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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Circus Minor Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Circus Minor Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Circus Minor Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
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Circus Minor Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera


The Cold, Calculating Jack

Stay of Execution

Beleazar and the Beast

Borrowed and Lost

The Sorrow's Prey

Beloved Slave


Important. Exploring new locations, I like to double check everything that's in them before I go on to next one. Unfortunately in Torment: Tides of Numenera this method does not always work good, because in this game world time passes all the time.

So before you start to perform tasks in Circus Minor and explore the whole city Sagus Cliffs you have to go for a moment to Cliff's Edge and perform there one quest that will be impossible to complete later in game.

Cliff's Edge 13 Complete Wayward Son Quest and return back to Circus Minor.

01 To Reef of Fallen Worlds

Sleep (rest) is a very important element of the game, as it is during sleep you will regenerate Stat Pool and Health.

In Torment: Tides of Numenera game there is a NOT possible to sleep anywhere. You can sleep for example in taverns, but there you have to pay for it. That is why the first thing we will do in the city will be find a free place to sleep. The in game story lead us to the Cult of the Changing God and there also we find a free place to rest.

02 Cult of the Changing God Encampment

If you want to have in the future a free place to sleep in Cult of the Changing of God is very important to always behave coherent version that "I am Changing God" and do not let them doubt in it.



Others? You mean other castoffs?

Do you know anything about a device called a resonance chamber?

The resonance chamber is in the Reef of Fallen Worlds, under a broken dome

I am the Changing God

I am

I will

Fallen To Earth Fix the Clock in Circus Minor and investigate the figures that are trapped inside.

Now solve Fallen To Earth Quest, go to 03

After returning from The Clock (03)

Talk to Casmeen and Mimeon again

(Lie) "Shadowy figures pulled me in. I was in a Labyrinth. I did not see their faces or learn their names.

You have finished Fallen To Earth Quest +100 EXP

Now you can sleep for free here and use shop here but do not try to talk to them more because if you say something incorrectly, you will lose your privileges.

The Cold, Calculating Jack Search for Matkina

Apparently, a castoff helped build the resonance chamber. Casmeen and Mimeon don't know the name of this mysterious artificer, but the other castoffs might. Only one of my 'siblings' is presently in the city - an albino assassin named Matkina. Perhaps she can give me answers.

Casmeen and Mimeon described Matkina as pale-skinned and very, very dangerous. She is known in the city as the White Death. Matkina was most recently sighted in Underbelly, so the people of that district might know where she's hiding.

To continue the The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest you have to go to Underbelly 18 and talk to Mapper. But do not do it now, first finish others quests in this location.

03The Clock

This complex machine towers over you. Its purpose is unclear, but the three circular faces set into the ground remind you of clocks. Something is wrong with the machine, however. It's partially transparent, shimmering in the air when you look directly at it. The clock faces seem to show several different times at once. Humanoid silhouettes ripple beneath the central clock face. One places his hand against the face as though it were a glass wall. They seem to be watching you.

Examine the machine

During the repair process you can permanently damage the clock [Smashing, Lore Machinery]. I suggest not to do it, it is not the main path of the quest. If you do it in Circus Minor will be permanently night time . It is only posibility to talk to Nychthemeron at 06. You will get a third possible solution for the Nychthemeron quest, it is less interesting version of this quest.

Go to A

Examine the images on the surface of the device

Look at the memory in the lush valley

Lock the centuries' old memory in the lush valley to this device.

Leave the device alone

Go to B

Look at the memory in the underwater city.

Lock the recent memory in the underwater city to this device

Leave the device alone

Go to C

Look at the memory of the city under siege

Lock the ancient memory of the besieged city to this device

+ 3 EXP

Go back to 03

The Clock will move you to Clock Fathom

The three figures before you are disoriented. They don't even seem to notice you at first. All three of them have a tattoo like yours - castoffs.




Talk to them as long as appears:

Shut your eyes. Search your memories for this ability they speak of.

+100 EXP

Select your Character Focus

Exit will appera. You do not have to save your interlocutors.

When you approaches the exit, you will see Sorrow who attack you and move you to the The Calm

The Calm

The Specter Talk to him.

Use portal to get back to The Clock, 02

04 Execution Ground


A man named Ris is slowly being executed in Circus Minor. His friend Tybir asked me to help save him. Tybir has a plan to forge a stay of execution, but he needs my help to get the materials for the forgery and deal with the authorities.

Talk to Tybir, promise to help him and add him to your party.

Stay of Execution

There are two possible solutions Stay of Execution Quest:

A. Rally the spectators It might be possible to rally the spectators who have gathered to watch Ris die. If I'm persuasive enough, I could turn them against the execution and intimidate the official into freeing Ris.

Talk to spectators, use [Persuasion] on 3 or 4 citizens. You will rally the crowd against the execution. Unfortunately, the reunion between Tybir and Ris wasn't as happy as I expected. Ris seems to think that Tybir owes him money and only set him free to save his own skin. If I hadn't been there, Ris might have strangled his "friend" on the spot. +40 EXP.

B. Impersonate a city official Tybir's plan will require me to impersonate a city official, so I'll need one of the badges that all city officials possess. I can purchase a badge from Sangolin, who runs a clothing shop in Government Square.

For Stay of Execution go to Government Square 02

After return from Government Square when you already have Letter of Pardon.

Yeen the Overseer Show him Letter of Pardon.

Tybir's ploy worked, and Ris was set free. Unfortunately, the reunion between "friends" wasn't as happy as I expected. Ris seems to think that Tybir owes him money and only set him free to save his own skin. If I hadn't been there, Ris might have strangled Tybir on the spot.

You finished Stay of Execution Quest +40 EXP

05 to Government Square

06 Nychthemeron

The cage in which the creature floats is a simple frame that contains a shimmering, nearly transparent cylinder of energy. It emits a low hum, barely audible, that sets your teeth on edge. The container is a delicate filigree of ornate materials with no apparent controls... but surely they must be hidden somewhere in the traceries and protrusions of the wirework.

El-JintoExplorer who presents Nychthemeron trapped in a cage.

CanaduExplorer who presents Nychthemeron trapped in a cage.

BeleazarAeon Priest who wants to steal a Nychthemeron.

Nychthemeron Biomechanical being. At day time is uncontrollable aggression in the night is calm and you can talk to it.

Beleazar and the Beast There are three ways to solve this quest.

A. Free Nychthemeron. If you broke the clock at 03 now there is always night in Circus Minor. You can talk to Nychthemeron.

Ask El-Jinto I want to see the creature up close. Talk to Nychthemeron, he will give you quest. Take device from Beleazar. Return to Nychthemeron, modify the device and fix it to the cage.

I spoke to the imprisoned nychthemeron, and it told me that Beleazar has a "transport device" that he plans to affix to the nychthemeron's cage. This will send the nychthemeron to some other location where it will be killed.

You have to take device from Beleazar, modify it and attached to the cage.

I attached the modified teleport nodule to the nychthemeron's cage, and the creature was sent... somewhere. Presumably, it's now safe from both Beleazar and the explorers. Beleazar will want to know what happened.

Nychthemeron is free now. +EXP

B. Betray Beleazar to the Explorers

Start a conversation with Beleazar. Promise to help him. He will give you quest. Instead of doing as Beleazar asked, inform the explorers of his plan and handed over the teleport nodule.

Ask El-Jinto You still can. Let him learn from your experience.

Talk to Beleazar. Give El-Jinto notes to Beleazar

I reported Beleazar's plan to the explorers, but I also convinced El-Jinto to share his research notes with the Aeon Priest. Beleazar was surprised and grateful, and he seemed happy with the way things turned out.

+25 EXP, some Shins and item

Psychic Guard

C. Kill Nychthemeron (suggested)

An Aeon Priest named Beleazar wants to "steal" a nychthemeron from its cage in Circus Minor. He intends to teleport the creature to another location so that it can be killed and dissected for study.

Talk to Beleazar. Agree to help. Take Teleport Nodule.

Ask El-Jinto I want to see the creature up close, [Persuasion]

Before you will continue quest, ask El-Jinto I'm looking for someone who can repair a complicated device., give him crystal. +2 EXP

Go to cage [Quick Fingers, Lore Machinery] Affix Beleazar's device to the panel.

Nychthemeron disappear from the cage. You'll find it in Reef of Fallen Worlds13. Do not admit in front of El-Jinto and Canadu for what you did.

Talk to Beleazar. He will ask you kill Nychthemeron.

Below is a list of characters that can help you kill Nychthemeron.

Aidan Sitabo - unarmed fighter with preternatural speed - located Cliff's Edge 02

Varrenoth - flesh and blood construct - located Underbelly 02

Quijano del Toboso - elderly and eccentric knight - located Caravanserai 02

Before you will fight Nychthemeron at Reef of Fallen Worlds go and recruit helpers.

07 To Underbelly

08 To Cliff's Edge

After you kill Nychthemeron, return to Beleazar and give him Nychthemeron Brain. +40 EXP, +2- Shins.

Psychic Guard



You must have met the, uh, previous inhabitant of this body. What did he take?

Borrowed and Lost Find the book Falinda claims I borrowed

Falinda, a bookseller in Circus Minor, has accused me of borrowing a very rare book and never returning it. I have no memory of such a thing, so it seems likely that the Changing God was the real culprit, perhaps when he was wearing the body that is now mine. It seemed important to Falinda that I find and return the book.

I need to find the book that "I" supposedly borrowed. Falinda didn't provide any clues about its whereabouts but did mention that the book has a five-colored sigil on its cover.


Talk to her again.

What did the book look like?

[Anamnesis] +2 EXP

Book for Borrowed and Lost Quest is located Buried Crossroads 02 pick it and return here.

Return The Tome of Singing Thorns to Falinda. This is end of Book for Borrowed and Lost Quest +25 EXP

You can select one of the four books in return. It does not matter which one you will choose. They differ only slightly with color the tide.

10 Arms Merchant

Arms Merchant Merchant


The Genocide

This burly, armor-clad figure stands almost motionless as you approach. He regards you silently through his singular eye. The studs on his arms and the blades on his shoulders are stained and pitted with age.

[Anamnesis] Let the memory come. +2 EXP


Ancient Shield Generator

[Anamnesis] +2 EXP

This is teleport device. You can activate it in Caravanserai 20

13 Pile of Rocks

Examine the rocks

Examine the canister.

Try putting the rocks in the canister

Press the aqua button. to get Shade of the Desert Sun.

Shade of the Desert Sun Cypher +7 Resistance


Press the gold button. to get Conflict Advisor

Conflict Advisor Cypher + Evasion + Attacks

[Smashing] Smash the stones to extract what you can. You have to fail.

Prestidigitator Cypher Permanent +1 training level in Quick Fingers



[Persuasion] will not work with Philethis.

If you use [Tidal Affinity] on Philethis he will desapear.


Otero you can talk with him about City.

16 Shop

Prata Merchant

I'm still finding my way. Think I could get a discount on your goods? and you will get discount.

Circles in Red After Mallet tells you about Kiyatawa eating corpse, and you aske about it Kiyatawa, go to Prata

Have you seen a Dendra O'Hur woman in the market lately?

Do you remember what that Dendra O'Hur woman you saw was saying? +3 EXP



[Anamnesis] +2 EXP

[Anamnesis] +2 EXP

All right. Tell me about where you're from. +2 EXP



I just want to know what's going on here. I won't tell anyone. + 2 EXP

Tell me more about the House of Empty Time +2 EXP

Who's in charge of the House of Empty Time again? +2 EXP

18 Sculptor

Zaofi the Sculptor

[Anamnesis] Try to recall why the sculptures look so familiar. +2 EXP

The Sorrow's Prey Search for the Sorrow's latest victim at the Dendra O'Hur Chapel.

Zaofi, a sculptor in Circus Minor, witnessed the murder of a man by the Sorrow, the same creature that is hunting me. Now he's obsessed with sculpting the moment of the killing, but all his attempts have been failures - he cannot immortalize the victim until he learns more about him.

Zaofi told me that the victim's body was taken away by the Dendra O'Hur - probably to their chapel in the Underbelly.

To solve this quest you have to:

1. Dendra O'Hur Chapel Underbelly 16, check corpse on lying on the bench. Talk with Imbitu.

2. Go to Ruined House Cliff's Edge 22 and search it.

3. Talk to Changing God Cultists Cliff's Edge 11 about who looted house

4. Talk to Avina Cliff's Edge 07 Interdimensional Puzzle Box from her.

5. Talk to Tranquility Caravanserai07 Ask him to put you into trance, adn move to Labitynth.

6. Talk to Empty Reflection in The Calm (Labirynth).

Give Interdimensional Puzzle Box to her. Talk to her +2 EXP, ask about Orseolo.

Let Seria stay in your mind.

You gain a new ability Seria's Peace. +1 Might, +1 Speed and +1 Intellect.

7. Return to Zaofi

His daughter was killed when their home collapsed. Grief drove him to seek his own death. +40 EXP and reward:

Spirit Shroud Cloak (Artifact)

19 Slavers

Tol Maguur Slaver

What's the price?

Beloved Slave Search for the missing slave girl, Rhin

Tol Maguur, a slaver in Circus Minor, has enlisted my help to find her 'ward,' a girl named Rhin. If I bring Rhin back to her, Tol says that she has valuable information to trade in return.

Tol thinks that Rhin is hiding in the district of Cliff's Edge. She described Rhin as scrawny, with dark, curly hair. She also said that Rhin suffered a head wound and tends to babble about her gods.

You will find Rhin in Cliff's Edge 04

After return from Cliff's Edge with Rhin in party.


Yes. Don't worry, Rhin. I'll take care of this.

Talk to Tol Maguur

A. We need to talk about this, Tol.

No deal. We'll have to settle this some other way.

Did you... did you just use the Tides on me? Is that what you do to Rhin?

Enslaving Rhin is destroying her life and her potential anyway. One way or another, you're killing her.

[Persuasion] So how can you justify keeping Rhin in your custody? Release your claim.

You convinced Tol Maguur to let Rhin go free. Its finish of Beloved Slave Quest +25 EXP

Let Tol Maguur teach you about Tides. You will Gain Tidal Affinity Skill.

B. You can also kill Tol Maguur and his three Slavers for +25 EXP, but you will miss Tidal Affinity Skill.

Tybir want to talk to you.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.