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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Government Square Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Government Square Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Government Square Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Government Square Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera

01 to Circus Minor

02 Merchant

Sangolin A tall, thin, and exquisitely dressed older man stands in the shade of an exquisitely crafted stall. The cut, color, and quality of his clothes are a symphony of harmonious coordination, while the expression of benevolent condescension he gives you would be more at home on the face of a king.

Sangolin its a merchant.

Stay of Execution You can try to [Quick Fingers] or buy Badge of Office from Sangolin

Badge of Office

Now that I have the badge of a city official, I can try to obtain an old stay of execution from the Council Clerk in Government Square. Tybir wants a copy of the document that pardoned a notorious gangster, Col Cardin.


Council Clerk

Stay of Execution You can [Intimidation], [Persuasion] or [Quick Fingers] to get him to play attention to you.

[Perception] or [Deception] Acquire an old stay of execution from the Council Clerk.

You acquired this letter of pardon from the Council Clerk. It grants a stay of execution for a criminal named Col Cardin, whose principal crime appears to have been treason. The paper is old and looks like it's been folded and passed hands many times, but it is certainly legitimate.

Letter of Pardon Tybir wants to check it for errors. Go back to Circus Minor 04

04 to Caravanserai

05 to Underbelly

06 to The Order of Truth

07 Red Thicket

Iyene Who Knows knowledge broker

I'm interested in exchanging secrets You can exchanging secrets and earn EXP: +2 EXP, +2 EXP

by Ygorbla
"If you trade for random secrets with Iyene Who Knows repeatedly, she will eventually give you the Crown of Eyes, a bonded item that raises Perception, Initiative, and spell damage."

Irathor Brenn Mercenary

[Anamnesis] +2 EXP

Can you read my thoughts? + 2 EXP


Sigyn The Captain of Levies

She can be useful in a number of variant solutions of quests.

Ashen Imitation just look at her.


They will be here if you convince any kid for using House of Empty Time.

Alcen Perie Leader of House of Empty Time

Zebb kid from Cliff's Edge

Archway The House of Empty Time Gate, examine it for +2 EXP

10 Fountain

This fountain is constructed of a material that seems halfway between wood and stone. It doesn't contain water, as might be expected. Instead, it's filled with swarming, tiny fishlike creatures that leap and cavort in a wriggling mass, chattering to each other in what sounds like a thousand different tongues.

[Quick Fingers] Catch one of the creatures.

Jalley Oddity value 114 shins.

Listen to what the creatures are saying [Anamnesis] +2 EXP


Ancient Shield Generator

Look through the orbiting holes in space +2 EXP

Look through the holes in space again

Cyclonic Cube Oddity value 251 shins. You can use and talk to Cyclonic Cube but it looks like broken.

This is teleport device. You can activate it in Caravanserai 20

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