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Edgering Ruins - Tyranny Map

Tyranny cRPG Video Game Walkthrough & Game Guide with Maps

Edgering Ruins is nestled within Apex's western range, serving as the gateway into Vendrien's Well. Kyros' forces have recently transformed it into a full garrison to ward off insurgents desperate to leave the Well.

Edgering Ruins Map, Tyranny Video Game
Edgering Ruins Map, Tyranny Video Game

01 Start

Welcome to Ruin You've arrived at the outskirts of Vendrien's Well, at the old remains of the Edgering Fort. Just as one of the Crescent Runners was getting you up to speed on the situation, the Vendrien Guard attacked. Help Kyros' forces fight back the rebel assault.

The Conqueror's Will Kyros demands victory at Vendrien's Well. As a Fatebinder of Tunon, you are tasked with delivering Kyros' Edict to the Archons of the Disfavored and the Scarlet Chorus. They must defeat the rebellious Vendrien Guard soon, or everyone in the valley, allies and enemies alike, will die.


02 Climb down to visit abandoned camp.

03 Weeping Mother Statue

The ancient Weeping Mother statue pays homage to the Queen Lycaerus, First of Her Name. Fresh water once flowed from this statue, but when Kyros' forces attacked Vendrien's Well in 429, the statue began weeping blood, and has done so ever since.

04 Pass the boulder. Defeat Vendrien Guard Soldiers. Stone Shield Soldier - help him.

05 Verse Help Verse for Welcome to Ruin Quest. Take Verse as a Companion.

Talk to Verse and gain 3 x Loyality. She can train you in Bows or Dual Wield

06 Tarkis Demos Sigil

If you want to ally with Vendrien Guard in the future you should let Tarkis live.

Mocking Blaze

Defeat Vendrien Guard Soldiers

07 Kosma (Quartermaster) Sigil of Lighting 2 x Sigil. Will be available after solving Welcome to Ruin Quest.

08 Pelox Tyrel Sigil


09 Drastus

Mocking Blaze

10 Exit Gate Travel to Disfavored Camp