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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Cliff's Edge Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Cliff's Edge Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Cliff's Edge Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Cliff's Edge Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera


Hidden Enemy

Wayward Son

Wayward Daughter

Flawed Simulacrum


01 To Circus Minor

02Aidan Sitabo

Aidan Sitabo

The large, muscled man is practicing some form of martial art as you look on. He is wearing an old, white, rough-woven coat with the sleeves torn off and a red bandana is wrapped tightly around his head. He seems to be moving much faster than his size suggests is possible.

He can help you kill Nychthemeron for Beleazar and the Beast Quest, but first he want you to fight him.

I'll bet I'm faster than you.

[Initiative, Quick Fingers] Block the punch and strike back.

I'm ready for the next part of your test.

[Initiative, Quick Fingers] Parry and counterattack. He won't see it coming.

You should regenerate your Speed now.

Let's talk about thad duel again

Use any move, but you have to do it with success.

+2 EXP, + 1 Speed Pool

And rob this world of your talent? Never.

Now you can hire him for money to fight Nychthemeron.

03 to Caravanserai

04 Ruined House

Pickup some shins.

Beloved Slave

Interact with House, talk to person hiding inside.

Thugs They come when you searched the ruins.

Rhin She is one of your possible companion, but first you have to solve problem between Rhin and Tol Maguur.

Do not let Thugs to take Rhin. Use [Intimidation] or [Perception] or [Deception]

Convince Rhin to go with you to Tol Maguur.

Don't worry. I'll figure out some way to solve this amicably.

Don't worry about that. I'll keep you out of trouble

Rhin will now join your party. Return to Circus Minor 19


Lord Vuntgen

Declaiming to the crowd is a well-dressed but sickly-looking man - short, dumpy, and an unhealthy shade of yellow. Despite this, he has the proud demeanor and the stentorian voice of a much larger man.

Hidden Enemy Search for the rogue stichus in Cliff's Edge.

A rogue stichus is lurking in the district of Cliff's Edge. Lord Vuntgen has promised a reward to anyone who finds the creature and tells him where it is.

The stichus is probably hiding someplace out of the way, or the people of Cliff's Edge would have found it by now

06 Stichus

Hidden Enemy I found the stichus behind the Fifth Eye, amidst heaps of garbage. Its fate is now in my hands


[Anamnesis] Try to remember the language of the sticha. +3 EXP.

Now you understand language of the sticha

A. You can kill sticha + 40 EXP

Second Skin Artifact +10 Health, +1 Might, -2 Speed.

B. Accuse Lord Vuntgen

C. (suggested) Help the stichus to escape +40 EXP

D. Ask the Changing God cultists in Cliff's Edge if they could smuggle the stichus to safety +40 EXP


07 Kids

Zebb promise him that you will help Stitch to escape

A boy named Zebb seems to have befriended the outcast stichus, and he implored me not to tell Lord Vuntgen where the creature is hiding. He suggested that the other sticha might be convinced to dig an escape tunnel. I can find the other sticha in Underbelly. Of course, there might be other ways to sneak the creature out of the district as well.

If you save stichus, return here for reward.

Charmpaste Cypher +45% on Persuasion tasks


Play me a happy song Avina's Ditty + Evasion, + Speed task.

Play me a sad song Avina's Dirge + Willpower, + Intellect Tasks.

Ashen Imitation Later in game, she is one of ghostly woman copy.

You remind me of someone I met in the Fifth Eye. +2 EXP

Talk with Avina about Ghost.

The Sorrow's Prey Talk to her about children playing in the ruined house.

Take trick box from Avina

Interdimensional Puzzle Box


Hidden Enemy Underbelly 04 and ask Ch'kekt for help or Cliff's Edge 11 and ask the Changing God cultists for help.

Later in game, Zebb's house will collapse. If you then propose him help in House of Empty Timeyou will receive reward.

Dullstrike oddity value 252 shins

Light Metal oddity value 114 shins

08 to Underbelly

09 Container

10 Container

11 Changing God Cultists


Hidden Enemy Ask Aitasii for help.

I may need you to escort an outcast stichus from the area. No one must see you. Can you do this?

The crippled stichus is hiding in the dump. Go now, and bring it somewhere safe.

If you talk deeply with Zebb, Avina, Nym at 07 you can ask Cultist to help kids.

I want you and the others to watch over the orphans who live near the dump

The Sorrow's Prey After searching Ruined House 22 ask them;

I think someone may have looted that ruined house against the cliff. Did you see who it was?

12 Crashed Airship


He is one of your possible companions

Talk to him for +2 EXP

13 House on cliff

This location is available only early in game, becouse house will colapse.

Mother Themaz Talk to her.

Wayward Son Talk to Piquo

Mother Temaz, an old midwife in Cliff's Edge, asked me to assist one of her wayward "children," a young man named Piquo who is struggling with a difficult choice. If I can help Piquo make his decision, Temaz will return a piece of my caul to me, fashioned into something valuable.

I should find Piquo and tell him that Mother Temaz sent me. He's probably somewhere in Cliff's Edge.

Go to 14 and talk to Piquo.

When you persuade Piquo to "do good" Mother Temaz will be happy and you will get reward. +25 EXP

Caul Shield 15% Evasion, +2 Might.

Wayward Daughter This is alternaty quest for Wayward Son. This time you have to help Loss-of-self at 20

Later in game when house is colapsed. Search for items.

Beads of Mother Temaz This long string of beads belonged to a midwife in Cliff's Edge. Each bead on the string is distinct and unique, representing one of the babies she delivered over the course of her long career. Touching one of the beads will put you into very brief mental contact with whoever that bead represents.



If 13 is not colapsed.

Wayward Son talk to Piquo

Mother Temaz sent me. I want to help. There are few options, best sellect:

[Persuasion] Strength fails. Beauty fades. Use that money to get an education at the Order of Truth.

Return to 13 and talk to Mother Temaz.

If 13 has colapsed. You cant help Piquo.

15 Shoop

Madelia Glittering

How much for one of the rodent globes?

The money from selling one of your rodents could really help you out right now

After moment

How much are you selling your rodent for, again? She want 200 shins.

Bao Artifact +2 Resistance, + Bonuses, -2 Inteligence.

16 Chiurgical Parol


Show me your list of items and services.

The Clawed Gauntlets -125 shins, +4 Physical damage with unarmed attacks.

The Jagged Memory -110 shins, +1 Relativistic damage on melee weapons attack.

The Encroaching Darkness? -100 shins, once poer day + 8 points of Health

What are Blood Nanites? -95 shins, Immunity to Bleeding or Burn

The Numenera Analyzer sounds... safest -95 shins, +5% Lore: Machinery, +5% Lore: Mystical, +5% Lore: Natural

An Artificial Eyeball? Really? -110 shins, +1 Training Level in Perception Skill.

Chiurgical Drone Examine it for +3 EXP

17 Obelisk

Examine each triangle. +3 EXP



Flawed Simulacrum Confront Finzin's levy and find out what it wants

A young man named Finzin has asked for my help in dealing with a levy that's been following him around. It seems to have developed an unhealthy fascination with him, and he wants it to leave him alone

Finzin asked me to speak to the levy and find out why it's following him around. He says that it's lurking nearby, close to where Finzin is hiding in Cliff's Edge. I should look for a levy that isn't smiling like the others of its kind and is holding a charred wooden object in its hands

There are five possible solutions of this quest.

A. Convinced the Levy that it has no right to another year of Finzin's life

B. (sugested) Use Tidal energy to purge the false memories from the levy's mind

C. Kill the Levy that was bothering Finzin

D. Reported the levy's strange behavior to the Captain of Levies

E. Convinced Finzin to give another year of his life to the levy. Visit the Order of Truth, and ask the Aeon Priests Min of Tan Liang for a device that can take another year from him and give it to his levy.

Levy is near at 19

You have to cruise several times between Finzin and Levy, explaining them to each other what the problem is, till:

[Tidal Surge] Purge the visions of Finzin's lost year from the levy's mind

Return to Finzin for reward. +40 EXP

19 Tormented Levy

Tormented Levy

Flawed Simulacrum



Wayward Daughter If oyu got this quest.

Star's Kiss Offhand +15% evasion, Ability Star's Kiss, you can get it from her using [Deception]

Ashen Imitation Later in game, she is one of ghostly woman copy.

You remind me of someone - a ghost in the Fifth Eye tavern.

21to The Fifth Eye

22The victim's house

The Sorrow's Prey Search ruined house.

Use [Anamnesis] and [Might].

Who's there?

A new Reflection is forming in the Labyrinth!

Talk to Changing God Cultists 11 about who looted ruined house. They will direct you to orphants.

Talk to Avina 07 about children playing in the ruined house and take Interdimensional Puzzle Box from her.

23 Tunnel from Underbelly.

You can dig this tunel with Stichus Automaton in Underbelly 20


You can reach it by tunnel 23

Quickie Axe Artifact Heavy Melee Weapon

+ 60 shins

Examine the device

Examine the sphere

Examine the dome

Examine the wire mesh

Pass your hand in front of the sphere

Tap the dome.

Reach through the opening

[Quick Fingers] Attempt to grab the object in the fluid

Ring of El-Aemor Cypher


Ancient Shield Generator

This is teleport device. You can activate it in Caravanserai 20

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