Frostback Basin Dragon Age: Inquisition Map

Map for Frostback Basin - Jaws of Hakkon DLC in Dragon Age: Inquisition, with Quest and Locations of Camps, Merchants, Rifts, Ocularums, Astrarium, Dungeon Entrences, Landmark (POIs), Crafting Station, Mosaic Piece, Inquisition Agent, Secrets, Party Members, Bottle of Thedas and Codex Entry, Dragon Age: Inquisition Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Frostback Basin Map Dragon Age: Inquisition

Frostback Basin Map Dragon Age: Inquisition
Frostback Basin Map Dragon Age: Inquisition

Frostback Basin Walkthrough Dragon Age: Inquisition

How to find Frostback Basin

Frostback Basin Location will be available after purchase Jaws of Hakkon DLC. This is level 20+ location, but the difficulty of Frostback Basin should scale to the average level of your party, its set when you first enter location.

Install DLC on your platform - visit suitable for your platform shop (Origin for PC, Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS3)

In game, you have to be log in to your store account, for PC log in to Dragon Age Servers to update game content.

Reach Skyhold. Check War Table for Investigate Frostback Basin Operation (cost:8). Complete it and get there.

Entering Frostback Basin

Throughout history, few have dared explore the Frostback Basin. Ancient Tevinter ruins lie overgrown by thick forest, their purpose here forgotten. Rare expeditions in ages past returned with little information-or did not return at all. The exception is the Avvar, who have long travelled the basin and, in more recent generations, established a hold along its steep mountain cliffs.

Halvor often arrives around Wintersend, but given the recent weather, I hadn't looked for him. Which is why his voice across the market took me by surprise:

"Lowlander! I was owed a drink on my next visit. And supper. Unless you were getting out of your wager?"

Maybe I was trying to get out of the bet, but I happily paid the bill at the inn that night. I asked Halvor where he'd last traveled, and he said he'd been trading with an Avvar hold in Frostback Basin. Then he raised an eyebrow at the look on my face. So I described the stories Uncle told us as children, where brave expeditions get lost in places like the Western Approach, Nahashin Marshes... Frostback Basin. He laughed and admitted it could be a cruel place. He described thick forests-greater than any I've seen, I'm certain-and darkened swamps. His rule for traveling there seemed to boil down to "be wary and alert... because everything can kill you." The wildlife is violent, the cliffs are steep, and you must be mindful of the gods' wishes (here meaning his Avvar gods). Of course, the hunting's good, the trade fair, and the Avvar hold impressive.

"But do people really disappear in the forest?" I asked.

"Few lowlanders come through. Not sure how many leave after." The last was a joke, but I won't be visiting that hold any time soon.

Letter from a Fereldan merchant to his cousin in Highever

Frostback Basin - location description

The ancient and the modern co-exist in the highlands of Emprise du Lion, where relics of the lost elven nation are scattered among bustling human villages. These hills are home to the village of Sahrnia, known throughout Orlais for its quarry, which produces azure granite of remarkable quality.

My dearest Josephine,

The hills of Emprise du Lion are in peril. A maidservant recently returned from visiting an uncle in Sahrnia spoke of gruff, helmeted men about the village's quarry, and the appearance of strange red crystals in the fields close by. I suspected red lyrium and sent men to investigate, but the bridges leading to the area had all been destroyed - the red templars' handiwork, I wager.

If we do not act quickly, all of the highlands may be lost.

I wish I bore fairer tidings, my dear. My warmest regards to your family. I pray for the quelling of these winter winds of chaos, that we may meet again in springtime.

Your truest friend and ally, Edouard Desjardins

Operation: Investigate Frostback Basin

To Ambassador Josephine Montilyet, Thank you so much for your earlier correspondence. I confess it's been difficult to get those in Orlais to take this discovery seriously in light of recent events, but I am positive that scouting the Frostback Basin will yield historic discoveries beneficial to both the academic field and the Inquisition. As a staunch supporter, I am honored to be working in such great company on this historic occasion.
Yours, most sincerely, Professor Bram Kenric, University of Orlais

COLLECTION: Regions in Frostback Basin There are 22 regions

COLLECTION: Shards in Frostback Basin There are 12 shards

COLLECTION: Landmarks in Frostback Basin There are 10 landmarks

01 Basin Floor Camp

NPC: Harding

QUEST: The Basin Beckons

Now that the Inquisition has established a presence in Frostback Basin, Professor Kenric has a lead on Inquisitor Ameridan, and Scout Harding can outline potential risks in the region. Speak with Professor Kenric.

QUEST: Lead the Charge

The Jaws of Hakkon are attacking Inquisition soldiers. Fight with Inquisition soldiers against the Jaws of Hakkon. Go to [48]

QUEST: Avvar Allies

Making contact with the Avvar hold to the east could provide the Inquisition with useful allies. Find the Avvar Hold

QUEST: Rift in the Floor

An active Fade rift has been spotted in the Basin Floor. Close rift.

QUEST: Holding Frostback Basin

Establish 6 camps to hold Frostback Basin and support Inquisition activity in the region.

Later in game, talk to Harding, before you enter Ancient Culvert [52]

QUEST: The Loss of a Friend

Grandin, an Inquisition scout, has disappeared in Frostback Basin. Grandin's friend was recently murdered and Scout Harding is concerned about Grandin's safety.

02 Rift in the Floor

For Rift in the Floor Quest

03 Zone Entrance / Exit

04 Research Outpost

NPC: Professor Bram Kenric for The Basin Beckons Quest

QUEST: What Yet Lingers

A mysterious island in Frostback Basin may yield clues to the region's past. Find a way to get to the island.

QUEST: Worthy of Publication

Kenric's research assistant, Colette, left to survey Tevinter ruins. Her findings could offer historical insight into the Basin's past. Find Colette

ITEM: A baffled Note

ITEM: A neatly Penned Note

ITEM: Property of Colette

ITEM: A Letter to Harding Codex

ITEM: Inquisitor Ameridan Codex

ITEM: Questions of Accuracy

After visiting Lady's Rest Island

QUEST: On Ameridian's Trail

A spirit - in the guise of Inquisitor Ameridan's lover, Telana - revealed that Ameridan traveled upriver.

05 Basin Floor Astrarium

Constellation: Visus

Video Basin Floor Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Youtube: Basin Floor Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

YouTube: Basin Floor Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

06 Monster Lair

Monster: Fade-Touched Lurker and fiew companions. It is for A Father's Name Quest from [28]. There are 4 loot spots there and Veilfire

07 Hidden Cave

Go up the ledge and you'll find a hidden cave.

08 River Camp

09 Mouth of Echoes

ITEM: At What Cost

ITEM: A Memory Saved

10 Shattered Wall

Two small Hakkon camps near

11 Hryngnar's Lair

Monster: Ice Giant


ITEM: Journal of the Giant Watcher

13 Boathouse

NPC: Fisherman Arvid for What Yet Lingers Quest

He wants you to go and find Avvar Leader to the East. Talk to Svarah Sun-Hair at [13], and return to Arvid. Then take Boat at [43]

14 Ocularum

Picking up shards in Frostback Basin you can activate The Mystery of Winter Quest

QUEST: The Mystery of Winter

An unnatural but strangely familiar cold emanates from a locked door within Frostback Basin. Unlock The Door.

ITEM: Leather-Bound Hakkonite Journal Codex

15 Swampside Camp

QUEST: Rifts Along the River 2 Rifts


ITEM: Mysteries of the Frostback Basin Codex


Monster: Fade-Touched Gurgut, good loot on the ground there. It is for A Father's Name Quest from [28].


NPC: Colette for Worthy of Publication Quest

Coletter ask you to meet her at The Tevinter Ruins

19 Blood-Stained Shrine

20 Stone-Bear Hold

Talking to villagers in Stone-Bear Hold you will get a chance for two oerations. They will rise aproval for you.

OPERATION: Send Relicts of Tyrdda Bright-Ax Run this operation on War Table in Skyhold

The Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold greatly respect Tyrdda Bright-Ax, the legendary founder of the Avvar. An earlier search located the spot where many of Tyrdda Bright-Ax's possessions were left (her body of course had been destroyed in accordance with how the Avvar deal with their dead). While her weapon (apparently a mage's staff rather than an ax) may no longer be available, Stone-Bear Hold would likely appreciate other relics found at the site.
- Josephine

OPERATION: Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold Run this operation on War Table in Skyhold

Skywatcher, the Avvar healer we encountered in the Fallow Mire, is evidently respected across many holds as a wise and practical man. He has expressed an interest in seeing Stone-Bear Hold. Having him pay the hold a visit on behalf of the Inquisition might garner more respect with them.
- Josephine

21 Stone-Bear Hold Leader

NPC: Svarah Sun-Hair for What Yet Lingers Quest and Avvar Allies Quest

QUEST: Guests of the Hold

Though guest status has been granted, it will take some effort for Stone-Bear Hold to view the Inquisition as a trusted friend. Guests of the Hold Quest force you to gain aproval in Stone-Bear Hold, you have to finish 5 quests:

  • Up and Away Quest (31)
  • Storvacker Caged
  • A Father's Name
  • It Remains to Be Seen
  • Hakkon's Trials

Last step in this quest "Impress The Hold" will be possible after killing main enemy in Frostback Basin - Dragon Hakkon Wintersbreath, and it will be one of last tasks here.

QUEST: Storvacker Caged

The Avvar hold-beast has vanished. Thane Svarah Sun-Hair cannot in good conscience fight the Jaws of Hakkon until the bear is returned. Speak with Avvar villagers to find out where the bear might be.

ITEM: Thane Svarah Sun-Hair Codex


For Storvacker Caged Quest after (37), talk to Svarah Sun-Hair.

After removing the magic barrier at [34]

QUEST: Ameridan's End

After killing Dragon, and finishing Storvacker Caged Quest. You can Accquire bear as Inquisition Agent

OPERATION: Too Grizzly To Bear.

22 Meat Shop

ITEM: Sketches Found in a Meat Shop


Shop with Skyhold personalizations.

NPC: Trader Heldim


NPC: The Augur

For It Remains to be Seen Quest (36) talk to Augur, pick Veilfire, and go to [28]

After you meet and talk to Sigrid Gulsdotten [50], speak with Augur about Sigrid. Then go to Ritual Site [51]


NPC: Finn

NPC: Master of the Hunt

For Storvacker Caged Quest aks him about bear.

ITEM: The Naming of Stone-Bear Hold Codex

26 In Fear of Hryngnar

NPC: Trainer Arrken

ITEM: An Offering For The Arena

QUEST: Hakkon's Trials

The Avvar measure a warrior's worth by their skill in arena combat. Completing Hakkon's trials could increase the Inquisition's reputation in the hold.

To finish Hakkon's Trials you have to complete Requisition an offering to bring to the arena. Use 2 x Everite and 2 x Silverite on Requisition Table in Inquisition Camp.

Give offering to Trainer Arrken and go to [30]

27 Weapon Shop

Crafting Stations


NPC: Gyda Myrdotten

QUEST: A Father's Name

A woman prepares bodies for sky burial at Stone-Bear Hold. Caldan Enversen's body should receive special rites; however, his son failed to complete them. As guests of the hold, the Inquisition may present the required offering as a gift. Speak with the Huntmaster [25].

You have to kill 3 Fade-Touched Creatures. They are at [06], [17] and [59]. Then return to Finn [25]

For Storvacker Caged Quest, after (24), using Veilfire look for runes on the walls. And go back to Augur [24]

ITEM: The Death Codex

ITEM: The Mourning Codex

ITEM: The Return Codex

29 Stone-Bear Hold

NPC: Skald Fullna

ITEM: Two Marked In Battle Codex - Talk to Fullna

30 Arena Grounds

You can enter here during Hakkon's Trials Quest [26]

There will come 3 waves of enemies. Then return to Arena Master


After visiting Stone-Bear Hold and talt to Svarah Sun-Hair, you will meet Linna here.

NPC: Linna

QUEST: Up and Away this quest is for gain aproval from Stone-Bear Hold.

An Avvar fisher cannot find her cousin, Runa. She believes Runa went climbing in the hills. Hopefully Runa has not met with any harm. Follow the Trial to find Runa

Go from [30] pass [31a], [31b], [31c], [31d] to [32], each time search for clue. (look for secret)


NPC: Runa for Up and Away Quest

Defend Runa, speak to her and observe the prayer. (+1 Magic as a Mage)

33Cliffside Path Astrarium

Constellation: Belenas

Video Cliffside Path Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Youtube: Cliffside Path Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

YouTube: Cliffside Path Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

34Fortress Gates

They are magicaly closed now. You will open it finishing On Ameridian's Trail Quest.

35The Frozen Gate

by Christine Kicki Leifsdotter
"You are missing a codex. The fourth part of The mysteries of Frostback Basin, The true purpose of the Crater. Its located on one of the two terraces by the rift next to the frozen gate."

36Human Bones Artifact

QUEST: It Remains to be Seen Pickup Artifacts, there are 5 of them around. When you find all go to Augur 24

The Jaws of Hakkon have used human bones in some sort of magic ritual. Learning more about this magic could offer insight into their intent.

37Abandoned Jail

For Storvacker Caged Quest (21)

Outside and inside Hakkonite guards. When you attack inside, reinforcements will come.

Two massive doors on left and right can be opened by rogue and contain Loot.

Four steel grating (without center) also can be opened by Rogue, they contain some loot and codex.

ITEM: Secret Prisoners pf Tevinter Codex

Center one are, bear inside. Use Lever to open it. Do not be afraid of bear :)

NPC: Storvacker Lead bear outside.

Outside, there will be trap waiting for you. Kill Hakkonites, bear will help you fight.

After the fight Bear will go alone.

38Cliffside Camp

ITEM: Soldier's Note

39Nigel's Point

40Nigel's Point

NPC: Colette for Worthy of Publication Quest, after visiting (18)

OPERATION: An Appeal To The Shaperate Run this operation on War Table in Skyhold

While historical documents shed light on Orinna's time as Inquisitor Ameridan's companion, little is known of her early life in Orzammar. The Orzammar Shaperate contains an immeasurable wealth of knowledge pertaining to the thaig's past. Professor Kenric has made several requests to study their records, all of which were denied. As an ally of the Inquisition, Orzammar may be more willing to answer a petition from Skyhold.

ITEM: The Hunt of the Fell Wolf Codex

ITEM: Colette's Notes Codex

There are two chests with loot here. First on ground level in corridor to the right. Second at top of the tower, jump the wall and climb leader

There are two more items to examine at courtyard.

Closed doors in a corridor, you cant open them, its exit from The Old Temple, you will use it later in game.

41Canyon Camp

ITEM: From a Mage's Journal Codex

by Chris MacDonald
"There is a ice dragon skull in the upper waterfall north of 41. you need to follow the path and then jump. It gives 2 ice dragon bones."

42 Lift Up/Down

43 Boat

Boat for What Yet Lingers Quest. You need to talk to Fisherman Arvid [13] to take it. It will take you to mysterious island.

44 Lady's Rest Island

ITEM: Letter Found near Many Corpses

45 Fade Rift

Open Rift and talk to ghost. Take Loot.

ITEM: Aegis of the Rift New Inquisitor Ability

Use this ability to turn The Veil itself into a magical shield that deflects enemy projectiles. It can be upgraded in the Inquisitor ability tree.

ITEM: Ameridian's Orders

ITEM: Ancient Document Protected in a Scroll Case Codex

ITEM: Unfallen Shack Codex

Right after you exit Shack enemies will come, kill them.

46 The Stone Giants

47 Cursed Treasure

Do not pick gold or at last save game first

ITEM: Ballad of the Murderer's Gold Codex

After visiting Lady's Rest Island go back to Professor Bram Kenric [04] to finish What Yet Lingers Quest

48 Soldiers fighting Hakkons

Fight Hakkons for Lead the Charge Quest [01]

NPC: Lieutenant Farrow

QUEST: Jawbreaker

Lieutenant Farrow has reports of Hakkonite camps along the river. Their hostile presence prevents the resupply of Inquisition encampments and makes travel through the region dangerous.

49 Ocularum


NPC: Sigrid The Exile

QUEST: In Exile

Sigrid Gulsdotten exiled herself from Stone-Bear Hold. Though Sigrid refuses to explain why, it may still be possible to discover the reason.

Talk to Sigrid and go to Augur [24]

After examining Ritual Site [51], talk to Sigrid.

Sigrid Gulsdotten can be Inquisition Agent

51 Ritual Site

This place is for In Exile Quest, come here after you talk to Augur [24] about Sigrid. You have to find here 4 secrets, after that return to Sigrid [50]

52 Ancient Culvert

Before you enter Ancient Culvert go to Harding [01] and talk to her for The Loss of a Friend Quest

NPC: Scout Grandin

Talk to Grandin, kill him and go back to Harding [01] to finish quest.

53 Start of Trail of Carnage

For The Loss of a Friend Quest (01). Follow Trail and look for secrets. It will lead you to Ancient Culvert (52)

54 Ridgeline Camp

ITEM: Ameridan and the Mage

55 Arboreal Fort

Landmark is upstairs on footbridge

56 Western Riverbank Astrarium

Constellation: Fulmenos

Video Western Riverbank Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Youtube: Western Riverbank Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

YouTube: Western Riverbank Astrarium - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

57 Astrarium Cave

After solving all 3 Astrarium puzzles, a cave will be revaled. Its on ground level.

58 The Mystery of the Winter Cave

You need to find all shards using Ocularums and then open doors. Loot inside.

Cold Resistance +12

ITEM: Geldauran's Claim Codex

59 Monster Lair

Monster: Fade-Touched Spider. It is for A Father's Name Quest from [28].

60 Entrance to The Old Drains

61 Razikale's Reach

Kill enemies, search courtyard (2 items) and select "Wait for Professor Kenric" he will open doors.

62 Razikale's Reach Puzzles

Two locked doors on left and right are optional and can be opened with pressplates puzzle in center.

Video Razikale’s Reach Puzzles - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Youtube: Razikale’s Reach Puzzles - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

YouTube: Razikale’s Reach Puzzles - Frostback Basin - Dragon Age: Inquisition

After puzzles, go upstairs.

63 Magic Barrier

You can open this barrier using Veilfire. Veilfire its near, take wooden walkway to find it.

Dispel barrier and enter room. Using Veilfire activate two power sources inside. To to the walls and Pull switch to activate a trail marker.

Follow Trail and activate all Markers, they will guide you to Fortress Gates [34]

After removing the magic barrier at [34] go to Svarah Sun-Hair [21] and tell her you are ready for Attack the Jaws Hakkon.


ITEM: Secret of the Rockspit Codex


Assault The Gate. Fight all enemies till you find entrance to The Old Temple.

66 The Old Temple

67 Exit only from The Old Temple

68 Dragon Hakkon Wintersbreath

Dragon will be here after you exit from The Old Temple Location.

After killing dragon go to Svarah Sun-Hair [21] to finish Guests of the Hold Quest.


ITEM: From the Journal of Havard-Pierre D'Amortisan

ITEM: Field Notes

ITEM: Torn Pages

NPC: Havard-Pierre D'Amortisan he will come here after finishing main quests in Frostback Basin

QUEST: Beasts at Bay

Inquisition soldiers face delays setting up camps due to interference from the local wildlife. Baron Henri-Pierre d'Amortisan believes his herb wards may keep the beasts at bay.

Place Wards

NPC: Dunwich

QUEST: The Nox Morta

Baron Henri-Pierre d'Amortisan and his scribe, Dunwich, are searching for the Nox Morta. With assistance, they may be able to prove the existence of this mysterious creature.

70 Nox Morta

For The Nox Morta Quest.

Veil Quartz Deposit Locations

You need Veilfire torch to gather Veil Quartz.

71 Veil Quartz

Easy to gather, Veilfire is near.

72 Veil Quartz

Hard to get, you will have to jump like kangaroo.

Codex and Lore

A baffled Note

A note affixed to a book entitled Ser Lothair Vernay Duret's Victory and Dominion: Lady Harding, I could use the opinion of an expert. Though impressive, the victory outlined on the marked page could not have been achieved as stated? Bram Kenric, Sure it could. If you had enough apples. - Harding

A neatly Penned Note

Professor Bram Kenric, The requested supplies have been sent to your current location from the University, including additional ink, books on Ameridan, and three Divine Age buckles for purposes of comparison (and yes, upon your return you may say "I told you so" in regards to my saying your collection was useless). Everything should arrive shortly after you (of course, roads still aren't what they were). Also, I fed that fish, but I am not talking to it for you. Professor Cheval Laurant - University of Orlais

Property of Colette

Pages of neatly written, painstakingly detailed notes fill a well-worn journal. The notes break midway through for a list: Expedition to Frostback Basin. Preparations: - Reread Finding Ameridan (complete), - Review notes on appropriate excavation methods (complete), - Practice categorization of minute material artifacts (complete), - Read book on Frostback Basin (complete), - Practice camping (complete) (note: bring a pillow), - Reread An Anatomie of Various Terrible Beasts (complete), - Learn to fence-cannot find willing instructor,- Ask brothers for fencing/defense lessons-bad idea, - Read book on survival and defense (complete), - Bring towels (packed) - A few idle swirls follow, along with a tiny sketch of an elf defending a stack of papers from Various Terrible Beasts. The caption reads "Field Work."

A Letter to Harding

My darling Lace: I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy. Last week, I managed to barter for maps of Ferelden and Orlais from Hugin, the old soldier who rents the place on Mistress Johann's farm-you remember him, don't you? Quiet man, always smoking a pipe in his chair on the porch. He wasn't using the maps anymore, so I gave him some of my jam and patched his coat in exchange for them. Now, whenever you tell me of your travels, I'll be able to track where you've been. I'm astounded, my darling, when I look at the weave of dotted trails I've already marked out on my maps. Oh, the places your feet have touched! How far you've gone, my little Lace. I am so, so proud of you. When I was your age, I'd only ever gone as far as Lothering. My mother never left Redcliffe, she lived and died there. And now here you are, flying so far with so much purpose. My mind can barely comprehend it, but my heart swells. I shan't take up too much of your time. I know how busy you are. I am looking at the Frostbacks on the map as I write this, because I know you will likely be at your Skyhold. Please make sure to dress warmly. I have included the recipe for your favorite turnip-goat stew. A taste of home to stave off the cold mountain airs. Kisses and hugs from me and your father. - Mother

Inquisitor Ameridan

What is known about Inquisitor Ameridan would barely fill a page. He was a friend of Emperor Drakon. He was Inquisitor when the Seekers of Truth folded themselves into the Chantry as part of the Nevarran Accord, their Order serving as precursor to the Order of Templars and the Circle of Magi. Shortly after the accord was signed, between 1:22 and 1:24 Divine, Ameridan left his position and departed, never to be seen again.

These facts alone are undisputed. Everything else is uncorroborated hearsay, broad speculation, or salacious rumormongering:
- Ameridan did not willingly cede power. Drakon forced the Seekers of Truth to disband upon pain of death, then removed the Inquisitor rather than suffer rebellion in the new Chantry's ranks.
- Ameridan was forced to retire due to the still-young Chantry's restrictions requiring celibacy, as he was involved in a relationship with a mysterious "lady-mage" that the Chantry erased from history.
- Ameridan was a rowdy noble who cared more for raucous entertainment than for the Seekers. He held the position only because Drakon wanted a loyal friend commanding the Order, and when the Seekers became part of the Chantry, Ameridan was free to retire to a life of hunting dragons and wenching.
- Any of these stories may be true, and without more evidence, we have little hope of ever reaching a clear determination. Nevertheless, I would offer a few notes that are often overlooked as scholars delve so deeply into their own historical specialties as to lose key context:

Firstly, Emperor Drakon, rightly acknowledged as the man who molded the Chantry into the organization it is today, was a pious man, committed to spreading the Chant of Light and creating a world where magic and men were governed by Andrastian principles. All sources agree that Ameridan was a close friend of Drakon, and while it is certainly possible that Ameridan was more pragmatic than pious, it is highly unlikely that Drakon would have befriended a figure who was actively opposed to the Chantry, much less tolerated such a man holding a position of power in the growing Orlesian Empire.

Secondly, Inquisitor Ameridan was universally acclaimed as a powerful combatant, regardless of his supposed faith (or lack thereof). Rumormongers suggesting Ameridan was exiled ask us to believe that Emperor Drakon could see no use for a powerful warrior with years of command experience. Given that the Second Blight had been a fact of Orlesian life for more than 15 years at the time of Ameridan's disappearance, with darkspawn pouring from the Anderfels into northern Orlais in growing numbers, it is frankly absurd to suggest Drakon would casually dispose of such a military asset.

Without further evidence, we may never know more about Ameridan's departure. Nevertheless, I hope that we may eschew the currently popular cynicism, at least when obvious evidence against it is presented, to see that his disappearance must have had some other cause.

From Finding Ameridan by Professor Bram Kenric (Starkhaven University Press)

Questions of Accuracy

...that moved against them were halted by the light from her most-assured hands. It was then she took her own counsel, in ways best not set forth here, and led the party away. Did Ameridan's eyes seek hers among those assembled as he relayed the events which led them there? If she stood among us, I did not know her. Yet his hand moved slightly at his side, as my own does when my wife is near and I seek wordless comfort in the touch of her fingers. We had all heard the whispers. Did he say her name in the telling? Would he have dared? Times were different, but have they changed so much? Excerpt from the writings of Lord Bescond, first put to the page in 1:48 Divine A letter follows: Kenric, This is a precise copy. The preceding pages were lost-or removed-ages ago. Bescond makes no further references to this woman, although Ameridan comes up several times later on. Bescond's writings, as they pertain to Inquisitor Ameridan, are not entirely unknown, although you're unlikely to find them among Chantry records. Their validity is largely dismissed. Some have questioned whether the so-called "light" and "counsel" reference magic or holy insight. And of course, Bescond wrote down his impressions many years after the fact. The author's own wife brought accuracy into question when she admitted her husband was recalling his youth in the Orlesian capital through nostalgia and age-distorted memory. I believe her admission is part of official Chantry record. Best of luck, M.

At What Cost

From an aged journal found in Frostback Basin: It still tastes strange. No matter. Several water-stained pages follow before the text resumes: Have we traveled through lands more remote than these? We must have. Yet I've never felt so removed from life back home as I do now. T. makes the same arguments as always, though adds a lack of demons as a point in her favor. Lack isn't absence-which I was quick to point out. She called me pithy. There are demons here, though not as many as we faced in those early years together. The Avvar have their mages too. The last were ill prepared for me. I wonder if that's the part that bothers her? O., as always, was no help at all. We push on. My head aches. The others are singing the song we learned at that lakeside town. I forget the name of the place. I think my eyes are about to explode. Of course, A. has noticed and tells the others he needs to read something. It's quiet now. The journey here took longer than expected. I must take stock of the rations. After sleep. There were more than expected. Everything has been more than expected. A few moments later, and O. would not be standing here. I was able to subdue the mage before things became worse. T. said nothing about it afterwards. She knows O. would have died. "At what cost?" T. asked me that once. I said it costs nothing, but I don't know. I met a man who'd fought longer than I, but his mind had faded with age, and he could not answer. The point remains that I can do more. I can be more effective. We've all seen the demons, what they did. We've seen what some would do with blood. The better question is, who pays the cost if no one takes this chance? And no one said it has to be forever. Just until things are settled. "If you count eight times, will the number change?" O. asks. She's been watching me these last few days, whatever she says to the contrary. Damned blue bottles. I did not plan this journey as well as I should. I lay trying to find constellations through the leaves. T. brought me some water. She just smiled, and there was no admonishment behind it. It made me feel somewhat better. As always, A. cooked our dinner while deriding my own ability to produce something edible. O. attempts to tell jokes-Maker, they're pathetic. Why do they make me laugh anyway? Long days behind. I fear there are fewer ahead. Whatever costs I've paid, they will be worth it. It doesn't matter. This night-safe beside a fire, the three of them singing that stupid song... I am content.

A Memory Saved

A faint inscription found in Frostback Basin: If this be our last together, let it end in laughter. ATHO

Mouth of Echoes

The savages speak to their gods in the cave passage. They call it the Mouth of Echoes. They light fires and feed them with green spruce and shout their questions into the deep. They say answers come to them on the last whispered echo. Superstition, we laughed. And now Razikale is silent and madness descends. I can only think, what if? What if there are irregularities in the Veil here? What if we could secure the Avvar cave and bend it to our purposes?
The slaves are gathering materials. We will build a shrine to the Dragon of Mystery-implant foci into the walls, cut sacred designs into the stone, the better to hear her with. We will hear her voice again, or we will die.
- Scribbled in blood-red ink on parchment found in the Mouth of Echoes

Tale of Hryngnar, Ice-Troll

Came the warriors of Tevinter, armor shining, shields of gold,
Stole the land of Avvar keeping, stone-carved walls to claim their hold.
Hryngnar, ice-troll, wreaks his raging, lowland warriors weep and shake,
Glacier-strength did Hryngnar conjure, stone Tevinter walls to break,
Lowlands flee, their lands releasing.

Journal of the Giant Watcher

This appears to be a personal diary written in a very enthusiastic hand: Now all giant trolls are dangerous, but this one is a real beauty. We heard rumors about him down here at the southern edge of the Frostbacks, and we had to come get a look for ourselves. Rumor has it this big fellow has some sort of magic about him, and if so, we might be on the verge of finding out how giants came to be in the first place.
Right, I've just come back from the big fellow's cave. It's got a strange feel about it, definitely some sort of magic. If giant trolls can do magic, that changes everything we know about them, and this fellow could be the key to teaching us more about these beautiful creatures.
Now, it's not just the magic that makes him special. I found this special cloth in his cave, never seen anything like it. I can't tell whether the big fellow makes it or produces it like a spider makes silk, but it's amazing stuff. I've stashed some of it safely away in the damp cave, in case he can scent it like a bear.
I'm going to go in tomorrow and try to see if I can get the big fellow to do some of his magic. It's dangerous, but I think it's worth it. Remember, if anything happens to me, it's my fault. I'm an intruder in his domain, and he's just being true to his nature!

Leather-Bound Hakkonite Journal

Thane Harofsen thinks he alone can work the words of lowlanders, as though the augurs had not learned the tale-drawing runes to study the old magic. He is blind, but the Jaws of Hakkon would not be here without him. A hold needs blind men with big blades sometimes.
In the old times, the first Jaws of Hakkon spoke with the great spirit himself. He opened their eyes that they might see the elfstones hidden across the world, and they entered the old cave and learned the mysteries of winter. Their working of cold let them slip through the ice-wall that wards the lowlander fortress, and we must now do the same if we are to take it as our own.
Hakkon has been silent all our lives. He cannot speak to us in dreams or open our eyes, and we remain blind to the elfstones. The lowlanders, though, have found a new way to see them. The skull of a dream-slain, set with the right magicks, can bring the elfstones to our sight.
We will regain the mystery of winter.

Mysteries of the Frostback Basin

A voluminous pile of notes and observations. Half diary and half research notes, these parchments have no clear order, if they ever did. At the top, someone has written "Observations of the Mysteries of the Frostback Basin, and their Hidden Connection to great secrets buried by the Ages."

Blood-Stained Shrine

We took steps to avoid the Hakkonites and stayed out of their way for the most part. It would've gone uneventfully had Pryce's inexperience not caused him to leave visible prints in the dirt. The Jaws of Hakkon used them to track us, and even Falker cannot throw them off the trail. Persistent bastards. We ended hiding amidst the moldy corpses and sun-bleached bones that littered the ground around a strange shrine. It was carved of stone and capped with what looked to be a dragon skull. Thankfully, when the Hakkonites traced us to the shrine, the sight of it made them stop short. They whispered amongst themselves, and their leader seemed to make a small bow of obeisance to the skull. They then abandoned the chase.
We still don't know what it was about that shrine that made the Hakkonites balk. Perhaps we don't want to know.
- From reports sent to Scout Harding

Thane Svarah Sun-Hair

This appears to be an unfinished letter. The handwriting is simple, and the text has many phrases crossed out:
Lowlanders, if you be brave enough to -
Orlesians, if you be brave enough-
Merchants of Orlais, if-
To those who wish to trade with Stone-Bear Hold, you should know me. I am Thane Svarah Sun-Hair
I am Thane Svarah Janesdotten, known as Sun-Hair. Though my blade has tasted battle-tears many-
Though my blade has tasted blood many-
Though I have fought many battles, I wish no conflict between us, but instead trade between our hold and yours. We have furs and leathers that put your lowland hides to shame, plus weapons that have tasted Hakkon's winter-
We have furs and leathers that will make your warriors look strong and your lovers look supple, plus weapons-
We have excellent furs and leathers, and weapons like none seen in the lowlands. Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all. Cheat us, and your blood will -
Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all.
-Thane Svarah Sun-Hair
This is a fool's task. What lowlander would come this far for furs they have not seen?
Ah, Korth, I just wrote that instead of saying it. This stupid lowland writing vexes the mind.
The rest of the letter is a series of angry sketches of axes.

The Naming of Stone-Bear Hold

It starts with a man: Ivar Jerriksen.
Driven from their hold by war and misfortune, their thane dead, Ivar led what remained of his people through the mountains. The winter was harsh. The winds of Hakkon echoed through the peaks. The beasts fled, and the hunters could find little game. Ivar's people grew weak. They feared themselves cursed. When the blizzard struck, they built a meager fire and huddled for warmth. When the blizzard lasted three days, they knew that they would die.
On the third night, while Ivar stood watch, he caught sight of a great grey bear through the snow. Though the beast was distant, Ivar could feel its eyes upon him and knew he must follow. Alone, he made his way through wind and snow. The great bear walked ahead of him, always distant but never out of sight.
At last, the bear stopped. Ivar came to stand beside the bear and saw before him a sheltered place where his people might be saved. He reached out a hand to his guide, but instead of fur, he found grey stone. So Ivar knelt before the stone and gave thanks to Korth, for he knew the Mountain-Father had taken the form of a bear to guide him here.
Ivar returned to his people and led them to the sheltered place. Ivar Jerriksen became Ivar Snow-Favored, and the people swore to honor him as their new thane. The hold was given the name Stone-Bear in honor of Ivar's vision, and in this place, we have grown strong.
- From Stories of the Wild South: A Collection of Tales of the Barbarian Nations of Ferelden by Lady Susanna Ashwell of Ansburg

Map Legend for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Location - This is in game location. The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting locations.

Starting Quest Location This is location with quest giver. It can be item, person or place.

Inquisition Camp - Heals, restock potion, place to rest, change party members, use it to fast travel. Setup camps as fast as you can.

Landmark - POIs (Points of Interest). Visit and claim to complete collections.

Shop Traders & Merchants, to buy / sell items.

Crafting Station - Here you can create or modify Weapons, Armor, Accesories, Runes and Potions.

Fade Rift - You can close Rifts using your ability. Rifts grows in difficulties in following locations. Closing a Fade rift rewards with amount of Power. There are a total of 81 rifts in Thedas.

Astrarium - Astrariums are ancient relics of Tevinter origin that allow the viewing of constellations in the stars. Solve Astrarium puzzles to reveal secret location with treasure.

Ocularum - Use Ocularums to reveal locations of magical Shards. Shards can be used in Forbidden Oasis Location.

Dungeon Entrence - Entrence to Cave, Dungeon, Crypt, Underground.

Locked Door - This kind of Locked Doors require Special Key or "Deft Hands, Fine Tools" Inquisition Perk

Fast Travel - You can travel to this points pointing on world map.

Area Exit This is Exit to main map

Mosaic Piece Collect mosaic for Collections. Mosaic sets are Sacrifice, Invasion, The Fall, Archdemon and Freed Are Slaves. Each Mosaic set has 12 pieces.

Bottle of Thedas Collect Bottles for Collections. There are 29 bottles that can be collected.

Inquisition Agent Here you can hire new Inquisition Agent.

Party Member Here you can recruit new Party Member

Secret - Use Search ("V" on PC) to reveal secrets. Sometimes you need to use search key few times.

Codex Entry It can be book, letter, place, item. After you collect 250 codex entries you become Loremaster.

Specials - Important place, interesting place, easy to be missed, just look around carefully.

Ballad Collection - Song Lyrics or sung song for Collection. There are 21 songs to collect.

Logging Stand - for Resource Requisition Quest, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Quarry - for Resource Requisition Quest,, used for crafting Skyhold improvements.

Artifact - Artifact to Activate for Solas. When activated they strengthen the Veil in the close area.

Glyph - Use Veilfire to obtain Rune

Keep - Tou have to defeat enemy and claim this keep for Inquisition, then it will be your Camp.

Operation - You have to perform Operation here.

Dragon - Dragon for High Dragon Collection. There are 10 high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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