions.

Mourningdale Territory Map for New World MMO

New World Map Mourningdale Territory

New World Map Mourningdale Territory

Mourningdale Territory

Mourningdale - A waterlogged land of rain and remnants of Ancient society.

Location of Mourningdale in Aeternum. - New World MMO

Mourningdale is suggested territory for players at level range 45-50.

Mourningdale Settlement, Mourningdale Fort.

Regions in Mourningdale: Flooded Plains, Inland Greens, Torrey Cliffs, Valley of Bones, Castaway Shores, Stormglade, Ramshead, Ancient Road North, Ancient Road South, High-Pass Mountain, Stone Witness, Bahía del Ojo Rojo

Spirit Shrines: New Balefire Shrine, Ram's Respite Shrine.

Group Areas in Mourningdale

Hibbotsfeld - level 50 Abandoned Village - The farmstead would seem almost normal, if it wasn't for the burning gaze of the inhabitants.

Scorpius - level 50 Ancient Lighthouse - A beacon of despair, a monument to plagues, and sickness, and madness.

NPCs & Quests in Mourningdale

Quest location pins - New World MMO

Search on in-game map for locations marked with yellow pins to receive new Quests at the appropriate experience level for you.

New Quests will appear as you complete previous quests (prerequisites).

Quest givers in Mourningdale Territory: Martin Bayles, Angharad Wallace, Bartle Wrightson, Gildon, Alchemist Crawford, Tariku Abebe.


Mourningdale Settlement

Martin Bayles

Crashing the Wake prerequisites level 43.

The Mourningdale settlement has been struck by tragedy and is in disarray. Constable Bayles will fill you in - 1590 XP.

Chasing Waterfalls prerequisites Crashing the Wake.

Clear Weeper enemies from Porridgepot. Then report back to Constable Bayles in the Mourningdale Settlement - 2150 XP.

Angharad Wallace

Abandoned Duties prerequisites Crashing the Wake.

Defeat the former Watcher Antonio Guerra, find any mementos at his camp, and put his soul to rest. Then report back to Magistrate Wallace in the Mourningdale Settlement - 2150 XP.

Razor to the Beard prerequisites Abandoned Duties.

Defeat Musslebeard and the Seasong pirates in his charge. Then report back to Magistrate Wallace in Mourningdale - 2740 XP.

Southward March prerequisites Razor to the Beard.

Investigate key locations to the north that have been taken by the Wardogs. Then report back to Magistrate Wallace in Mourningdale - 2890 XP.

Bartle Wrightson

Tears of a Wraith prerequisites Abandoned Duties.

Defeat Spirits at Stephen's Claim to Collect Teardrop Gems. Then report back to Artificer Wrightson in the Mourningdale Settlement - 2190 XP.

Excommunicated Gold prerequisites Tears of a Wraith.

Recover the gold medallions from Padre Nuñez at his Mansion. Then report back to Artificer Wrightson in the Mourningdale Settlement - 2790 XP.


Après Moi, le Déluge prerequisites Crashing the Wake.

Investigate the ruins in the Flooded Plains, and return found artifacts to Gildon in Mourningdale - 2690 XP.

Road to Truth prerequisites Après Moi, le Déluge.

Defeat Novaguard foot soldiers in the lookouts along the Ancient Road, and give their armor scraps to Gildon in Mourningdale - 2790 XP.

Ancient Truths, Ancient Lies prerequisites Road to Truth.

Defeat Fineseer foot soldiers while climbing to the top of Vela, and show its treasure to Gildon in Mourningdale - 2890 XP.

Corrupted Energy prerequisites Ancient Truths, Ancient Lies.

Defeat the Redeyes and destroy Spewspitter's emblem in New Balefire, then return to Gildon in Mourningdale - 2890 XP.

Alchemist Crawford

Syndicate Advancement: Cabalist prerequisites Trial of the Chronicler, Syndicate Reputation 26 000.

Earn Faction Reputation and vie for the rank of Cabalist. Travel to Mourningdale and complete the Trial of the Cabalist - 2640 XP.

Trial of the Cabalist prerequisites Trial of the Chronicler, Syndicate Reputation 26 000.

Place Psychokinetic Absorbers at strategic points in Mourningdale to earn the rank of Cabalist. Talk to Cabalist Crawford in Mourningdale when the task is done - 2890 XP.

Kitte Fletcher

Adjudicator Crosier

Commander Milborne

Isaac Brewell

Ngoc-Bich Lam

Trader Hynd


Pueblo Culto Nuñez

Tariku Abebe

Treasures of the Deep prerequisites Weapons of the Sea (Restless Shore).

Catch a Treasure Chest for Master Fisher Abebe and present it to Master Fisher Klaus in Great Cleave. - 2640 XP.

Bosses in Mourningdale

  • S'ylanx the Unseen Elite Boss in Scorpius
  • Fangsnap Boss in Fangsnap's Den
  • Ug the Destroyer Boss in Propus
  • Padre Nuñez Boss in Pueblo Culto Nuñez
  • Musslebeard Boss in Broken Promise
  • Stephen Boss in Stephen's Claim
  • Boneshatter Boss in Vela
  • Antonio Guerra Boss in Guerra's Curse
  • Bridgekeeper Boss in Mourning Bridge
  • Bileschlocker Boss in Grus
  • Spearslayer Boss in Subra

Landmarks & Monster Areas in Mourningdale

  • Marsic - lvl 45 Flooded Ancient Ruins - How the mighty have fallen, how the statues have toppled.
  • Karaka - lvl 45 Streamside Ruins - The light of the undying flame watches over this place.
  • Serpans - lvl 45 Ancient Lookout - This ruin provides an excellent view of the waters snaking through the Flooded Plains.
  • Menkar - lvl 45 Derelect Ruins - It is only a matter of time before this place floods, too.
  • Nembus - lvl 45 Falls Ruins - Despite being looted over the years for its stone, the ruins still remain.
  • Subra - lvl 46 Ancient Hillside Ruins - Let not the beauty of this place blind you to its dangers.
  • Guerra's Curse - lvl 46 Small Outpost - If only they had listened to the warnings. They never should have made camp here.
  • Porridgepot - lvl 46 Water Run Homestead - The water here goes round and round, like porridge stirred in a pot.
  • Broken Promise - lvl 47 Shipwreak - The pirate's promise is the only thing that holds them together. But Aeternum has other plans.
  • Stephen's Claim - lvl 47 Haunted Mine - Brothers three, did prospect'd to-day, Big Stephen claim'd Gold, Clev'r Jason think'd, "Nay."Li'l Alec did bargain'd fer a split, When Stephen'n Jason tell'd Alec to sit, Alec sat with a great sigh'n'frown, And was that but th' moment. When yon cave ceiling fell'd down.
  • Lunaryth - lvl 47 Offering Tree - So much of this ruin is still intact, jealously guarded by the bones of the past.
  • Izar - lvl 47 Ancient Ruins - Another testament to how prolific the Ancients were with architecture.
  • Fomax - lvl 47 Ancient Lookout - Even the Ancients seemed to watch the coast for something.
  • Echowhine Hollow - lvl 47 Stormglade South Den - The whines mean they are happy. It isn't everyday lunch appears without effort.
  • Smuggler's Cave - lvl 47 Cave - It still stores goods that have never been claimed, at least not by the living.
  • Sorrowsilt Ridge - lvl 48 Cave - It was to their sorrow they tried to take what the Ancients had left.
  • Sunadire - lvl 48 Ancient Lookout - Ancient Guardians still protect these rain-washed ruins.
  • Crux - lvl 48 Stormglade South Lookout - And now we get to the crux of the matter.
  • Haedus - lvl 48 Mainland Ruins - To be worthy of Vela, you first must pass through Haedus.
  • Pueblo Culto Nuñez - lvl 48 Highpoint Homestead - Belief is not enough to stop Aeternum from taking its due.
  • Fangsnap's Den - lvl 48 Animal Den - When Fangsnap bites, Fangsnap never lets go.
  • Bronzethroat Burrow - lvl 48 Wolf Den - Many have wondered, is the grizzly's throat called bronze from the color of their fur, or the strength of the bellows that emit from it?
  • Ramshead Cave - lvl 49 Bear Den - A grizzly fate awaits those who venture within.
  • Presage Pier - lvl 49 Ancient Pier - It never bothered the pirates that this bridge now leads to nowhere, for to them, it leads back to their home, the sea.
  • Corvus - lvl 49 Ancient Sheperd Lookout - Like all crows, it is attracted to treasure, and has hidden some away.
  • Mourning Bridge - lvl 49 Ancient Bridge - It is said the river that flows under the bridge is filled with Ancient anguish.
  • Lesath - lvl 49 Woodpeak Ruins - The sting of the scorpion is just as potent after all these years, even with the Ancients gone.
  • Propus - lvl 49 Stormglade South Lookout - Three times did the Ancients try to hold this place.
  • Sagitta - lvl 49 Ancient Lookout - Archers, ready your bows, for tonight death rains from above.
  • Ceremony - lvl 50 Corrupted Ceremony - It is best not to ask what they do here, in isolation.
  • Foulroot - lvl 50 Corrupted Mine - It is a terrible thing when the roots of the mountain are Corrupted.
  • Cragview - lvl 50 Abandoned Homestead - Once a thriving artist community, now a burned out husk thanks to the Corrupted.
  • Grus - lvl 50 Ancient Lookout - Corrupted from its original purpose, it now taints all who dare visit.
  • New Balefire - lvl 50 Ancient Port - Lo, and behold, for none dare cross the threshold of New Balefire; for that accursed lighthouse doth loom above.
  • Vela - lvl 50 Highbluff Watchtower - It was here they saw just what they were facing, until the rain blinded them once more.
  • Monument Cave - lvl 50 Ridgepeak Den - Unlike the rest of Mourningdale, this is one of the few locations free from Ancient ruins.
  • Shambhala - lvl 50 Corrupted Settlement - This place is anything but paradise.
  • Amphus - lvl 50 Corrupted Settlement - Perhaps there is something about these mountains that Corrupts the soul.

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Every Settlement got: Inn, Trading Post, Storage Shed, Stonecutting Table, Woodshop, Smelter, Loom, Tannery, Forge, Workshop, Arcane Repository, Kitchen, Outfitting Station, Town Project Board, War Board, Territory Planning Board, Governor's Desk, Players' houses, Marauder Commander, Syndicate Alchemist, Covenant Adjudicator.

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New World Wyrdwood Trees

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Wood Tier IV - respawn: 30 min

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Wood Tier V - respawn: 20 min

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Iron Veins

Ores Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Starmetal Veins

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Precious Ores Tier II - respawn: 15 min

New World Gold Veins

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Precious Ores Tier III - respawn: 20 min

New World Platinum Veins

Platinum Veins

Precious Ores Tier IV - respawn: 40 min

New World Seeping Stones (Oil)

Seeping Stones (Oil)

Tier I - respawn: 15 min

New World Saltpeter


Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Lodestone


Tier IV - respawn: 20 min

New World Hemp Plants

Hemp Plants

Fibers Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Silkweed Plants

Silkweed Plants

Fibers Tier IV - respawn: 15 min

New World Wirefiber Plants

Wirefiber Plants

Fibers Tier V - respawn: 15 min

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Cooking Ingredients

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Mourningdale Lore

Antonio's Logbook

Antonio's Logbook

Found at Guerra's Curse

The legend that launched a thousand ships... So many have crashed on these shores in search of azoth, with their crew cursed to live on this island...

Or, perhaps they aren't truly alive. Their souls, torn asunder, are absent from their bodies. They shuffle on the beach in a blue haze.

It's my duty to protect the people of Mourningdale from them, to keep us safe. And so, I watch.

-Antonio Guerra


Found at Guerra's Curse

The pains of my soul are compounded here. I stand here, alone, against the waves of the ocean and the waves of the Drowned.

I know I must stand alone, at this tower, to keep our settlement safe. But this island... it tears my soul apart.

-Antonio Guerra


Found at Guerra's Curse

I can feel my soul slipping from my being. It's a haunting feeling, one I've never experienced before.

Each time I wake, I feel my mind falling apart. My body grows sluggish, with the cats posing more of a threat. My watch of the beaches is beginning to see a bleeding red from the port. Maybe my entire watch may soon be for naught.

I can feel my body failing, and my soul drifting. I feel I may not be long for this world.

Wallace, forgive me. I've failed.

-Antonio Guerra

The Account of Antiquary Addams


Found in the Flooded Plains

I've braved quite a number of skeletons while exploring here. I have to rest here to catch my breath. Most notable so far is the ruins of a statue in the middle of these ruins. Its face is split down the middle with a fine precision. Who could have had the ability to carve stone so precisely?



Found in the Flooded Plains

Marvelous... This old fountain is no longer active, but its design is an enigma. There are clear signs that this was once used to dispense water: the stone that composes the spout is eroded in a pattern that suggests water flowed through it and into the basin, but the fountain itself does not seem to be connected to any aqueduct or water source of any kind. Most curious...


Undying Light

Found in the Flooded Plains

Though its creators have seemingly long abandoned this structure, the lantern I've come across still glows an eerie blue. It should have expended its fuel ages ago. An energy swirls around it, an energy I've felt all over this island.


Stephen's Testament

Wails of a Miner

Found in Stephen's Tomb

get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out

Tales from Musslebeard's Crew


Found at Castaway Shores

The ship crashed on the island after the Captain drove us directly into a storm. His eyes had a madness to them, darting back and forth, and he accused us of mutiny if we dared question him. He shot Christopher in the arm for speaking out of turn, and sent him back to work.


Found at Castaway Shores

Shortly after we crashed, I witnessed a sight I hope to never see again. Lewis was impaled, thrown on a wooden plank that had splintered from the ship. He was writhing in pain, moaning for death, until he finally quieted down and expired. His body then... melted back into the sands. I felt mad just looking at it. Later that day, we found Lewis, guts intact, as if nothing had happened. Where the hell are we?

Captain's Confession

Found at Castaway Shores

The crew needs me. For leadership, for guidance, to help them survive the sins I've committed. The promise of wealth on this island, it drove me mad. Though I have wronged my crew, I'll do right by them here. This beach shall be ours.

Parting Ways

Found at Castaway Shores

Some of us have decided to stay here, on the beach, in hopes that a ship may one day rescue us. The Captain remains hopeful, and fuels our will to survive. Some of us have decided to brave the perils of the island. Some come running back from the mainland, screaming of skeletons, and freaks with red eyes. Though we may waste away on this island, at least we do so with a sense of purpose and duty to each other...

Diary of Nunez

Diary of Nunez

Found at Nunez Cult House

I am left without my crew, without my vessel, and not a penny to my name. This island has taken everything away from me, but I'll be damned if I don't get it back. I came here for riches, and I'll get them.

Heavenly Aid

Found at Nunez Cult House

My trek across the island has left me further debased, but I've found a group of missionaries here. Of all places? Missionaries? They speak of being blessed, that some god may have led me here. To their safety. Maybe so. But, I'm certain whatever led me here enticed me with the gold crosses they bear.

Gold Medallions

Found at Nunez Cult House

A few fake visions, some prophetic words, and speaking in tongues apparently a frenzy makes. The missionaries, and their followers, are all falling in line. I speak of the weird statues and gold on the island, and they practically throw the gold at me. I'm making them press them into medallions so that, when I get off this forsaken rock, I have a stock that only I can use. I just have to keep an eye on these simpletons. One wrong move and my con is over.

The Stoned Road

Found on the Ancient Road

The stones that make up this road are very similar to the stones that make up the various ruins in the Flooded Plains. They seem to be brimming with an energy that I've learned is called "azoth." Now, when on a road, it matters less where you are and matters more where you are going. This road seems paved to go to the port in the northeast. What could the people who used this road intended it for?


The Skeleton Guard

Found on the Ancient Road

The skeletons that guard the road, and many other areas on this island, are quite curious. Though eternal life seems the blessing of anyone on this island, it seems we always revive with our bodies intact. These skeletons do seem to have an air of life about them, but they are all bone and no flesh. Even the tattered rags and armor they have may have outlasted their flesh. Just how old are they?


Ronen's Watch

Mysteries of the Watchtower

Found at the Ancient Watchtower

I've ventured away from my tower. The skeletons that occupy this tower may have the answers I seek. Why the beaches? What pulls boats to our shores, and with such severity that we Watchers exist? What role do I play in this grand scheme? Some may keep to their duty endlessly, even these skeletons do so. But, I must know.

-Watcher Ronen

Azoth Smugglers

Between a Statue and a Hard Place

Found at the Infernal Shipyard

We angered the wrong people. These red, glowing freaks cornered us, and the little ammunition we brought didn't hold them off. They flayed Stanley right in front of us, and as he lie dying, his eyes turned red just like them. It's only a matter of time before they do the same to the rest of us.

Failed Plans

Found at the Infernal Shipyard

The plan was to use this port to get some azoth from the red-eyes and escape. We didn't know how quickly they'd find us, and how merciless they'd be. Maurice must be long gone, the lucky bastard.

Planned Escape

Found at the Infernal Shipyard

Maurice, we'll use the boat to escape. Stay here until daybreak, not a moment later. We leave anyone who doesn't make it behind.

Visions of Madness

The Flood

Given to you by Gildon of Mourningdale

Truths drowned, resting under the surface. Hiding away ancient sins, hiding away ancient curses. I see them. The beings with four arms. I feel myself sinking under the water, my ears only hearing bubbling and sloshing. As I hold my breath, my chest tightens as my strength leaves me. I can't sense what, but something is pulling me under the surface, and soon I shall run out of air.

As my mind leaves me, and my body begins to end its thrashing, I feel the waters surge within me. My lungs begin to fill, but oddly enough, it's not a cold wave entering the core of my body. I feel the water permeating my being, penetrating even to my very bones. I feel as if what was in me is driven out, and replaced by the waters. As I break my bondage and rise to the surface, my mind comes back to the world around me.

The Road

Given to you by Gildon of Mourningdale

The rattle of bone, a watchful eye, their humanity removed, their death denied... I see it. I see a giant stone statue being marched, slowly but surely down the path. The same beings, those of four, guide us down the long and mystic road. The giant statue is carved in their image.

Those who move the statue are trapped in a servitude, unable to deny or disobey; for what has been taken from us cannot be restored, and what has been given to us cannot be returned. I hear them sing songs as they move the massive stone, and the melodies ring in my ears like a bittersweet memory I never had.

The Tower

Given to you by Gildon of Mourningdale

A darkened sky, akin to night, stars above, and a blinding light... I see it. I see the giant obelisk in the distance. The night sky is dotted with stars, and I wonder what is beyond them. Perched on high at the top of Vela, my vision blankets all of Aternum and the watchtowers dot the landscape like spires from the earth.

But something is wrong. The energy, it seems to gather into a massive orb, summoning a power I have never seen before. And, at the apex of its growth, it explodes.

The obelisk shatters, sending a shockwave all over the island that rocks me to my core. I fall over, and try to fix my vision on the burst of light and energy that reminds. And what I see shocks me.

Frozen in space, frozen in time, the obelisk stands shattered, but still together. Destroyed, but not. Trapped in a single moment. And that explosion, that shatter, echos in my head.

The Bay

Given to you by Gildon of Mourningdale

A guiding light, crashing shores, and sudden landfall. A tall tower, rain of fire, and a siren's call. Like some kind of sorcery, or an ill-omen, the blue flames of the bay turn red. They have come. They corrupt everything they touch, changing the very essence of the beings of this island. The bay is slowly taken over them, and they overpower even those of four. What few guardians are left are pinned to a small part of the bay, and the red eyed monsters begin their work on the lighthouse.

Those enchanted by the siren's song of Aeternum soon find themselves caught in storms, attacked by spires of dark corruption that send their vessels crashing into the shore. They came seeking a paradise, but all they found was darkness. Those of four have all but left us to die. But we cannot die, they stripped us even of that.

Abebe's Mourning

An Inherited Pole

Mother's Guidance

There are fishing poles out there that can do incredible things, but none will ever be as lucky as mother's pole. I keep her, the pole I mean, in excellent repair and try my best not to die when I carry her with me. She has seen the walk from the settlement to my fishing spots more times than I can count, my constant companion both steadfast and true.

Mother withered long ago, but her last gift to me was the fishing pole she'd used to 'catch' father in the Old World. The bond between my parents was an unbreakable one, forged in fishing. When mother and I came to Aeternum after father's death she was never the same, losing herself death after death. She put herself in dangerous situations on purpose, and died more often than I could save her. Now she babbles nonsense and has joined the ranks of the withered. All I have left of my parents is this pole, and I treat it well.

I suppose you wouldn't care about this though, would you Davies? No, I don't think I shall send this letter.

Constant Rain

Drenched Boots

The constant rain of Mourningdale makes for slippery, uneven ground. Grass often shifts under my boots, squelching and squishing in the mud.

A Master Fisher needs a pair of sturdy, water-proof boots. I wear my late father's, though they are a size too big and often fill with rainwater around my ankles. No craftsperson in Aeternum could ever match the Old World stitching on these, and when I close my eyes it is as if father is with me. I fish in silence, guarded by memories and protected by my parents' last gifts to me.


Moving Rocks in the Water

Have you ever stepped on a stone near the water only to have it slink away out from under you?

You may have encountered Hafgufa, then. This gigantic breed of fish uses the rock-like structures on its back to float near the surface and fool travelers into thinking they've stepped on steady ground. With how slippery the rocks are here in Mourningdale I must catch this Daemonaja before someone slips and breaks a neck.

Machera, do you have any thoughts on this?

New World Territory Maps

Everfall Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25


Starting area, player controlled

Everfall Territory Map for New World MMO
Monarch's Bluffs Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25

Monarch's Bluffs

Starting area, player controlled

Monarch's Bluffs Territory Map for New World MMO
First Light Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25

First Light

Starting area, player controlled

First Light Territory Map for New World MMO
Windsward Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25


Starting area, player controlled

Windsward Territory Map for New World MMO
Brightwood Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 27-35


Player controlled

Brightwood Territory Map for New World MMO
Cutlass Keys Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 28-40

Cutlass Keys

Player controlled

Cutlass Keys Territory Map for New World MMO
Weaver's Fen Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 30-40

Weaver's Fen

Player controlled

Weaver's Fen Territory Map for New World MMO
Restless Shore Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 42-46

Restless Shore

Player controlled

Restless Shore Territory Map for New World MMO
Mourningdale Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 45-50


Player controlled

Mourningdale Territory Map for New World MMO
Great Cleave Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 41-60

Great Cleave


Great Cleave Territory Map for New World MMO
Edengrove Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 50-60



Edengrove Territory Map for New World MMO
Ebonscale Reach Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 51-60

Ebonscale Reach

Player controlled

Ebonscale Reach Territory Map for New World MMO
Reekwater Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 58-60+


Player controlled

Reekwater Territory Map for New World MMO
Shattered Mountain Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 60+

Shattered Mountain


Shattered Mountain Territory Map for New World MMO
Expeditions Location Map for New World MMO

Expeditions Location Map 2022

Expeditions Location Map for New World MMO
Aeternum Map for New World MMO

Aeternum Map 2022

Aeternum Map for New World MMO