Eleazar Fig in Hogwarts Legacy

Eleazar Fig is Professor of Magical Theory in Hogwarts Legacy Video Game, NPC character in the game, Hogwarts Legacy Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Eleazar Fig NPC Info

  • House: Gryffindor.
  • Professor of Magical Theory in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Eleazar Fig in Hogwarts Legacy Professor of Magical Theory - Hogwarts Legacy

Eleazar Fig in Hogwarts Legacy

Professor of Magical Theory

The Magical Theory Professor at Hogwarts left behind his aspirations of working for the Ministry of Magic to follow his wife, Miriam, around the world as she researched the seeming disappearance of ancient magic.

Fig eventually grew weary of this quest and left her to continue on her own while he took on the job of Magical Theory professor at Hogwarts.

When Miriam was killed during her travels, Fig felt responsible because he was not there, a guilt that haunts him to this day.

He is determined to understand why and how she died and to finish her work. Fig is a kind, knowledgeable professor and will be one of the player's greatest allies during their time at Hogwarts - with respect to the trials they will face both inside and outside the castle walls.

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