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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Game Guide & Walkthrough with Maps

Buried Crossroads Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera

Buried Crossroads Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera, Changing God's sanctuary Map, Walkthrough and Game Guide. It contains Points of Interest (PoI), Quest starters, quests walkthrough, different ways of solving quests. Location and conversation variants with an important NPC including Companions. The location and description of the important items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

Buried Crossroads (Changing God's sanctuary) Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Buried Crossroads (Changing God's sanctuary) Map - Torment: Tides of Numenera

Changing God's sanctuary in located in Buried Crossroads.

You can enter here from Sticha Lair

Buried Crossroads is location for:

  • The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest
  • Borrowed and Lost Quest
  • Ashen Imitation Quest

01Entrance from Sticha Lair


+52 shins

Healing Sword Artifact Medium Melee Weapon. 8 Physical Damage, on crits heals 4 points of Health.

Encephalic Rush Heals 3 Points of Intellect

Stingcharge Light Ranged Weapon

Borrowed and Lost Quest

The Tome of Singing Thorns

I found the missing book in the Changing God's Sanctuary. It's called the Tome of Singing Thorns, though it doesn't appear to be an ordinary book. Falinda should still be at her stall in Circus Minor when I'm ready to return the book.

03 The Probability Engine

Ashen Imitation

Turn the probability engines off

[Concentration] [Tidal Affinity] Fight off the resistance, whatever it is.

You shut down the probability engine in the Buried Crossroads, ending a cycle that's been killing young women in Sagus Cliffs for centuries.

This is end of Ashen Imitation Quest. +40 EXP

04 Access to Datasphere

This will happen only if you have an Callistege in the team

[Anamnesis] Try to remember ...

A Study in Datasphere Analysis

Give this book to Callistege

05 Mirrors

Study the lenses and mirrors

Every surface shows something *else* besides your reflection. A sliver of glass highlights a red cord around your throat. A small oval mirror lingers on a pulsing blue star beneath your forehead. The mirrors to either side of the large, central mirror periodically flash purple. The tiny lenses above it all crane their necks to study you.

1. Determine the purpose of the tiny lenses, select one of below.

Direct them at your head. +2 EXP permanently +1 Intellect.

Focus them on your chest and arms. +2 EXP permanently +1 Might.

Turn them towards your legs. +2 EXP permanently +1 Speed.

2. Examine the small oval mirror

Pluck out the object

Bronze Sphere this orb can recall anytime members of your team, if you have free slot for another companion.

3. If you move the slivered mirror

Move the slivered mirror that shows the red band around your neck.

You will die and will be moved to The Calm / Labyrinth

4. If you watch for the purple glow

Watch for the purple glow on the side mirrors

Look at the purple glow in the side mirror again, and allow it to carry you through the opposing mirror.

You will be moved to Circus Minor 02

5. Look into the large central mirror

Force the mirrors to focus on the creatures. +3 EXP

Crisis will begin. You will be attacked by 5 Abykos (18hp)

+25 EXP if you win.

Return to Underbelly 18, talk to Mapper to go further in The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest

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