The Path to Hogwarts Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

The Path to Hogwarts is Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, given by none, from the beginning of the game in Prologue, Hogwarts Legacy Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The Path to Hogwarts

The Path to Hogwarts Hogwarts Legacy

Quest Name:

The Path to Hogwarts

Quest Type:

Main Quest

Main Quest Icon Hogwarts Legacy


Starting Location:


Quest Giver:

none, from the beginning of the game

Quest Reward:

Lumos Spell, Protego, Stupefy and Revelio Essential Spells

After a dragon attacked our carriage to Hogwarts, Professor Fig and I happened upon a private entrance to Gringotts Wizarding Bank that was only visible to me. In one of the bank's oldest vaults, we witnessed a Pensieve memory, left behind by an ancient wizard called Percival Rackham, who could see the same sorts of magic that I see. A goblin called Ranrok tried to take the locket we'd found, but we narrowly escaped with it and our lives. It seems the fate of the entire wizarding world may rest on my shoulders. I have much to learn at Hogwarts, and not much time to do it.

This is the first Hogwarts Legacy Quest you will receive automatically after completing the Intro.

Professor Fig and I have travelled via Portkey to a remote cliffside in the Scottish Highlands. We need to explore the mysterious ruins that we suspect the Portkey was meant to lead us to.

While searching through a ruined castle in the Scottish Highlands, I happened upon a strange glowing doorway made of crystallised stone. Suddenly Professor Fig and I found ourselves in an ornate vestibule. We remain unsure of what we will find.

After entering the vault, we quickly realised that it was empty. I saw a glowing symbol on a hidden door - the same symbol from the Portkey container. When we tried to open the door, we suddenly found ourselves transported to a vast expanse of darkness. We believe we're still in Gringotts, but this is certainly no ordinary vault.

While searching through the darkness, we came upon a statue whose reflection was only visible to me. When I aligned the statue with its reflection, it attacked.

After the statues attacked us, the debris that was left behind began swirling about. In the chaos, I somehow became separated from Professor Fig. I've no idea where he is - or where I am, for that matter.

  • Talk to Professor Fig and heal yourself.
  • Destroy the Magical Barrier
  • Explore the Ruins
  • Open Magical Doorway
  • Talk to Goblin
  • Enter Vault
  • Learn Revelio Spell
  • Learn Lumos Spell
  • Wake up the Statues
  • Learn Protego Spell
  • Destroy Statues
  • Try to find Professor Fig
  • Follow the Vault until you find a room with a "fountain" in the middle
  • Use Pensieve and view memories
  • Listen to Ranrok
  • Run outside
  • Take part in the Sorting Ceremony and choose your House.
  • Follow Professor Weasley to the Common Room of House of your choice

The Path to Hogwarts Youtube Walkthrough

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The Path to Hogwarts Rewards

Basic Spell - Hogwarts Legacy

Basic Spell

Default Attack Spell

Deals basic damage.

How to learn Basic Spell?

You will learn Basic Spell Essential at the beginning of the game during the prologue / tutorial.

Revelio - Hogwarts Legacy



Reveals invisible and hidden items, passages, enemies and more, in the short distance. Reveals the hidden inscriptions.

You will learn Revelio Essential at the beginning of the game during the prologue / tutorial.

Lumos - Hogwarts Legacy


Wand Lighting Charm, Utility Spell

Lumos creates a light at the tip of your wand to help you see in dark areas.

You will learn Lumos Spell at the beginning of the game during the prologue / tutorial.

Stupefy - Hogwarts Legacy


Stunning Charm, Jinx

Renders its target unconscious, for some time, breaks enemy Shield Charms. After successful Protego, when cast, gives a counter attack chance.

You will learn Stupefy Essential at the beginning of the game, during the main storyline.

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