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The Tiers - Tyranny World Map

Tyranny cRPG Video Game Walkthrough & Game Guide with Maps

The Tiers Map, World of Tyranny Video Game
The Tiers Map, World of Tyranny Video Game

Bastard Tier

Named for its position between two realms (the Northern Empire and the Southern Tiers), the Bastard City (and its surrounding lands, known as the Bastard Tier) is a Its pot of cultures, and a place of commerce an intrigue.

The Tiersmen of the South view the Bastard City as a Pl of wealth and excess, but to the people of the Northern Empire, the Bastard City is little more than a sprawling slum.

Tunon the Adjudicator established his Court in the Bastard City. From this foothold in the Tiers, he and his Court of Fatebinders impose Kyros' laws upon the conquered land.

Edgering Ruins

Edgering Ruins is nestled within Apex's western range, serving as the gateway into Vendrien's Well. Kyros' forces have recently transformed it into a full arrison to ward off insurgents esperate to leave the Well.

Contested Lands

These lands lay at the intersection of all four Younger Realms. Ruined and depopulated by constant war, they were functionally abandoned centuries ago. This unsettled gap of sovereign power became the home of the mages of the School of ink and Quill and their library fortress, the Vellum Citadel. Prior to Kyros conquest of the Tiers, the Sages declared political neutrality and committed themselves to the collection and dissemination of knowledge. In reality, the Sages hoarded their wisdom and manipulated other realms into cycles of war for centuries. This al canneto a dramatic end when Kyros Edict of Fire brought forth volcanic eruptions that turned the Contested Lands into a burning, ash-strewn wasteland.

Echocall Crossing

Echocall Crossing is a village situated along one of the narrow sections of the Matani River. It is the main route into the heart of the valley, and possesses two highly-defensible bridges. Many settlers in the area are believed to be directly assisting the rebel effort.



Burning Library

Deserter's March



Jagged Maw Shrine

Stone Down

The Contested Lands

Twin Rivers