Emprise du Lion Dragon Age: Inquisition Map

Map for Emprise du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition, with Quest and Locations of Camps, Merchants, Rifts, Ocularums, Astrarium, Dungeon Entrences, Landmark (POIs), Crafting Station, Mosaic Piece, Inquisition Agent, Secrets, Party Members, Bottle of Thedas and Codex Entry, Dragon Age: Inquisition Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Emprise du Lion Map Dragon Age: Inquisition

Emprise du Lion Map Dragon Age: Inquisition
Emprise du Lion Map Dragon Age: Inquisition

Emprise du Lion Walkthrough Dragon Age: Inquisition

The ancient and the modern co-exist in the highlands of Emprise du Lion, where relics of the lost elven nation are scattered among bustling human villages. These hills are home to the village of Sahrnia, known throughout Orlais for its quarry, which produces azure granite of remarkable quality.

My dearest Josephine,

The hills of Emprise du Lion are in peril. A maidservant recently returned from visiting an uncle in Sahrnia spoke of gruff, helmeted men about the village's quarry, and the appearance of strange red crystals in the fields close by. I suspected red lyrium and sent men to investigate, but the bridges leading to the area had all been destroyed - the red templars' handiwork, I wager.

If we do not act quickly, all of the highlands may be lost.

I wish I bore fairer tidings, my dear. My warmest regards to your family. I pray for the quelling of these winter winds of chaos, that we may meet again in springtime.

Your truest friend and ally, Edouard Desjardins

QUEST: A Timely Intervention

01 Sahrnia Camp

QUEST: The Corruption of Sahrnia

QUEST: Take Back the Lion

QUEST: Rift on Frozen Water

QUEST: Rift at Elfsblood Tower

QUEST: Rift at Dragon's Cleft

QUEST: Rift in the Springs

QUEST: Shards in the Emprise

QUEST: Coat Requisition in the Emprise

QUEST: Brazier Requisition in the Emprise

COLLECTION: Landmarks in the Emprise

COLLECTION: Regions in the Emprise

COLLECTION: Shards in the Emprise

02 Inside House

QUEST: Mama's Ring Ring is in (20)


Inside House

NPC: Mistress Poulin talk with her about Take Back the Lion Quest

NPC: Louis


NPC: Ser Michel

Michel will join Inquisition after you finish Call Me Imshael Quest, killing Imshael.

05 Highgrove Camp


ITEM: Primeval Red Lyrium for Seeing Red Quest

Jump up ruin to read note (nothing important)


NPC: Gordon the Frank for Unfinished Business Quest


ITEM: Note

QUEST: Stalker go to 09


ITEM: Note for Stalker Quest


ITEM: Primeval Red Lyrium for Seeing Red Quest

11 Drakon's Rise Camp

12 Valeska's Watch

QUEST: Valeska's Watch

Find The Key Valeska's Watch, key in Secret near entrance.

Inside you will find Landmark to claim.

Secret: Joining Chalice - for Memories of the Grey Quest

Locked Doors

Kill all enemies and Energize breach.

Claim next Landmark

Read Grey Warden Diaries

Secret: Grey Warden Armor - for Memories of the Grey Quest


ITEM: Journal Found Near Dead Elf

QUEST: Ruined Blade

Operation: Find the Cradle of Sulevin at the war table.

This will open you entrance to Cradle of Sulevin from war table.

More info about : Cradle of Sulevin

14 Tower Camp

QUEST: Rocky Rescue

You will need rogue to open cages.

Location of Villagers are marked on map.


Kill Templar Mage or Templar Lieutenant to get the quest.

QUEST: Red Captors Locations of enemy are marked on map.

16 Secret

For Before the Dawn Quest


ITEM: Note

QUEST: Caged Confession Return to Louis at (03)

18 Secret

ITEM: Orders

QUEST: Quarry Quandary Return to Mistress Poulin at (03)


NPC: Infected Woman

QUEST: Words Not Hollow


ITEM: Mamma's Ring for Mama's Ring Quest

Return to (02) with ring.


ITEM: Fisherman's Letter

QUEST: Sifting Trough Rubble go to (30) after restoring bridge.


ITEM: Letters Home

QUEST: Turning the Tables

23 Place for Words Not Hollow Quest.


NPC: Ser Michael

QUEST: Call Me Imshael Kill Imshael at (26)


ITEM: Felandaris Rare herb for Letter from a Lover Quest in The Hinterlands.


NPC: Demon Imshael Fight Imshael don't alow him to fool you.


NPC: Wounded Templar

Claim Suldein Keep

Go to Ser Michel (04) and tell him about Imshael.


NPC: Baron Eduard Desjardins

QUEST: They Shall Not Pass Go to (29)

29 Start Operation

Return to War Table and select Restore Judicael's Crossing Operation.

After Restoring Judicael's Crossing

Return to Baron Eduard Desjardins.


NPC: Baron Eduard Desjardins


QUEST: Security Safe Passage

30 Secret

For Sifting Through Rubble Quest


NPC: Hivernal High Dragon lvl 19


NPC: Kaltenzahn High Dragon lvl 21


NPC: Highland Ravager High Dragon lvl 23

Map Legend for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Location - This is in game location. The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting locations.

Starting Quest Location This is location with quest giver. It can be item, person or place.

Inquisition Camp - Heals, restock potion, place to rest, change party members, use it to fast travel. Setup camps as fast as you can.

Landmark - POIs (Points of Interest). Visit and claim to complete collections.

Shop Traders & Merchants, to buy / sell items.

Crafting Station - Here you can create or modify Weapons, Armor, Accesories, Runes and Potions.

Fade Rift - You can close Rifts using your ability. Rifts grows in difficulties in following locations. Closing a Fade rift rewards with amount of Power. There are a total of 81 rifts in Thedas.

Astrarium - Astrariums are ancient relics of Tevinter origin that allow the viewing of constellations in the stars. Solve Astrarium puzzles to reveal secret location with treasure.

Ocularum - Use Ocularums to reveal locations of magical Shards. Shards can be used in Forbidden Oasis Location.

Dungeon Entrence - Entrence to Cave, Dungeon, Crypt, Underground.

Locked Door - This kind of Locked Doors require Special Key or "Deft Hands, Fine Tools" Inquisition Perk

Fast Travel - You can travel to this points pointing on world map.

Area Exit This is Exit to main map

Mosaic Piece Collect mosaic for Collections. Mosaic sets are Sacrifice, Invasion, The Fall, Archdemon and Freed Are Slaves. Each Mosaic set has 12 pieces.

Bottle of Thedas Collect Bottles for Collections. There are 29 bottles that can be collected.

Inquisition Agent Here you can hire new Inquisition Agent.

Party Member Here you can recruit new Party Member

Secret - Use Search ("V" on PC) to reveal secrets. Sometimes you need to use search key few times.

Codex Entry It can be book, letter, place, item. After you collect 250 codex entries you become Loremaster.

Specials - Important place, interesting place, easy to be missed, just look around carefully.

Ballad Collection - Song Lyrics or sung song for Collection. There are 21 songs to collect.

Logging Stand - for Resource Requisition Quest, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Quarry - for Resource Requisition Quest,, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Artifact - Artifact to Activate for Solas. When activated they strengthen the Veil in the close area.

Glyph - Use Veilfire to obtain Rune

Keep - Tou have to defeat enemy and claim this keep for Inquisition, then it will be your Camp.

Operation - You have to perform Operation here.

Dragon - Dragon for High Dragon Collection. There are 10 high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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