Hedge Maze in Hogwarts Legacy (Blackwood Maze)

All possible locations of Hedge Maze (Blackwood Maze) Entrances in Hogwarts Legacy, there is only one Blackwood Maze, but 5 locations where you can enter Hedge Maze, Hogwarts Legacy Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Map Hedge Maze Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Map Hedge Maze Locations
Hogwarts Legacy Map Hedge Maze Locations

There is only one Blackwood Maze, but it magically moves around The Highlands. We know 5 locations where you can enter the Hedge Maze and learn its secrets.

You can enter the maze more than once, certainly through different entrances, but apparently you can sometimes re-enter through an entrance placed in the same location.

This would imply that you can enter the maze from any entrance any number of times from time to time.

Due to the fact that the Hedge Maze appears randomly, it is possible that there are more than 5 entrances.

If you find another entrance, please post a screenshot in the comments.

Hedge Maze Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

Hedge Maze is actually Blackwood Maze and its history is one of the secrets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Traveling through the open, plain, grassy areas of The Highlands, you have the chance to see a tall archgate made of plants. This is the entrance to the Hedge Maze.

Hedge Maze Entrance - Hogwarts Legacy

Hedge Maze Entrance

When flying on a broom or passing by using Revelio spell, you can briefly highlight the Hedge Maze icon, but it disappears after a while.

Hedge Maze Icon - Hogwarts Legacy

Hedge Maze Icon

Next to the entrance, there may or may not be a pedestal woven of plants with one of the four parts of A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze Book. The pedestal with the book can also be inside the maze.

Read all four parts of the book to get to know the story of Blackwood Maze. But it's just extra Lore and doesn't affect the progression of the action.

So it's time to go through the Entrance.

When you do that, you will find yourself in a very simple, randomly generated Hedge Maze, in the center of which you will find a Legendary Chest.

Reaching the chest shouldn't be a problem, once you find chest, Hedge Maze around you will disappear.

This is what the Legendary Chest looks like in Hogwarts Legacy A Legendary Chest always contains a random Legendary Gear. - Hogwarts Legacy

This is what the Legendary Chest looks like in Hogwarts Legacy

A Legendary Chest always contains a random Legendary Gear.

The Legendary Chest at the center of Hedge Maze will always spawn a random Legendary Gear piece.

The same goes for all other Legendary Chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze

4 parts of book A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze can be found in front of the entrance to the Hedge Maze or in the middle of the Hedge Maze, always on a pedestal of plants.

Part One A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze

Few witches or wizards correctly trace the history of Scotland's indigenous mazes back to their rightful source: the fifteenth century Dark Wizard known as Eunon Blackwood.

Born Eunon Wood to a non-magical branch of the Wood family, Eunon was misunderstood by his Muggle parents and, in an effort to fit in, sought solace in the family trade: hedge trimming.

He could allegedly control the blackthorn bushes with his mind, creating beautiful designs with ease. This both impressed and infuriated his rather intolerant family. Their resentment only worsened upon young Eunon's invitation to Hogwarts, where he was Sorted into Hufflepuff house.

It was at Hogwarts that Eunon first met one Artemisia Black. Disowned by the Black family for her mother's dalliance with Artemisia's Muggle father, the half-blood Artemisia's relationship with blood purity Was a complex one; she considered herself worthy of her mother's maiden name and blamed her father for her ostracisation. At the same time, she did not fault Wood for his Muggle parentage, but rather considered him too an unwilling, innocent victim of Muggle impurity.

Part Two A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze

The teenage Artemisia played a pivotal role in Eunon's growth as a wizard, but also his descent into darkness, each stoking the other's disdain for their Muggle parents. And as Eunon changed, so did the results of his work: the hedges he nurtured grew vicious and volatile.

The wedding of Eunon and Artemisia was a curious affair, for Artemisia's Muggle father and Eunon's Muggle family were all invited. It is believed that Eunon's family would have avoided the affair altogether if not for rumours of Artemisia's considerable dowry which, unbeknownst to them, was not a pile of gold but a single, golden medallion bewitched with the Gemino curse. Enticed by their greed, the Muggles agreed to attend.

Part Three A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze

To celebrate his union with Artemisia, Eunon erected his greatest work, claimed to have been inspired by the Greek wizard Daedalus: the most magnificent maze he had ever created.

All of the wedding guests were invited to venture into the maze in search of riches ostensibly hidden therein

But the witches and Wizards recognised something in Eunon, so the story goes, stayed back. Those who entered did not and return.

The terror did not end there. As many as a thousand Scottish Muggles met their end in the Blackwood Maze over the years that followed, enticed into its depths by the promise of gold.

Part Four A Horticultural History of the Blackwood Maze

Tragedy eventually befell Eunon and Artemisia Blackwood at the hands of none other than their daughter, Lysandra. Born a Squib, Lysandra was a disappointment to her parents from the moment her lack of magical ability became apparent.

Lysandra's frustration with her parents reached its peak in her sixteenth year and, after a particularly nasty fight, Lysandra reported her mother to Muggle witch hunters.

They came for Artemisia early one spring morning and, at nightfall, burned her at the stake.

It is not known what became of Eunon after Artemisia's demise only that neither he nor his daughter was ever seen again.

Eunon Blackwood's maze mysteriously disappeared from its home in Stonehaven not long afterwards, only to reappear in different places for a short time, ensnaring Muggles and magical folk alike.

So it remains to this day.

Many have attempted to tame the Blackwood Maze, as it is now known, but Herbologists suspect it still answers to the Dark will of its former master, and it has thus far evaded control.

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