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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Valley of Dead Heroes Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Valley of Dead Heroes Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Valley of Dead Heroes Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Valley of Dead Heroes Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera


Endless Horror

Phoenix's Wisdom

The Lost Shepherd

Severed Child


This is next location after you finish to explore Sagus Cliffs. You come here by airship from Caravanserai 09

Quest which had led you here is On the Builder's Trail

All the codes you have and you will find in the future are used to locate the tombs in the Necropolis. Each code is a separate tomb.

In this location the two factions fighting each other. Memorialists and Children of the Endless Gate. You will have to choose which side of the conflict will be fought.

Therefore, the Children of the Endless Gate have a bad reputation, it seems logical to take the side of Memorialists.

You can sleep for free near in Necropolis Entrance 04 after you finish The Caretakers' Riddle Quest.

01 Airship harbor

Immediately after landing, Klin'Kar will come to you.

Klin'Kar he is from Children of the Endless Gate.

They will ask you to find two Memorialists

You can lie to them that you will help, but before you do not perform it they will not alow you to pass. So you can fight them or use [Deception] or [Intimidation].


After you can handle with Klin'Kar, two Memorialists will appear.


Ronos Cai'sul

Endless Horror Get into the Necropolis tombs

The Children of the Endless Gate have made a slaughterhouse of the Valley. The only way they'll leave is if I can close their Gate in the Necropolis, somehow.

If the Gate's in the Necropolis, then the first step will be to find a way into the Necropolis tombs.

The Caretakers' Riddle

After visit to Necropolis Entrance 02 Talk to Ronos Cai'sul

A colleague of yours was taken prisoner! I need the code for the whisperlock she placed on the Necropolis. Do you know it?

You need to find name of the ceturl prince, you can do it at Valley of Dead Heroes 12

Severed Child

Talk to Beltrax

Do you know anything about a dead girl named Choi?

4-2-2-1 Choi Code


+16 Shins

04 Dark Minnim

It works like teleporter. It will move you between ground level and walls. Also works when you want to go back.

05 Patch of darkness

[Lore: Natural] +2 EXP

Step into the darkness

Stim Cypher +45% on non-combat tasks.


Phoenix Talk to him.

Can I see the note? I might be able to shed some light on it

Phoenix's Wisdom Prove to Phoenix I am worthy.

I met a strange man in the Valley named Phoenix. He is seeking an answer of some kind but needs help

If I can prove to Phoenix that I "*know*", then he will share his knowledge with me. Perhaps then I can help him

Talk to him

Can I see the note that brought you here?

Phoenix's Note examine it.

1-5-3-5 Phoenix Code

Use this code to locate Phoenix Tomb in Necropolis.

07 Light Minnim

It works like teleporter. It will move you between level and walls. Also works when you want to go back.

Use it now to get to the walls.

08 Erriris Alcove

Before you enter alcove, first use Bronze Sphere from your inventory to call Erritis to your team.

Talk to Erriris

The Lost Shepherd Search the valley's alcoves

Erritis has been acting strange ever since we entered the Valley of Dead Heroes. I need to figure out what's bothering him

Erritis spoke fearfully of alcoves in the Valley of Dead Heroes. Maybe searching the Valley and finding the alcove he's "not afraid of" will explain why he's behaving strangely

Examine 08 Alcove.

What's wrong, Erritis?

No. Tell me now

Ask more Erritis

Pick up the herder's crook

Erritis appears in the Labirynth

09 Crystal

Examine the crystal +3 EXP

Severed Child Ask around about Choi

I saw a disturbing memory inside a floating crystal in the Valley. The memory belonged to a man tormented by horrors beyond his control - and bloodthirsty cultists who kill for him whether he wants them to or not.

The memory contained few leads to follow, but the name of a young girl was mentioned - Choi. This Valley is full of the dead and their memorials. Maybe someone knows more about what happened to her

Talk to Beltrax at Valley of Dead Heroes 02 he will reval you code to Choi Tomb.

10 Necropolis Entrance

Visit Necropolis Entrance to get next quest The Caretakers' Riddle. and return back to Valley.

11 Floating Darkness

After first visit to Necropolis Entrance, new Minnim will appear. But you have to open it.

Step Closer ... +4 EXP, now you can move from 11 to 05 and back.

12Animal Statue

The Caretakers' Riddle after hint from Ronos Cai'sul, you have to find name of ceturl prince

Examine base of the obelisk, then hieroglyphs, then stone head.

Examine statue's eyes (4 times) +3 EXP, +4 EXP, +3 EXP, +15 EXP

Now you know whisperloc code, its Guni, return to Necropolis Entrance 02.

13 Container

+19 Shins.

14 Shop

Tantalum Promise him report from visited tombs. Visit at last 20 tombs.

15 Container

+ Shins, + item.


You can start this conversation with Callistege in you party.



You can talk to them, but they are not especially kind, you can kill them for loot.


M's Sphere Oddity value 251 shins

+ Some shins

17 Portal

Climb the slope to the portal.

Take the mask

The Face That Never Remembered you can give it to Blob-of-Tree



give him The Face That Never Remembered +25 EXP

What if you sought a minstrel? A bard? Would that help you? +2 EXP


Examine the pool +2 EXP

[Quick Fingers] [Endurance]

Pellucid Wrap Artifact +2 Inteligence Pool

Savant's Slipknot Cypher

Savant's Slipknot increases highest Stat Pool +1 permanently

+17 Shons

20 Prismatic Monument

Aligern wants to examine it.

21 Container

+18 Shins.


Perseia she is for One True Love Quest from Caravanserai

23 Pyramid

You can use full healing powers once to restore all stats.


Bericael Brunna talk to him.

25 Deserters

You can rest here for 100 Shins

After visiting all locations, go to the Necropolis Entrance using 10

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