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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Caravanserai Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Caravanserai Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Caravanserai Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Caravanserai Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera


One True Love

The Airship Thief


01 to Cliff's Edge


Quijano del Toboso He can help you kill Nychthemeron for Beleazar and the Beast Quest.

You said you're looking for a great adventure?

You misjudge it. It is a stain in the sky. A merciless monstrosity. Hate is the only song in its heart.

03 Tybir

Tybir will wait for you here if you tell him to separate from your team.




I'm a castoff of the Changing God.

What comes in with breath and out with a word, transmutes upon death but can't be conferred?


I would find my own method +2 EXP

[Anamnesis] or [Lore: Machinery], [Lore: Natural] +2 EXP

You can tell about Sylph to Silver Orphans in Caravanserai 11 and you will get reward.


Tarnach Hobbes

What are you staring at? +2 EXP

I wish to know what you have seen +2 EXP



One True Love Search Caravanserai for evidence of Perseia's whereabouts

Omahdon, a man I met at the Caravanserai, is looking for his lost love, Perseia. He says that she suffers from a madness that causes her to flee from imagined dangers, and he has been trying to catch up to her for years. Omahdon tracked Perseia to Sagus Cliffs, and he asked me to help him look for her.

Omahdon is certain that Perseia stayed in Caravanserai for a time. He describes her as beautiful, with purple hair that floats around her head on winged hair combs

Can you give me more details of Perseia's appearance?

go to Caravanserai 07

07 Tranquility's Rest Tavern


Tranquility can put you into trance. This is other way to "die" and go to The Calm (Labirynth).

You can rent a room for a night here and sleep.

Talk about pheromones for +2 EXP

One True Love

I'm looking for a woman named Perseia. She is said to be beautiful and has purple hair. Have you seen her?

You're using your tone of voice to calm me. Is that something you learned? +2 EXP

Go to Caravanserai 08

08 Night Table

Try to open the drawer.

Use [Quick Fingers] or [Smashing] to open drawer. +2 EXP

Antique Hair Clip

Return to Tranquility.

One True Love

You said you hadn't seen Perseia, but I found this comb in one of your rooms. The hair in it is purple, just like hers

A. Help Omahdon.

Talk to Tranquility.

Perseia owes Omahdon her life. Whatever else he's done, that should count for something

I want to try to bring Omahdon and Perseia together

Omahdon is handling it poorly, I admit, but what if he truly loves her?

How often does anyone find true love in this world? Can we deny them the *chance* at it?

[Persuasion] I believe that his love for her is true. He would never hurt Perseia. He wants the best for her

Go to Omahdon

Tranquility told me Perseia was indeed here, but she took a ship to the Valley of Dead Heroes

Standstill Cypher +1 Level in Deception, +1 Level in Quick Fingers, +1 Level in Initiative

I found out that Perseia returned to the Valley of Dead Heroes, where Omahdon originally found her. I told him where she went, and he set off in pursuit. +25 EXP

B. (suggested) Convince Omahdon to stop following Perseia. Talk to Tranquility and Omahdon.

[Persuasion] The Perseia of your dreams doesn't exist. You're chasing a real woman who hates you. There is no happy ending here +25 EXP

C. Try to deceive Omahdon by providing a false lead and sending him in the wrong direction - you will fail and Omahdon will follow Perseia +25 EXP

D. Convinced Tranquility to use her hypnotic abilities on Omahdon. She can put him into a trance and keep him as a "guest" at her hostel for a while, giving Perseia more time to escape. Tell Omahdon that Tranquility wants to speak to him. +25px


Master Rennio

This airship's master is keeping a close eye on his vessel. He is a short and wiry man, dressed in travel-stained but well-kept clothing. He is chewing on his impeccably groomed mustache in frustration. His fingers are in constant motion, as if he wanted to take part in the work he's supervising.

The Airship Thief Find the man who stole Master Rennio's airship

Master Rennio, an airship captain at the Caravanserai, is looking for the man who stole one of his vessels. Until the thief is caught, he has grounded his remaining ship.

According to Rennio, the thief was below average height and had straw-colored hair. He was also 'glowing.'

Man who stole Master Rennio's airship is Erritis.

If Erritis is in your party: Settle the debt between Erritis and Master Rennio.

If Erritis is NOT in our party: Bring Erritis back to Master Rennio. Erritis is in Cliff's Edge 12.

There are 4 solution for The Airship Thief Quest

A. Convinced Rennio to forgive Erritis's debt. Rennio seemed to recognize that Erritis's 'service' might prove more of a liability than an asset

Let's be blunt. Erritis can't be held responsible for his actions. I mean, look at him +40 EXP

B. Convinced Rennio to let the Changing God cultists work off Erritis's debt.

[Persuasion] A local cult believes I'm their god. I might be able to convince them to work off the debt.

The Changing God cultists are Caravanserai 10

I require your help. The golden-hued boy, Erritis, is my trusted and valued companion. I need you to work off his debt to Master Rennio so that Erritis can remain with me. +40 EXP

C. Pay off the debt by yourself. -400 Shins, +40 EXP.

D. Convinced Erritis to work for Rennio in exchange for the damage he caused.

E. Rennio would accept monetary compensation from the city authorities. You have to petition the Council Clerk in Government Square

On the Builder's Trail

Later in game after visiting Cave of Last Words, Master Rennio will take you to airship to Valley of Dead Heroes.

10 Changing God Cultists

Changing God Cultist

11 Silver Orphans

Silver Orphan

Two silver humanoids stand near a small vehicle of indeterminate origin. Their skin has a reflective, metallic sheen that makes them appear both a part of and separate from the scenery around them. As you approach, both of them turn to face you. They have no mouths, and their eyes are a fathomless black, reflecting nothing.

You can't understand their gestures, you *can* hear their thoughts. You can communicate with Silver Orphan using [Scan Thoughts].

They are looking for machine intelligence. They will reward you each time you bring informations about minds of machines.

You can tell them about:

Sylph Caravanserai 04 +3 EXP, reward:

Thermodynamic Detonation Cypher 15+ Damage to all in area.

Ziobe The Fifth Eye 05 +3 EXP, reward:

Stillnes Cage Oddity value 210 shins.

Peerless Drones Anechoic Lazaret 03 +4 EXP, reward:

Conduit Rings Artifact

Foremen from Underbelly after solving some quests in Underbelly +3 EXP

Imprisoned Pulsar Cypher 23 Energy damage

You can tell them also about god of the caravanserai.

12 Gate

Memovira Guard you can talk about Bloom.

13 to Government Square

14 to Cave of Last Words

You can climb down here to Cave of Last Words if you open path from other side.

15 to Cave of Last Words

This is another exit from Cave of Last Words, it will allow you to explore cliff.


Climb the cliff

17 Dome of energy.

Try to see what's inside the dome

[Lore: Mystical] Study the interface +2 EXP

Try to use the interface to open the dome

18 Container

+56 Shins

Eyes of the Finite Artifact, Sucker Punch.

Warmask Oddity value 183 Shins

19 Omniscope

This is an omniscope, a device used to view locations from afar. The large alien symbol is actually an inhuman handprint. The longer list next to it is a set of location names, and the shorter list denotes ranges of time - how far back in time the omniscope should look. You discover that you can actually read them all.

[Anamnesis] [Lore: Mystical] Try to decipher the text

Place your hand on the alien handprint

Now you can select time, then select location and access the viewscreen

Time: 12, location: Crefton +2 EXP

Time: 128, location: Reef of Fallen Worlds +2 EXP

Time: 128, location: Bloom +2 EXP

Time: 128, location: Bloom +2 EXP

20 Holographic panel

The holographic panel appears to be a control interface. In the center is what looks like a utility map of Sagus Cliffs

Examine the interface closely

[Anamnesis] Try to remember why this feels familiar +2 EXP

Try to determine the purpose of the various interface elements +2 EXP

Activate the platform by pressing the sun

Connect the current network by pressing the cluster of stars

Inspect the current network by pressing the eyes

Repair the network by pressing the crystal lattice

Toggle the controls between "space" and "time" using the tesseract

Connect the current network by pressing the cluster of stars

Inspect the current network by pressing the eyes

Repair the network by pressing the crystal lattice

Connect the current network by pressing the cluster of stars

Now you can select your Destination

Only four destinations works: Caravanserai 20, Circus Minor 12, Government Square 11, Cliff's Edge 25. You can teleport between those devices.

Now go to Caravanserai 09 and talk to Master Rennio

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