Aesop Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy

Aesop Sharp is Potions Master in Hogwarts Legacy Video Game, NPC character in the game, Hogwarts Legacy Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Aesop Sharp NPC Info

  • House: Slytherin.
  • Potions Master in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Aesop Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy Potions Master - Hogwarts Legacy

Aesop Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy

Potions Master

The gruff and keenly astute Professor Sharp enjoyed a lengthy and successful career as an Auror until an injury forced him from the field.

Not wanting to push parchment around a desk at the Ministry, Sharp decided his time would be better spent sharing his extensive experience involving battle-worthy draughts and elixirs with the students at Hogwarts.

Not easily impressed and wholly unwilling to suffer fools, he takes genuine pride in students who excel in his class despite his challenging curriculum.

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