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Vendrien's Well Citadel - Rebel Version - Tyranny Map

Tyranny Walkthrough & Maps

Rebel Version of Vendrien's Well Citadel. This ancient fortress rests within the center of Apex's valley, its ring-shaped wall mimicking the mountains that border the nation. The Citadel has been repaired and, while understaffed, remains a formidable presence in the valley.

Vendrien's Well Citadel - Rebel Version, Tyranny Video Game
Vendrien's Well Citadel - Rebel Version, Tyranny Video Game

You came here when you are allied with Rebels. You will defend Vendrien's Well

The Oathbreakers

01 Tarkis Arri

Speak to Arri about her plan to defend the Citadel.

Eb Companion

You can join Eb here as your companion.

02 Go to Eastern Courtyard

03 Kill Atackers

04 Iron Marshal Erenyos

05 Kill attackers outside walls

06 Return to Main Courtyard

07 Kill attackers

08 Enter Citadel Barracks

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