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Disfavored Camp - Tyranny Map

This fort was constructed shortly after routing rebels along the valley's western edge. The Archon, Graven Ashe, directs all Disfavored efforts from this location. Disfavored Camp is located in Vendrien's Well.

Disfavored Camp Map, Vendrien's Well, Tyranny Video Game
Disfavored Camp Map, Vendrien's Well, Tyranny Video Game

01 Sterling Hagnon (Store Keeper). If you save him from the oppression of his shop will be open to you. Sigil of Guarded Form

02 Grave of Brennix, Archon's son

03 Gate

04 Pentibor's Shop Sigil of Frost


05 Bitter Quip

06 Lucia (Trainer) Thrown Weapons, Dodge, Athletics

Marcus (Trainer) One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weaponos, Parry

Tent to Rest

07 Isotanis's Shop


Forge-Bound Iron A shipment of iron bound for the Disfavored Camp went missing somewhere around Echocall Crossing. Isotanis, a blacksmith working in the Disfavored camp, has a suspicion it might have fallen into enemy hands. It would greatly benefit the Disfavored war effort, if they had iron to repair or forge new weapons.

08 Ashe's Tent

Graven Ashe

The Voices of Nerat

Iron Marshal Erenyos

Fifth Eye

The Battle of Echocall Crossing Echocall Crossing must be taken before Kyros' forces can press their attack on the Vendrien's Well Citadel. Help the Disfavored subdue the rebels and take control of the Crossing.

Taking the Outer Valley The Scarlet Chorus are currently attempting to secure the outer ring of Vendrien's Well. You'll need to help them deal with rebel forces in the area before Kyros' armies may safely march upon the Citadel.

Containers x 2

09 Ceveus talk to him to open Northern Clearing

Earthshaker Reinforcements Radix, leader of the Earthshakers, has been summoned from the Stone Sea to reinforce the Earthshakers already in the valley. However, there has been no sign of them since the valley was sealed. You agreed to investigate the last known location of these reinforcements and learn their fate.

10 Iron Marshal Erenyos Talk to him to open Echocall Crossing Location. Talk to him for The Battle of Echocall Crossing Quest.

Barik (Companion) Barik will join your team. Talk to Barik to rise his Loyality.

After first exit of camp:

You will meet Eb and her company in Wilderness Location.

Be nice to Eb if you want to ally with Vendrien Guard in the future.

If Tarkis Demos is alive, lie and tell her he is dead. Bow her for good bye.

2 x container

Later in Game

11 Iron Walker Helm You can get this helmet, while solving the conflict between Horde and Stone Shields.

12 Iron Sword You can get this sword, while solving the conflict between Horde and Stone Shields.

08 Ashe's Tent

Assault on the Citadel

The attack on Vendrien's Well Citadel is underway, and the fate of the siege will soon be decided. Help Kyros' forces take the fortress and gain control of the valley.

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