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Halamshiral: The Winter Palace - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Halamshiral: The Winter Palace - Dragon Age: Inquisition Walkthrough, Game Guide and Maps, with Quest and Locations of Camps, Merchants, Rifts, Ocularums, Astrarium, Dungeon Entrences, Landmark (POIs), Crafting Station, Mosaic Piece, Inquisition Agent, Secrets, Party Members, Bottle of Thedas and Codex Entry.

Map of The Winter Palace Exterior - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Map of The Winter Palace Exterior - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sell everything you can to empty your inventory before enter this location.

In this location you will decide who will be future ruler of Orlais: Empress Celene or Grand Duke Gaspard or Ambassador Briala.

Main Quest for this location:

QUEST: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

You have to earn Court Approval by collecting Scandalous Secrets, Caprice Coins and Halla Statuettes.

IMPORTANT: In some regions of Winter Palace Court Approval will drop down in time. It is important not to drop Court Approval below zero. If it happens you will be evicted from Winter Palace.

QUEST: Herd of Stone Halla Collect Halla Statuettes

QUEST: Throwing Away Money Collect Caprice Coins

QUEST: The Great Blackmail Hunt Collect Scandalous Secrets.

01 Entrance

Here you appear in Halamshiral: The Winter Palace

NPC: Grand Duke Gaspard


NPC: Noblewoman

QUEST: Montbelliard's Ring it's in (03)



ITEM: Silver Ring for Montbelliard's Ring Quest


QUEST: Unlock the Eastern Storage


ITEM: Storage Key


QUEST: Even Glided Walls Have Ears


Use Storage Key to open.


ITEM: ITEM: Halla Statuette


Open Doors with Halla Statuette


Enter The Winter Palace

IMPORTANT: Some secretes and items are unavailable in first run. Search Winter Palace again after visiting Servant's Quarters.

Map of The Winter Palace Main Level - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Map of The Winter Palace Main Level - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Map of The Winter Palace Upper Level - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Map of The Winter Palace Upper Level - Dragon Age: Inquisition

11 Ballroom Entrance

Enter Ballroom, watch cut scenes and exit to talk to Leilana.

12 Hall of Heroes

13 Guest Wing


Empress Celene messengers.

15 Guest Garden

QUEST: Open the Lower Garden Door

Fountain Toss Caprice Coins to gain Court Approval

by aron
"In the bottom left corner of the guest garden you have 2 opportunities to obtain an agent by talking to two men that you eavesdrop on. You get an agent either by supporting mages or templars. It's a super easy agent to obtain! The only way you won't get him is if you don't talk to them."


Climb to Upper Level (17)


If you are off limits Court Approval will decrease slowly.


Search Secret in corner, Pull Book and enter (19)

Take Veilfire from (19) and return to (18)

Light Urns in (18) in order A,B,C,D,E,F

Enter downstairs to secret room.


20 Exit to Vestibule


ITEM: Cylinder Seal


You got Halla to open this Door.

ITEM: Negotiations


Go to Ballroom.

NPC: Morrigan

ITEM: Key to Servant's Quarters

24 Entrance to Servant's Quarters

Map of The Winter Palace Servants Quarters - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Map of The Winter Palace Servants Quarters - Dragon Age: Inquisition

25 Servant's Quarters

(Court Approval will decrease slowly here)

Equip Weapons and Armours for you and your team.


Halla Statuette - look up, jump table, jump torch to pickup.


Dead Noble and fight with Venatori Agents


Climb Leader

Pickup Halla Statuette and Caprice Coin


Pickup 2 x Caprice Coin and 3 x Codex Entry


Go upstairs


Open Halla Door

ITEM: Elven Locket


NPC: Ambassador Briala

33 Exit from Servant's Quarters

IMPORTANT: Some secrets in locations in Winter Palace visited before are now available.

34 Trophy Room

Talk to Guards, direct them to Cullen

QUEST: Gaspard's Clandestine Meeting


Return to Ballroom

NPC: Duchess Florianne

Ask Florianne to dance and during conversation select options listed below to gain good court approval:

2. Why don't you educate me ?

2. Is that what we both want ?

2. Which am I to you ?

6. Who do you trust ?

2. Isn't everyone ?

Next, talk with your team. Don't make final decisions yet.

36 Royal Wing

Enter to Royal Wing.


Rescue spy and receive information.


In this room you will get informations against Briala.

Pickup 4 Hallas on this floor to open doors.

Number of halla is limited, so you can not go into this room and save halla for (42).

Talk to agent.

39 Jardin de Reverie

NPC: Florianne

Talk to Florianne and defend.

NPC: Mercenary Captain

You can recruit him.


Go downstairs


Back to Mail Level.


If you save halla at (38) you can open only one of this rooms.

They are marked warrior and mage. There is nothing very special in those rooms just good loot.


Exit to Ballroom.


Its time for final decision.

Select: "I'll talk with Florianne" to expose Duchess;'s Crimes to The Court and avoid future Bloodsheed.

Kill Florianne personaly.

Next try to force Celene, Gaspard and Briala to cooperate.

Select: "All of you are at fault."

by Mark
"At 44 when your approval is below a certain treshold (i believe it's 85) you aren't able to talk to Florianne and have to settle with the other two options(detain the Dutchess or wait for Florianne to Attack)."

by Guest
"... third option not show if u no enter the Empress's Private Quarters where Gaspard's agent is tied to the bed. Approval has nothing with it. Had 100 approval and had third option."


Recruit Morrigan into Inquisition.

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition Map Legend

Location - This is in game location. The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting locations.

Starting Quest Location This is location with quest giver. It can be item, person or place.

Inquisition Camp - Heals, restock potion, place to rest, change party members, use it to fast travel. Setup camps as fast as you can.

Landmark - POIs (Points of Interest). Visit and claim to complete collections.

Shop Traders & Merchants, to buy / sell items.

Crafting Station - Here you can create or modify Weapons, Armor, Accesories, Runes and Potions.

Fade Rift - You can close Rifts using your ability. Rifts grows in difficulties in following locations. Closing a Fade rift rewards with amount of Power. There are a total of 81 rifts in Thedas.

Astrarium - Astrariums are ancient relics of Tevinter origin that allow the viewing of constellations in the stars. Solve Astrarium puzzles to reveal secret location with treasure.

Ocularum - Use Ocularums to reveal locations of magical Shards. Shards can be used in Forbidden Oasis Location.

Dungeon Entrence - Entrence to Cave, Dungeon, Crypt, Underground.

Locked Door - This kind of Locked Doors require Special Key or "Deft Hands, Fine Tools" Inquisition Perk

Fast Travel - You can travel to this points pointing on world map.

Area Exit This is Exit to main map

Mosaic Piece Collect mosaic for Collections. Mosaic sets are Sacrifice, Invasion, The Fall, Archdemon and Freed Are Slaves. Each Mosaic set has 12 pieces.

Bottle of Thedas Collect Bottles for Collections. There are 29 bottles that can be collected.

Inquisition Agent Here you can hire new Inquisition Agent.

Party Member Here you can recruit new Party Member

Secret - Use Search ("V" on PC) to reveal secrets. Sometimes you need to use search key few times.

Codex Entry It can be book, letter, place, item. After you collect 250 codex entries you become Loremaster.

Specials - Important place, interesting place, easy to be missed, just look around carefully.

Ballad Collection - Song Lyrics or sung song for Collection. There are 21 songs to collect.

Logging Stand - for Resource Requisition Quest, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Quarry - for Resource Requisition Quest,, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Artifact - Artifact to Activate for Solas. When activated they strengthen the Veil in the close area.

Glyph - Use Veilfire to obtain Rune

Keep - Tou have to defeat enemy and claim this keep for Inquisition, then it will be your Camp.

Operation - You have to perform Operation here.

Dragon - Dragon for High Dragon Collection. There are 10 high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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