Core Character Attributes in New World MMO

There are five Player Character Attributes in New World: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus and Constitution. New World MMO Maps & Resource Locations.

Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus and Constitution there are five Player Character Attributes in New World.

Each attribute gives you bonuses to a certain type of weapon and a certain trade skill.

You start game with 5 points in every Attribute.

Every level gives you from 2 to 5 attribute points. There is 60 level cap in New World, so you can get max 190 attributes from leveling, but you can get addtional attributes from equipment bonuses.

Until evel 20 respeccing is free, after level 20 respec costs coins.


Strength is Melee focused, improves Mining Gathering Trade Skill.

Strength is Primary attribute for the War Hammer, Great Axe, Sword, and Hatchet.

Strength is Secondary attribute for the Spear.

  • Bonus damage to melee weapon light attacks;
  • Bonus damage to melee weapon heavy attacks;
  • Increases mining speed;
  • Increases yield when mining;
  • Increases chance to mine ore with single swing;
  • Increases the maximum encumbrance;
  • Increases stamina damage from melee weapons;
  • Decrease weight of mined items;
  • Increases damage on stunned, slowed and rooted enemies;
  • Stamina regen faster while performing attacks with melee weapons.


Dexterity is Ranged focused, improves Skinning Gathering Trade Skill.

Dexterity is Primary attribute for the Bow, Rapier, Spear, and Musket.

Dexterity is Secondary attribute for the Sword, and Hatchet.

  • Increases chance to critical hit;
  • Increases skinning speed;
  • Increases yield when skinning;
  • Increases thrust damage;
  • Doges cost less stamina;
  • Decrease weight of skinned items;
  • Bonus backstab and headshot damage;
  • Bonus critical hit on stunned, slowed and rooted enemies;
  • Chance of anni being returned.
  • Intelligence

    Intelligence is Magic focused, improves Harvest Gathering Trade Skill.

    Intelligence Primary attribute for the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet.

    Intelligence is secondary attribute for the Rapier and Musket.

    • Bonus damage to light and heavy magic attacks;
    • Increases harvest speed;
    • Increases yield when harvesting;
    • Increases critical damage;
    • Increases chance to to find azoth when harvesting;
    • Increases elemental damage;
    • Decrease weight of harvested items;
    • Adds mana after doge;
    • Increases duration to damage over time spells;
    • Increases damage on first hit to full health targets;
    • Reduces Azoth travel costs.


    Focus is Healing focused, helps in Fishing and Salvaging

    Focus is Primary attribute for the Life Staff.

    • Increases mana regen rate;
    • Increases mana pool;
    • Increases duration of casted buffs;
    • Increases Fishing line tension;
    • Increases caught fish size;
    • Decrease weight carry weight of fish;
    • Increases healing output;
    • Increases yield when salvaging;
    • Cooldown reduction for Inn fast travel.


    Constitution is health focused, improves Logging Gathering Trade Skill.

    Constitution is Primary attribute for overall health.

    • Increases power of health consumables;
    • Increases logging speed;
    • Increases yield when logging;
    • Increases chance to chop down tree with single swing;
    • Increases armor;
    • Increases max health by percentage of physical armor;
    • Reduce durability loss for tools;
    • Reduces crit damage taken;
    • Reduces damage taken;
    • Decrease weight of logging items;
    • Increases duration of stun, slow and root spells.