South Sea Bog Map for Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Map of South Sea Bog with locations of NPC, Traders, Quests, Cairn Dungeons, Hedge Maze, Butterflies, Field Guide Pages, Ancient Magic Hotspots, Balloons, Demiguise Statues, Astronomy Tables, Landing Platforms, Collection Chests, Merlin Trials, Infamous Foes and Battle Arenas and other, Hogwarts Legacy Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Map of South Sea Bog

Hogwarts Legacy Map of South Sea Bog
Hogwarts Legacy Map of South Sea Bog

Hogwarts Legacy Map of South Sea Bog with locations of NPC, Traders, Quests, Cairn Dungeons, Hedge Maze, Butterflies, Field Guide Pages, Ancient Magic Hotspots, Balloons, Demiguise Statues, Astronomy Tables, Landing Platforms, Collection Chests, Merlin Trials, Infamous Foes and Battle Arenas and other, by .

South Sea Bog Walkthrough Hogwarts Legacy

Map of South Sea Bog one of the 14 main regions of The Highlands, world of Hogwarts Legacy.

South Sea Bog is a level 20-40 monster zone.

Floo Flame Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame Location


Entrance to Coastal Cavern description

This is the road through the caves that leads to the southern part of The Highlands

Hedge Maze Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Hedge Maze

more about Hedge Maze

NPC Trader Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Priya Treadwell Hogwarts Legacy

Priya Treadwell

Ingredients and Combat Tools Trader

Wandering Merchant, South Sea Bog, Feldcroft Region

Priya Treadwell

  • Family Antique Broom (2500)
  • Dittany Leaves
  • Mallowsweet Leaves
  • Moonstone
  • Mandrake
  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage
  • Venomous Tentacula
  • Wiggenweld
  • Ederus
  • Maxima
NPC Quest Giver Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Abandoned Bothy

Revelio Field Guide Page

This broken-down old bothy used to shelter travelling witches and wizards from the elements. Over time, however, the surrounding bog began to reclaim the bothy. These days, it only plays host to the odd Dugbog or two.

South Sea Bog Map Legend and Description

South Sea Bog Map for Hogwarts Legacy includes locations and descriptions of NPCs, Traders, Quests, Floo Flames, Collection Chests, Field Guide Pages, Merlin Trials, Ancient Magic Hotspots, Balloons Sets, Demiguise Statues, Astronomy Tables, Landing Platforms, Infamous Foes, Butterflies, Beast Den, Monster Lairs, Spider Lairs, Treasure Vault, Bandit Camps, Cairn Dungeons, Hedge Maze, Battle Arenas aand other information.

Hamlets Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Small villages and small towns where you can always find something interesting, Collection Chests, Quests, Loot and NPCs.

Floo Flames Location Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Floo Flames Location

Floo Flames is the Fast Travel system in Hogwarts Legacy. You can open Map at any time to Fast Travel to any discovered Floo Flames. To discover Floo Flames you must physically visit it at least once in the game world.

NPC Icon Hogwarts Legacy


NPCs characters with whom you can interact are, for example, targets for Quests.

NPC Quest Giver Icon Hogwarts Legacy

NPC Quest Giver

These NPCs will give you Quests.

Traders Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Here you can sell or buy items, ingredients and equipment. Different traders have different assortments, most of them specialize in a specific assortment.

Main Quests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Main Quests

Main Quests in Hogwarts Legacy will lead you through the main storyline. Only the Main Quests will advance the game's plot. They will unlock new features and new gameplay mechanics, also grant XP points.

Professor's Assignments Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Professor's Assignments

Professor's Assignments are Quests given by Hogwarts Professors, by completing them you can learn new Spells.

Side Quests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Side Quests

Side Quests are additional tasks, unrelated to the main storyline, that will be given to you by characters that you will find in the game world. These quests reward XP, but do not advance the main story. Side Quests often have an open ending and allow you to show who you are, which will affect how others at Hogwarts see you.

Relationship Quests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Relationship Quests

Companions related quests.

Locked Quests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Locked Quests

Some Quests are locked by spell or level requirements. In these cases, you will need to be the required level or have the required spell to activate the quest.

Collection Chests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Collection Chests

Collection Chests contain random conjuration recipes for Room of Requirement or wand handle cosmetics.

Collection Chests are visible on the in-game mini map, although accessing them sometimes requires solving puzzles.



Decorations and gameplay stations conjured in the Room of Requirement. Conjuration spellcrafts can be found in collection chests and purchased in Hogsmeade. Some are also hidden near butterflies and in Vivariums.

Wand Handles

Wand Handles

Cosmetic alterations applied to your wand via the Gear Menu. Wand handles are primarily found in collection chests throughout the world.

Loot Chests Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Loot Chests

Loot Chests are not marked on the in-game map. There are different types of Loot Chests, generally the bigger and richly decorated the chest is, the better the loot is:

  • Legendary Chests (Ornate Chests) contain Legendary Gear. Gear level depends on your character's level. The later you open it, the higher level equipment you get. Drop in Legendary Chests, with few exceptions, is random.
  • Eyeball Chests are chests with an eye staring at you. You have to approach them under the influence of a Disillusionment Spell or an Invisibility Potion. They contain large amounts of gold.
  • Locked Chests must be opened with the Alohomora spell.
  • Bandit Camp Chests, after clearing the camp you will find random Trait Recipe in the chest.
  • Other Chests contain Gear, Gold or other stuff close to the current level of your character.
Other Loot Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Other Loot

Loot to collect.

Field Guide Pages Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Field Guide Pages

Field Guide Pages are the lost pages of your Field Guide, you have to find them during your adventure. Only some of them are visible on the in-game map.

There are five ways to recover Field Guide Pages:

  • Flying Field Guide Pages, they float in the air, you see them as flying pages, you have to attract them with the Accio spell.
  • Braziers Field Guide Pages are invisible and are located in braziers in the shape of dragons. You must light a fire in the brazier, at close range with Incendio or, at long range, with Confringo.
  • Levioso Field Guide Pages, are invisible and hidden in the statues, the figure of a man holding a sphere in one hand and a wand in the other. You must cast Levioso on the statue.
  • Lumos Painting Field Guide Pages are hidden in empty paintings with moths on frames. You need to cast Lumos, see what's in the painting, go to that location and use Lumos to lure the Moth to the frame.
  • Revelio Field Guide Pages - these are a special type of Pages, they can be seen on the mini map in the game. They are hidden, when approaching them you must cast Revelio to reveal Page. This kind of Field Guide Pages reveal interesting facts about the world around you and counts as a Collection.

Field Guide Pages pages can be found in Hogwarts (150), Hogsmeade (55), and special Highlands (31) locations.

Revelio Field Guide Pages Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Revelio Field Guide Pages

Revelio Field Guide Pages (150) discovered with Revelio, that reveal interesting facts about the world around you and counts as a Field Guide Pages Collection.

Demiguise Statues Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Demiguise Statues

There are 33 Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy and they are not marked on the in-game map. You can start to collect them after "The Caretaker's Lunar Lament" Main Quest later in game. They are small in size, figurines of a creature squeezing a large blue orb called Demiguise Moons. They can only be collected at night, when they glow blue.

They are related to "The Man Behind the Moons" Side Quest, but more importantly, they are needed to upgrade the Alohomora spell, which will allow you to open higher level locks.

Locations of all Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

Astronomy Tables Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Astronomy Tables

Astronomy Tables (15) are collectible items listed on the map and they are stone slabs, set up across the countryside, that are ideal for studying constellations near and far. You will require Astronomy Class Main Quest to do this. Astronomy Tables can only be used at night. It's a simple puzzle where you have to match the pattern of the constellation to the stars you see in the telescope.

All Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin Trials Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin Trials

Merlin Trials are puzzles allegedly created by Merlin while a student at Hogwarts as a diversion for his fellow Slytherins. There are 95 Merlin Trials in The Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy. The Merlin Trials are visible on the in-game mini map and are simple puzzles that require you to use one of the spells you know. You have to finish "Trials of Merlin" Side Quest in South Hogwarts Region to unlock Merlin Trials.

You will need Mallowsweet plant to solve Merlin Trials, you can buy it or grow it yourself in the Room of Requirement.

Reward for solving Merlin Trials will be Increased Inventory Size in Challenges.

There are nine types of Merlin Trials:

  • Fiery Pillars you have to ignite all the containers on the pillars with Confringo or Incendio before they go out in the water as they go down.
  • Spheres blast all of spheres at the some time with Confringo Spell.
  • Stone Totems using Flippendo Spell line up the symbols from top to bottom.
  • Stone Platforms You have to jump over all the marked platforms without touching the ground.
  • Cracked Stones in groups of five, destroy all stones using Confringo or Incendio.
  • Statues locate and repair statues with Reparo Spell.
  • Stone to Bowl use Accio and Depulso to move Stoen Ball to Bowl on the ground.
  • Moths to Crystals use Lumos to lure Moths to stones with crystals.
  • Stacking Stones With Accio, Depulso and Wingardium Leviosa stack five stones one on top of the other in three groups.
Monster Lairs Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Monster Lairs

Lairs inhabited by various Monster. Kill them for specific to the monster type loot and XP. The location does not disappear from the map, after some time the Monsters will respawn and you can return there again.

Spider Lairs Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Spider Lairs

Lairs inhabited by spiders. Kill them for specific to spiders loot and XP. The location does not disappear from the map, after some time the Spiders will respawn and you can return there again.

Infamous Foes Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Infamous Foes

Infamous Foes are formidable and wily enemies. There are 21 Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of them are marked on the in-game map and some can only be found during specific Quests. Infamous Foes are strong opponents and even the weakest of them pose a serious challenge. Eliminating the Infamous Foes will be a task that can be completed in the second half of the game, after lvl 20.

All Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy

Bandit Camps Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Bandit Camps

Locations controlled by Bandits. There are three possible Camps sizes: Castles, Medium Camps and Small Camps. Every Bandit Camp has Collection Chest contains a Random Trait Recipe. You must eliminate all the bandits and collect the loot from the Collection Chest to clear the Camp.

Dungeons and Cairn Dungeons Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Dungeons and Cairn Dungeons

Dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy are separate underground locations with puzzles, NPCs and secrets. Some of them are related to Quests and you can only enter them during the specific Quest, some you can find while exploring.

Beasts Dens Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Beasts Dens

Beasts Dens are locations inhabited by Magical Beasts. Beasts can be revealed when approached, captured and rescued and then breed in Vivarium part of Room of Requirement.

To discover the Magic Beast, simply approach it and the Beast will be added to the Beast Collection upon first encounter. Some Beasts are part of Side Quests.

You will be able to breed Magical Beast after The Room of Requirement Main Quest and some Side Quests.

There are 13 types of Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, but most have more than one Den in The Highlands.

Types of Magical Beasts:

  • Diricawl added during "Beast Class" Main Quest, 5 Beast Dens
  • Puffskein added during "Beast Class" Main Quest, 6 Beast Dens
  • Kneazle added during "Beast Class" Main Quest, 4 Beast Dens
  • Hippogriff added during "Beast Class" Main Quest, 3 Beast Dens
  • Jobberknoll added during "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom" Main Quest, 5 Beast Dens
  • Mooncalf added during "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom" Main Quest, 4 Beast Dens
  • Graphorn added during "San Bakar’s Trial" Main Quest, 1 Beast Den
  • Giant Purple Toad 8 Beast Dens
  • Niffler 6 Beast Dens
  • Fwooper 4 Beast Dens
  • Thestral 2 Beast Dens
  • Unicorn added during "The Unique Unicorn" Side Quest, 1 Beast Den
  • Phoenix added during "Phoenix Rising" Side Quest
Treasure Vault Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Treasure Vault

Locations with treasure chests. They are secured in various ways. Some are simply locked with locks that you have to open with an Alohomora spell. Some you have to open by solving mini puzzles, e.g. you need to find a stone cube with a carved symbol in the area and use Levioso and Accio to move it over the matching symbol in front of the entrance. Some cubes may be distant. Treasure Vaults disappear from map after you loot them.

Hedge Maze Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Hedge Maze

There are 5 known entrances to the Hedge Maze, they look like Gates Arches made of plants and appear randomly. They're actually the entrances to the Blackwood Maze, a simple random maze in which you'll always find a Legendary Chest with a random Legendary Grear Piece in the center. The Hedge Maze can be entered more than once.

If you find this location, read the book on the pedestal of plants next to the entrance (it may not be there or it may be inside the maze. This book, in four parts, is A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze, it will tell you the whole story. Go through the entrance, find chest, collect Loot, Hedge Maze will disappear.

Hedge Maze Entrances

Landing Platforms Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Landing Platforms

There are 20 Landing Platforms you can find in Hogwarts Legacy. These are round platforms, often placed high, on which you have to land in the middle while flying on a broomstick and wait a moment for them to activate. Landing Platforms are not marked on the in-game map. The prize is a set of Gear. They are only available from the air, so you will be able to find them when you have a broom.

All Landing Platforms in Hogwarts Legacy

Balloons Icon Hogwarts Legacy


There are 32 sets of Balloons floating over The Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy. Your task is to fly through them and pop the balloons. You have to unlock flying broom first in "Flying Class" Main Quest.

The balloons float in sets of 5 per group, you have to float in the air to see their arrangement, they can be arranged in a straight line, in oval groups or in rows.

The Balloons are also associated with "Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1" in which the reward is a Glacious Spell. In Challenge Pop Balloons you can unlock 4 new Brooms.

All Sets of Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic Hotspots Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic Hotspots

There are 20 Ancient Magic Hotspots hidden in The Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, they are small trials different for each location. Investigate Ancient Magic Hotspots and complete their challenges to increase your Ancient Magic Meter capacity. Every hotspot, after activation, needs to collect 3 traces to finish it.

You can start to complete Ancient Magic Hotspots after finishing "Percival Rackham’s Trial" Main Quest

You will need Revelio, Levioso, Accio, Depulso, Reparo, broom and Alohomora lvl3 to finish all Ancient Magic Hotspots.

Butterflies Icon Hogwarts Legacy


There are 15 Butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy. You can start searching for butterflies after Potions Class, go to Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and talk to Clementine Willardsey to start the Follow the Butterflies Side Quest. You need to find the Butterflies in the Forbidden Forest and follow them to the treasure chest using the Revelio spell. You can now repeat this action with the other Butterflies. The Butterfly icon only appears on the in-game map when you're close, with Revelio helping you find it. At the end, follow the butterfly to find a hidden chest.

All Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

Broom Trials Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Broom Trials

You can start Broom Trials after "Flight Test" Side Quest and buying a broom. You will have to upgrade your broom in Hogsmeade if you want to achieve the best time.

Battle Arenas Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Battle Arenas

There are 3 Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy, North Ford Bog Battle Arena, Feldcroft Battle Arena, and Dark Arts Battle Arena. Fight waves of enemies in this Battle Arena.

Battle Arenas are additional non-story activities to level up fast, earn XP, Challenges and loot.

Dark Arts Battle Arena

Dark Arts Battle Arena is part of Pre-Order DLC "Dark Arts Pack" or Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition

Fight waves of enemies in this Battle Arena with the Unforgivable Curses, Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio, as well as the Blasting Curse, Confringo. In addition to their unique and devastating effects, Unforgivable Curses break through all Shield Charms.

Location of all Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy

Hostile or Aggressive NPC Icon Hogwarts Legacy

Hostile or Aggressive NPC

Exit Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Exit to another Zone / Region

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