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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

The Fifth Eye Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

The Fifth Eye Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

The Fifth Eye Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
The Fifth Eye Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera


A Call to War

Eyes of the Adversary

Ashen Imitation


01to Cliff's Edge


Clarion This young woman wears finely polished armor and paces back and forth restlessly on the walkway. Her long hair is lustrous and healthy, and her whole form exudes a wholesome vitality

I'll help you recruit the veterans

A Call to War Attempt to recruit the five war veterans.

A woman named Clarion has asked me to help convince some veteran warriors to join the Endless Battle. So far, her efforts to sway them have failed.

Clarion has been hanging around the Fifth Eye bar, trying to recruit five veteran warriors named Dhama, Theboros, Leto, Feriok, and Ziobe. She wants me convince as many of them as I can to join the Endless Battle

You will be able to convince three veterans: Dhama, Theboros and Leto. But do not try to convince them before you done all other talks and tasks here.


Dhama of the Bloom

It's a labyrinth

Go ahead

You will permanently gain 1 Intellect Pool

I'd be happy to help. What do I need to do?

Eyes of the Adversary Search the Fifth Eye for any signs of an Adversary's presence

A potentially dangerous entity may be lurking in the Fifth Eye tavern. Dhama of the Bloom called this entity an Adversary, a mind-eater. These malign beings were defeated in a psychic war by Dhama and his friends, but he believes that a single Adversary survived. He asked me to help him find and confront his old enemy

Dhama thinks that the Adversary is somewhere close, watching him and his friends. That means it's somewhere in the Fifth Eye, but it must be concealing itself from them. If I encounter anything suspicious, I should tell Dhama at once

Talk more to Dhama for + 2 EXP

Adversary is hidden. You have to reval him. First go to bartender.

04 Bartender

by Longwinter
" Drinking pink sludge (death) is shortest way to The Calm (Fathom)"


I'd like a drink.

Let's talk about the chancy drinks

(Pay) "I'd like to try the black ichor. -10 shins

Your perception has changed. There is a new character in the tavern. Go to ane look at 05


Malaise Adversary

This small, unassuming man occupies this space quietly, hands folded in front of him. He does not look at you, but you can feel his regard slip across you and dismiss you as you approach. His attention remains focused on the trio at the nearby table. Everything about him is nondescript, from his light-brown skin to his drab clothing. But something about him gives you pause, as if you were approaching the throbbing core of a fallen vessel.

Talk to him. He is an Adversary. Return to Dhama with this information.

I have another possibility for the Adversary. Can you check on it?

Do you see that man there? Malaise? He's watching you

You got two ways to deal with Malaise

Save game before confrontation with Adversary

A. "I can take the Adversary alone".

Go to Malaise.

I'm told that you play a game with your prey, Adversary. Tell me how it works

I want to play your game, Adversary

You will get 3 questions now. You can try to view the true meaning of questions, but it really does not matter what you will answer. The most important is the fourth exchange of words - confrontation.

[Concentration] Resist the Adversary

I faced Malaise in a psychic game and defeated the creature. It tried to absorb me into itself, but I was able to resist, and I forced it back into whatever reality it came from. Dhama will be happy to hear that his nemesis is gone.

Return to Dhama, you will get reward.

Shadowstep Bonded item. +50% Movement Speed, +2 Speed Pool, -2 Might.

+ 40 EXP

B. "Let's confront it together, right now".

Now you can fight full scale battle 9 on 8. Try not do die. In fact, try to no one died. +40 EXP + Shadowstep


Its a finish of Eyes of the Adversary Quest.


What was that eye in your head? +3 EXP

I know who the psychic projection is

I think it's Feriok + 4 EXP

You can tell about Ziobe to Silver Orphans in Caravanserai 11 and you will get reward.


What are you going to do about the weaponized meme that's burning your mind?

I do have a space in my mind, and I can contain the Word of Qra there

[Persuasion] I'm more than strong enough. Use your psychic ability to read me +4 EXP


Sir Arthour He is source of knowledge about this world.

Sir Arthour Torein - traveler, explorer, and lifelong student of the numenera. I have seen everything between here and the Steadfast, and I have studied numenera of all kinds for decades. There is no man more knowledgeable about the Ninth World than he who sits before you, I assure you




Almas the Soul Keeper

Tell me the doubt that destroyed your civilization. I know you know.

[Tidal Surge] Erase the doubt. "No. Questions will make you stronger." + 3 EXP


O Talk to "O" till you got bonuse.

You will permanently gain 1 Intellect Pool

Say Farewell for next bonus

You will permanently gain 4 Health Pool



Why can't I sense you? +2 EXP

Now finish A Call to War Quest

Talk to Dhama of the Bloom

Clarion seems to hold you in high regard. She thinks you'd be a valuable ally in the Endless Battle

Talk to Theboros

Clarion needs strong allies to fight in the Endless Battle. Would you be willing to join her?

[Intimidation] I've done everything you asked of me. I carry the Words of Qra. I helped with the Adversary. You *owe* me.

Talk to Leto

A being named O is here to give you a vision. It says you will be the mother of empires.

I'm looking for warriors to join Clarion in the Endless Battle. She thinks you'd be a valuable ally.

[Persuasion] Don't doubt yourself. Your ability could save hundreds of lives and turn the tide of the Battle.

Talk to Clarion

I have an update on the recruitment.

I've recruited Dhama

I've recruited Theboros

I've recruited Leto

I'm done recruiting now

Finish of A Call to War Quest +40 EXP, reward +80 shins

Lord's Cup Oddity value 159 shins


Ghostly Woman

Talk to her and examine her.

Let the ghost strangle you. +3 EXP

You will wake up in Daughter's Fathom

Talk to Ghostly Woman

Ashen Imitation Find women in Sagus Cliffs who are being transformed into 'copies' of the ghostly woman

After I was strangled to death by a ghostly woman in the Fifth Eye, I awoke in a new fathom of the Labyrinth. There I met the ghost again. She claimed that women in Sagus Cliffs are being transformed into copies of her, though she doesn't know how or why, and she wants to help them if she can.

The ghostly woman asked me to look for women who resemble her, or whose identities are being altered by an outside force. When I find such women, I should return to the Labyrinth and tell her.

You have to locate women listed below, and return to Daughter's Fathom:

Avina, a young girl who lives in Cliff's Edge, was hearing the ghost's voice in her dreams, but she drove it out of her mind by sheer force of will. She is in Cliff's Edge 07

Kiyatawa, a member of the Dendra O'Hur, is one of the affected women. Underbelly 16

Loss-of-self, an emotionally disturbed young woman I met in Cliff's Edge, is one of the affected women. She is in Cliff's Edge 20

Seria, the adopted daughter of the castoff Orseolo, seems to have been one of the affected women. When she was alive, she was confused about her identity and felt that she was supposed to become someone else. You will meet her during The Sorrow's Prey Quest

Sigyn, the Captain of Levies, was one of the affected women, but she managed to escape her fate. Government Square 08

The whole Ashen Imitation Quest is described on Daughter's Fathom

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