Edengrove Map for New World MMO

New World Edengrove Territory Map, with locations of Settlement, Fort, Landmarks, NPCs, Fast Travel Points, Monster Areas with Monster Level, Chests, Lore Pages & Expeditions.

Edengrove Territory Map for New World MMO

New World Map Edengrove Territory

New World Map Edengrove Territory

Edengrove Territory

Edengrove - An Ancient crater with lush forests and ruins that hide Aeternum's legendary Spriggans.

Location of Edengrove in Aeternum. - New World MMO

Edengrove is suggested territory for players at level range 51-60.

Valor Hold Outpost, Last Stand Outpost

Regions in Edengrove: Ruined Straits, Blightcrown, The Exiles, Spriggan Swamp, Cruel Vista, Genesis of Spite, Genesis of Malevolence, Elysian Falls, Fertile Crescent, Genesis of Malice, Stained Bluffs, Primal Lochan, Profane Seam, Wyrdwood Twists, Wyrdkissed Cliffs; Blighted Rise, Wyrdpeek.

Spirit Shrines: Gatherer's Road Shrine, Elysian Shrine, Blighted Shrine.

Group Areas in Edengrove

Malevolence - level 62 Malevolence - In the heart of Edengrove, there Malevolence reigns.

Fungalrust - level 61 Blighted Cave - The earth cried out for the plants to protect themselves. This was their answer.

Expeditions in Edengrove

Garden of Genesis Expedition - level 65 - Site of the Great Sacrifice, this is the birthplace of the Angry Earth. The mysteries contained within draw many unwary adventurers to their doom ...

NPCs & Quests in Edengrove

Quest location pins - New World MMO

Search on in-game map for locations marked with yellow pins to receive new Quests at the appropriate experience level for you.

New Quests will appear as you complete previous quests (prerequisites).

Quest givers in Edengrove Territory: Percy Ellwood, Hugues Ducquet, Cornil Reynolds, Derick Wardell, Phyllis Herb, Guiying Lin, Cornelis Nagelhout, Helena Chapman, Rory Davies, Adiana Theron, Dr. Theophrastus, Juice, Snap, Ixia.


Valor Hold Outpost

Percy Ellwood

Gates of Edengrove prerequisites level 49.

Clear Dryads in the Crescent Window, and clear Blight Fiends at the Blisteroot. Then report back to Survivalist Ellwood in Edengrove - 2940 XP.

Good For What Ails You prerequisites Gates of Edengrove.

Craft or procure a Concentrated Blight Tincture, and then report back to Survivalist Ellwood in Edengrove - 1740 XP.

A Pox On Thee prerequisites Good For What Ails You.

Defeat Denman at the top of Nettlevex tower, and bring his remains to Ellwood in Edengrove - 2350 XP.

Strength of the Earth prerequisites A Pox On Thee.

Go to the ruins of Litheltop and investigate the hidden Blight at its heart. Then report back to Survivalist Ellwood in Edengrove - 2350 XP.

Hugues Ducquet

Gum in the Works prerequisites level 49.

Sabotage the Corrupted miners in the Profane Seam by raiding their supplies and thinning their numbers. Then report back to Warden Ducquet in Edengrove - 2360 XP.

Gutting the Guard, Firing the Foreman prerequisites Gum in the Works.

Destroy Elite Guard Philippe and Foreman Harold in the mines in the Profane Seam. Then report back to Warden Ducquet in Edengrove - 2370 XP.

Cornil Reynolds

Down Reekwater Way prerequisites level 56.

Speak to Legatus Fulvius in Reekwater - 1770 XP.

Derick Wardell

Fading Lights prerequisites level 55.

Investigate the Ancient Guardians and their movements in the Primal Lochan. Then report back to Ranger Wardell in Edengrove - 2360 XP.

Azure Tears prerequisites Fading Lights.

Collect Wyrdwood Tears from the Dryad soldiers in the Wyrdwood Twists area. Then report back to Ranger Wardell in Edengrove - 2660 XP.

Northeast of Eden prerequisites Strength of the Earth.

Meet Survivalist Ellwood in Edengrove's northeast Outpost - 1860 XP.

A King's Defense prerequisites Sword and Shield Mastery lvl 20.

Gather components to create the Legendary Tower Shield Rook's Defense - 4380 XP.

  • Complete Quest: Chaturanga Opening
  • Complete Quest: White's First Move
  • Complete Quest: En Passant
  • Complete Quest: Shahnameh's Story
  • Complete Quest: The Touch-Move Rule
  • Complete Quest: The Pawn's Promotion
  • Complete Quest: Castling The King
  • Complete Quest: Rook's Checkmate

Chaturanga Opening (Edengrove - Malevolence) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Seek an Ensouled Wooden Base from the Dryads of Malevolence. The classical opening and setting of the board from the Indian game Chatur that would later inspire Chess. Your opening lies in Malevolence - 4380 XP.

White's First Move (Mourningdale - Scorpius) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Venture to Scorpius and slay S'ylanx the Unseen for Corrupted Great Sword Shards. In this deadly game of Chess, the ivory pieces move first. Your first move is to Scorpius - 4380 XP.

En Passant (Restless Shore - Eridanus) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Acquire Glowing Plant Cores from the Dryads of Eridanus. The ability of the Pawn to dash forward to the front lines in its first play is a formidable move. Your next move takes you to Eridanus - 4380 XP.

Shahnameh's Story (Weaver's Fen - Periville) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Travel to Periville and collect Rotting Leather Straps. The Persian story of Shahnameh, the reenacting of an epic battle on a Chess board. Your battle continues in Periville - 4380 XP.

The Touch-Move Rule (Cutlass Keys - Stone Skull Fort) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Loot Iron Plating from the Undead of Stone Skull Fort. Once a piece has been touched on the Chess board it must be moved. Your next move takes you to Stone Skull Fort - 4380 XP.

The Pawn's Promotion (Shattered Mountain - Caminus) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Venture to Caminus and acquire Twisted Heraldry from Overseer Levy. Once a piece has been touched on the Chess board it must be moved. Your next move takes you to Stone Skull Fort - 4380 XP.

Castling The King (Great Cleave - Mangled Heights) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Claim Corrupted Shield Lining from High Priest Oseguera at the Mangled Heights. Castling is a move in Chess wherein the King moves two squares towards a Rook, and then the Rook moves to protect their King’s flank. Castle yourself in Mangled Heights - 4380 XP.

Rook's Checkmate (Shattered Mountain - Opulence) prerequisites A King's Defense.

Travel to Opulence and loot Orichalcum Studs from the Corrupted. An announcement that the other player's King has been placed in a position of peril. Check the Corrupted of Opulence - 4380 XP.

Phyllis Herb

The Reformation prerequisites .

Recover the components needed to create the Great Axe called Reformation, then deliver them to Ranger Madaki in Mountainhome - 4380 XP.

  • Complete Quest: The Metals, Raw
  • Complete Quest: The Essence, Balanced
  • Complete Quest: The Polish, Pure
  • Complete Quest: The Wielder, Tested
  • Complete Quest: The Bindings, Tight
  • Complete Quest: The Fires, Stoked
  • Complete Quest: The Haft, Hewn
  • Complete Quest: The Grip, Secured

The Metals, Raw (Shattered Mountain - Myrkgard) prerequisites The Reformation.

Acquire Corrupted Axe Heads from the Elite Myrkgard Axemen throughout Myrkgard - 4380 XP.

The Essence, Balanced (Great Cleave - Mangled Heights) prerequisites The Reformation.

Obtain Corrupted Fangs from the Elite Corruption Swarmers in Mangled Heights - 4380 XP.

The Polish, Pure (Edengrove - Malevolence) prerequisites The Reformation.

Collect Blighted Growths from Blighted Dryads lurking in Malevolence in Edengrove - 4380 XP.

The Wielder, Tested (Corruption Breaches) prerequisites The Reformation.

Locate Corruption Breaches throughout Aeternum, and cut down the hordes of Monstrous Corrupted who gather there - 4380 XP.

The Bindings, Tight (Cutlass Keys - Malocchio) prerequisites The Reformation.

In Cutlass Keys, retrieve Guardian Rib Bones from Ancient Guardians standing watch over Malocchio - 4380 XP.

The Fires, Stoked (Mourningdale - Scorpius) prerequisites The Reformation.

In Mourningdale, obtain Ancient Silver Bands from chests within Scorpius - 4380 XP.

The Haft, Hewn (Shattered Mountain - Spilaio Cavern) prerequisites The Reformation.

Retrieve the Abandoned Vessels from containers throughout Spilaio Cavern - 4380 XP.

The Grip, Secured (Restless Shore - Eridanus) prerequisites The Reformation.

Obtain Fine Leather Wrappings from the Dryads of Eridanus - 4380 XP.

Commander Hakim

Alchemist Zhi

Adjudicator Hansen

Kume Minamide

Basira Yatim

Prospector Delgado


Last Stand Outpost

Percy Ellwood

Diseased Migration prerequisites Northeast of Eden.

- 2570 XP.

Anguine Anguish (Expedition) prerequisites Diseased Migration.

Defeat the Greenskeeper in the Garden of Genesis. Then report back to Survivalist Wardell in Edengrove - 20 000 XP.

Guiying Lin

Threat of Life (Elite) prerequisites Diseased Migration.

Watcher Lin has asked you to find a key to enter the Spriggan Arena and destroy the dangerous creature inside. Then report back to Watcher Lin in Edengrove - 4380 XP.

Tristram Waters

Marcella DeLeo

Archie Golding


near Spriggan Arena

Cornelis Nagelhout

Clamorous Vox prerequisites Musket Mastery level 20, Madaki's Stratagem.

Collect the pieces to Clamorous Vox Musket for Ranger Madaki to assemble - 4380 XP.

  • Complete Quest: Azoth is the Glue
  • Complete Quest: Glinting Gold
  • Complete Quest: Barrel Down
  • Complete Quest: The Ramrod
  • Complete Quest: Trigger-Happy
  • Complete Quest: Seakissed Wood
  • Complete Quest: Heavy Is the Base
  • Complete Quest: Take Stock of the Heart

Azoth is the Glue (Edengrove - Nettlevex) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Azoth-Infused Resin from Campanilean Dryads in Nettlevex - 4380 XP.

Glinting Gold (Weaver's Fen - Periville) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Golden Flintlock from Periville Undead in Periville - 4380 XP.

Barrel Down (Shattered Mountain - Greater Tribulation) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Precision-Engineered Barrel from Myrkgard Corrupted in Greater Tribulation - 4380 XP.

The Ramrod (Great Cleave - Svikin's Stand) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Ramrod from Southguard Corrupted in Svikin's Stand - 4380 XP.

Trigger-Happy (Cutlass Keys - Stone Skull Fort) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Hair Trigger from Skullworm Pirates in Stone Skull Fort - 4380 XP.

Seakissed Wood (Restless Shore - Eridanus) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Seakissed Wood from Eridanite Dryads in Eridanus - 4380 XP.

Heavy Is the Base (Mourningdale - Scorpius) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Shock-Absorbent Base from Corrupted in Scorpius - 4380 XP.

Take Stock of the Heart (Edengrove - Malevolence) prerequisites Clamorous Vox.

Gather Impossibly Sturdy Enchanted Vines from Alcazarian Dryads in Malevolence - 4380 XP.



Helena Chapman

Blessing the Rains prerequisites Bow Mastery level 20, Madaki's Stratagem.

Gather the materials necessary to create the Torrent Legendary Bow - 4380 XP.

  • Complete Quest: Undead Sagittary
  • Complete Quest: Bewitched Thumbring
  • Complete Quest: Sea-crossing Arrow
  • Complete Quest: Vantage Point
  • Complete Quest: Palm of Hand
  • Complete Quest: Fine Oil Coat
  • Complete Quest: Toxic Toxophilite
  • Complete Quest: The Remaining Spirit

Undead Sagittary (Weaver's Fen - Periville) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Collect pieces of Pallid Ash Wood from Open Caskets in Periville - 4380 XP.

Bewitched Thumbring (Shattered Mountain - Spilaio Cavern) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Travel to the Spilaio Cavern and collect fragments of Bewitched Bone from Ancient Guardians - 4380 XP.

Sea-crossing Arrow (Cutlass Keys - Stone Skull Fort) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Travel to the Stone Skull Fort and collect pieces of Seakissed Oak Wood from Skullworm Pirates - 4380 XP.

Vantage Point (Edengrove - Malevolence) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Climb the tallest tower in Edengrove, Malevolence, and collect Perfected Hemp String from Alcazarian Archers - 4380 XP.

Palm of Hand (Mourningdale - Scorpius) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Brave Scorpius in Mourningdale and collect a piece of Codex-binding Leather from S'ylanx - 4380 XP.

Fine Oil Coat (Shattered Mountain - Scorched Mines) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Travel to the Scorched Mines and collect Scorchvein Oil from Corrupted mineworkers - 4380 XP.

Toxic Toxophilite (Edengrove - Unhallowed Tendrils) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Travel to the Mangled Heights and collect pieces of Blackened Sinew from Unhallowed Tendrils - 4380 XP.

The Remaining Spirit (Restless Shore - Eridanus) prerequisites Blessing the Rains.

Travel to Eridanus and collect pieces of Enchanted Azoth Wood from Eridanite Yeoman - 4380 XP.


Genesis of Malevolence

Rory Davies

Azoth-Tinged Fish prerequisites Soulwarden Rations (Great Cleave).

Catch an Azoth-Tinged Fish in Edengrove for Master Fisher Davies and deliver it to Master Fisher Bernard in Shattered Mountain. - 2970 XP.


Stained Bluffs

Adiana Theron

Stem the Tide (Main Story) prerequisites Race for the Box.

Adiana has asked you to help protect the Angry Earth sanctuary. Go to the Motherwell and hold off the blight invasion - 5880 XP.

Great Minds (Main Story) prerequisites Stem the Tide.

Dr. Theophrastus has set up camp in Edengrove, and he has some interesting ideas on how to protect the Motherwell sanctuary. Go speak to him - 5880 XP.

Recipe for Destruction (Main Story) prerequisites Enemy of my Enemy.

Adiana has sent you to speak with Ixia, the caretaker of the Motherwell sanctuary - 590 XP.

Armed and Dangerous (Main Story) prerequisites Rare Spice.

Return to Adiana in Edengrove - 4330 XP.

Saboteur (Main Story) prerequisites Armed and Dangerous.

Sabotage the Corrupted Fleet at the Dynasty Shipyard - 7410 XP.

Blessings of Earth (Main Story) prerequisites Saboteur.

Make offerings to the villagers to gain their favor - 5980 XP.

A Selfless Nature (Main Story) prerequisites Ixia's Blessing.

Defeat the Guardian and Blight the Motherwell - 8040 XP.

Shattered Mountain (Main Story) prerequisites A Selfless Nature.

Meet the Angry Earth scout in Shattered Mountain - 7500 XP.

Dr. Theophrastus

Enemy of my Enemy (Main Story) prerequisites Great Minds.

Deploy Dr. Theophrastus's Blighted spore bombs around the sanctuary perimeter - 5880 XP.


Juice's Blessing prerequisites Saboteur.

Bring a large fish to Juice the Bear - 5980 XP.


Snap's Blessing prerequisites Saboteur.

Find a momento of town life for Snap the Wolf - 5980 XP.


The Motherwell


Ixia's Orders (Main Story) prerequisites Recipe for Destruction.

Find four rare fungi across Edengrove, and harvest their unique spores - 7380 XP.

Rare Spice (Main Story) prerequisites Ixia's Orders.

For the final bomb ingredient, defeat the Dryads at Rafflesia and take their seeds - 7410 XP.

Ixia's Blessing (Main Story) prerequisites Saboteur.

Craft Ixia's plant food at an Arcane Repositary - 5980 XP.

Bosses in Edengrove

  • Baines Elite Boss in Seniab
  • Foreman Harold Boss in Lower Slag Mine
  • Guard Philippe Boss in Upper Slag Mine

Landmarks & Monster Areas in Edengrove

  • Spriggan Arena - Arena - Beyond even a glance of civilization, nestled here in the crucible of life, Zygoramet waited.
  • Festermire - lvl 50 Blighted Village - For too long have the ravages of others been left to fester across the land.
  • The Motherwell - lvl 50 Blighted Cave - The heart of the sacred forest and a wellspring of ancient power, the Motherwell is hidden away in deepest Edengrove. Legends speak of a powerful Champion of the Wood that defends the site with tireless vigilance.
  • Crescent Window - lvl 51 Feral Archway - A place that provides a view that should not be missed.
  • Asterwilt Bridge - lvl 51 Blighted Bridge - Blighted and broken, the land has reclaimed what the Ancients have not.
  • Blisteroot - lvl 51 Blighted Village - Not all empty land is unclaimed, as this village discovered.
  • Sundew Aqueduct - lvl 52 Feral Haven - Though it no longer carries water to other locations, there is still some deep inside.
  • Rafflesia - lvl 52 Feral Ledge - The gorgeous flowers distract from the deadliness of the landscape.
  • Thorny Steps - lvl 52 Fey Ruins - It is not the steps themselves that are dangerous, but what lurks nearby.
  • Basalrot Bridge - lvl 52 Blighted Village - Fragments of its former glory, the earth reclaimed the rest.
  • Litheltop - lvl 52 Feral Colony - Beware of plants that move on their own accord.
  • Drosera - lvl 52 Fey Crossing - Here the plants will eat you alive.
  • Crumbletrap - lvl 53 Fey Ruins - Given enough time, all things come tumbling down.
  • Tirla Beacon - lvl 53 Fey Retreat - The Ancient fires still glow in the night.
  • Rotted Spring Camp - lvl 54 Corrupted Mine Camp - Only a certain type of thrillseeker camps at the top of a waterfall.
  • Mouthsting Lumbermill - lvl 54 Corrupted Mine Camp - When the trees moved out, the fires moved in.
  • Hill Slag Camp - lvl 54 Corrupted Mine Camp - All those Corrupted miners have to eat somewhere.
  • Pavo - lvl 54 Ancient Guardian Watchtower - Here the Ancient Guardians hold out against the creeping vines.
  • Bramblecliff - lvl 54 Brutal Thicket - To say the land is overgrown would be an understatement.
  • Nettlevex - lvl 54 Malice - The stinging of nettles is nothing compared to the pain of visiting this place.
  • Fanglethorn Pass - lvl 54 Brutal Offering - In those verdant groves the Dryads worshipped what they had reclaimed.
  • Creeping Reach - lvl 54 Brutal Reach - Slowly yet surely plants have overgrown what came before, reclaiming what once was theirs.
  • Lower Slag Mine - lvl 55 Corrupted Starmetal Mine - The paths inside are as twisted as those who made them.
  • Upper Slag Mine - lvl 55 Corrupted Starmetal Mine - >As if Lower Slag Mine wasn't enough.
  • Tadeas Stronghold - lvl 57 Feral Ruins - The strength of the land goes deep.
  • Hydnora - lvl 57 Feral Haven - A tangle of vines and stonework make something old into something new.
  • Umbrage - lvl 57 Spite - They did not ask the land if it suffered, and yet the land found a way to makes its suffering known.
  • Protea Lair - lvl 58 Brutal Lair - Be watchful where the Wyrdwood trees grow.
  • Canker Snap - lvl 58 Brutal Burrow - For each branch broken, so is a bone.
  • Knot Rust - lvl 58 Ferocious Ridge - Gnarled branches twisted with blight catch the unwary.
  • Arum - lvl 59 Mystic Ruins - Another example of how nature retakes all things, in the end.
  • Grasping Summit - lvl 59 Brutal Summit - The fingers of the mountain reach out for the stars, only to have them slip through the gaps.
  • Twisted Roots - lvl 59 Brutal Viewsite - And so the roots pull down what the Ancients built up.
  • Panellus - lvl 60 Mystic Bridge - Towering over the mighty trees, much of this bridge has been mended.
  • Bladderwort - lvl 60 Mystic Fen - One could be fooled by the lush greenery into believing Bladderwort a peaceful glade, yet the sickening Blight stains every leaf and root.
  • Bile Dust - lvl 60 Blighted Village - The release of bile is one of the milder symptoms from the poison within.
  • Seniab - lvl 60 Mystic Bridge Tower - Sllaf Ecnelovelam ereht, Evorgnede fo Rorrim eht ni.
  • Leyroot Grove - lvl 60 Mystic Grove - With antlers like branches, the Forest Guardians protect the grove.
  • Sapterlith - lvl 60 Brutal Rest - What the Ancient stone forgot, the earth remembers.
  • Preservation Pass - lvl 60 Dryad Gate - The eyes of the Ancients looked out across the land.

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New World Settlements


Settlements are the towns in player-controlled territories, can be controlled and upgraded (to improve crafting stations) by players. Hamlet (Tier 1), Village (Tier 2), Town (Tier 3), City (Tier 4), Capitol (Tier 5). A higher tier settlement allows you and your Company to build higher tier structures.

Every Settlement got: Inn, Trading Post, Storage Shed, Stonecutting Table, Woodshop, Smelter, Loom, Tannery, Forge, Workshop, Arcane Repository, Kitchen, Outfitting Station, Town Project Board, War Board, Territory Planning Board, Governor's Desk, Players' houses, Marauder Commander, Syndicate Alchemist, Covenant Adjudicator.

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New World Outposts


Outposts are the settlements in neutral, endgame territories that cannot be controlled by players.

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New World Lore Pages

Lore Pages

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Fast Travel Points

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New World Quest Hubs

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New World Wyrdwood Trees

Wyrdwood Trees

Wood Tier IV - respawn: 30 min

New World Ironwood Trees

Ironwood Trees

Wood Tier V - respawn: 20 min

New World Iron Veins

Iron Veins

Ores Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Starmetal Veins

Starmetal Veins

Ores Tier IV - respawn: 15 min

New World Orichalcum Veins

Orichalcum Veins

Ores Tier V - respawn: 20 min

New World Silver Veins

Silver Veins

Precious Ores Tier II - respawn: 15 min

New World Gold Veins

Gold Veins

Precious Ores Tier III - respawn: 20 min

New World Platinum Veins

Platinum Veins

Precious Ores Tier IV - respawn: 40 min

New World Seeping Stones (Oil)

Seeping Stones (Oil)

Tier I - respawn: 15 min

New World Saltpeter


Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Lodestone


Tier IV - respawn: 20 min

New World Hemp Plants

Hemp Plants

Fibers Tier I - respawn: 10 min

New World Silkweed Plants

Silkweed Plants

Fibers Tier IV - respawn: 15 min

New World Wirefiber Plants

Wirefiber Plants

Fibers Tier V - respawn: 15 min

New World Cooking Ingredients

Cooking Ingredients

New World Herbs


Edengrove Lore

Davies' Field Notes

Horned-Tooth Mandje

The Mythical Eel

A scrap of notes from Master Fisher Davies' Journal:

In the fresh waters of Edengrove lurks a sea monster rarely sighted near the surface.

Horned-Tooth Mandje, the mythical eel of legend, swims through fresh water undulating its long, slimy body through the waters.

Its legend states that those who would harm the Horned-Tooth Mandje's waters would face her wrath, a massive tide coming to wash away the perpetrator. This is how Edengrove stays so clean, or at least one would imagine.

Azoth Waters

Sparkling Blue

A scrap of notes from Master Fisher Davies' Journal:

The crystal blue water of Edengrove is inhabited by any number of fish who've mutated thanks to azoth's transformative powers. Fish with two heads, two hearts, and four fins aren't uncommon here, and fish in these waters often share traits. Just the other day I caught an Azoth-Tinged Fish whose dorsal fin was that of a swordfish and the pelvic fins were that of a bass.

New World Territory Maps

Everfall Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25


Starting area, player controlled

Everfall Territory Map for New World MMO
Monarch's Bluffs Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25

Monarch's Bluffs

Starting area, player controlled

Monarch's Bluffs Territory Map for New World MMO
First Light Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25

First Light

Starting area, player controlled

First Light Territory Map for New World MMO
Windsward Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 1-25


Starting area, player controlled

Windsward Territory Map for New World MMO
Brightwood Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 27-35


Player controlled

Brightwood Territory Map for New World MMO
Cutlass Keys Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 28-40

Cutlass Keys

Player controlled

Cutlass Keys Territory Map for New World MMO
Weaver's Fen Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 30-40

Weaver's Fen

Player controlled

Weaver's Fen Territory Map for New World MMO
Restless Shore Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 42-46

Restless Shore

Player controlled

Restless Shore Territory Map for New World MMO
Mourningdale Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 45-50


Player controlled

Mourningdale Territory Map for New World MMO
Great Cleave Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 41-60

Great Cleave


Great Cleave Territory Map for New World MMO
Edengrove Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 50-60



Edengrove Territory Map for New World MMO
Ebonscale Reach Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 51-60

Ebonscale Reach

Player controlled

Ebonscale Reach Territory Map for New World MMO
Reekwater Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 58-60+


Player controlled

Reekwater Territory Map for New World MMO
Shattered Mountain Territory Map for New World MMO

lvl 60+

Shattered Mountain


Shattered Mountain Territory Map for New World MMO