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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Sticha Lair Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Sticha Lair Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Sticha Lair Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Sticha Lair Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera

Sticha Lair is the location on the way from Underbelly to Buried Crossroads.

Sticha Lair is location for optional (not recommended) aggressive solution of Shaky Foundations Quest. Here you have to steal eggs. But if you the solved quest peacefully location will be empty. Sticha are digging their tunnels deeper.

Sticha Lair is also location for The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest, Buried Crossroads which lies behind Stitch Lair is really Changing God's sanctuary.

Using statues you can distract Stitch when you steal their eggs.

01 From Underbelly

You can dig this tunel with Stichus Automaton in Underbelly 20

02 Statue

Strike the drum at the center of the statue

Place your hand on the lighting tracings +2 EXP

Reach inside the nearest opening

Elutriated Force Heals 3 Might, +13 Shins


USe [Quick Fingers] or [Smashing]

Mycometal Vine Fragment Oddity value 172 shins

04 Main Statue

Use [Lore: Machinery] or [Lore: Mystical] to activate mesmerizing sound.


+35 Shins

Odd Gloves Oddity value 70 Shins.

06 Acid - Warning


+33 Shins

Brood's Ears Oddity value 250 shins

08 to Buried Crossroads (Changing God's sanctuary)

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