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Star Wars: The Old Republic


Corellia Planet - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Corellia Planet - Star Wars: The Old Republic - SWTOR Codex: Datacrons, Locations, Organizations, Persons of Note, Species, Bestiary and Lore.

One of the founding worlds of the Galactic Republic, Corellia nonetheless prides itself on its independence. Some of the finest starships in the galaxy are made on Corellia, along with their daring pilots--men and women looking to explore, to trade or just stay ahead of the law. The cities, like the people, are distinctly Corellian, incorporating the natural landscape into their design despite a heavy manufacturing base.

The Corellian government recently agreed to turn over power to the Sith Empire. This has resulted in riots in the streets and open revolution despite Imperial claims of legitimacy, and the capital of Coronet City has become a battlefield.

  • faction: Republic, levels: 47 - 50
  • location: Core Worlds, status: Rumors of Imperial Influence Over Corellian Leaders
  • terrain: Environmentally-Conscious Cityscape
  • key facts: One of the most important centers for starship construction and other military-industrial developments


Axial Park

A major point of differentiation between Coronet City and other metropolises--like those of Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant--is the Corellian appreciation for nature. Amid Corellia's towering structures and high speed trams, one can always find a small tree-lined park or quiet reflection pool. Axial Park is the grandest expression of Corellia's desire to remain connected to the natural world.

At a cost of over seventy billion credits, Coronet City's civil engineers set aside valuable real estate for the creation of several museums and landmarks separated by beautiful parklands. For some, one of the greatest tragedies of the war is to see such beauty spoiled by bombardment and the park's grand museums converted into bunkers.

Beharen Droid Factory

Droid manufacturing is one of Corellia's most successful industries, with almost ninety thousand droids produced every day in Labor Valley alone. The Beharen Droid Factory specializes in hazardous maintenance units designed specifically for disaster relief and recovery operations; these droid models are built to withstand high radiation, extreme temperatures and falling debris.

The founder of the Beharen Droid Factory recently perished during the Empire's attack on Corellia. The high-rise tower containing his residence was clipped by a damaged Imperial warship, collapsing several floors and nearly toppling the structure. The factory founder's body has not yet been recovered from the rubble.

Blastfield Shipyards

Corellia has numerous spaceports, but few as extensive as the Blastfield Shipyards. Before the Imperial invasion, thousands of ships were built or serviced here on a daily basis by hundreds of local businesses. Mercenaries flying in from the Outer Rim to have their ships' engines tuned by a legendary Corellian mechanic would land next to construction yards for enormous luxury yachts catering to the galaxy's wealthiest nobles. Dozens of cantinas and small-scale entertainment districts nearby served the needs of visitors and workers seeking a break from spaceflight or daily labor.

Now that war has come to Corellia, the Blastfield Shipyards are the main point of entry for Republic forces, from troop drop ships to battle cruisers in need of repair. The Empire has made numerous attack runs over the sector, leaving scorched starship wreckage and twisted scaffolding scattered through the streets, but the Republic military knows that losing the shipyards means losing Corellia. Every effort must be made to keep them secure.

Coronet Shipping

Trade goods from across the galaxy pass through Corellia every day, and Coronet Shipping has always been the busiest trade hub on the planet. Before the war, all manner of freighters visited its landing pads, bearing goods both legal and otherwise. Millions of credits worth of commerce occurred there every day.

When the Republic established its beachhead at the Blastfield Shipyards, the Empire was quick to secure Coronet Shipping for itself as a rapid-response staging area. The main ground approach to these landing pads was destroyed by Imperial forces, rendering the area inaccessible to infantry and walker units. Aerial patrols keep Republic assault shuttles at bay and protect the Empire's elite troops.

Coronet Zoo

The fabled Coronet Zoo is renowned across the galaxy for its amazing animal exhibits. Every year, nearly extinct species are rescued from forgotten worlds and preserved in multimillion credit wildlife enclosures; the greatest xenozoologists in the Republic vie for a few coveted positions as curators.

The Empire's assault on Corellia shattered several enclosure walls and sent alien wildlife running free in the city streets. This has resulted in scenes of great beauty--like the sight of a herd of kybucks proudly galloping down a major promenade--but it has also unleashed terrible predators that now stalk humanoid prey in the steel canyons. Unconfirmed reports of a rancor on the loose remain a hot topic on the comm channels.

Decimus's Rise

Darth Decimus, mastermind of the Corellian invasion and leader of the Empire's planetary forces, has established his central command in the former offices of the planet's Trade Tariff Service. Moff Tarandon recommended the building's use on the grounds that its function was now obsolete, and that enemy forces would likely ignore it in favor of attacking the Legislature Building.

Darth Decimus wasted no time transforming the former government office into an Imperial fortress. The structure's main entrance is under heavy guard and the only access to Decimus himself is via a single secure turbolift. The few Corellian bureaucrats in the building when Imperial forces arrived either pledged themselves to the planet's new government, or fled their offices via any route possible.

Government District

The fighting on Corellia has reached its apex at the planet's seat of political power: the Government District. Republic and Imperial forces wage fierce battles around the heavily-guarded legislature and the famous Drall Library--now a makeshift bunker. Dozens of politicians huddle in their private estates to wait out the fighting even as the fabled Green Jedi mount a desperate defense against Imperial units bent on the rebels' annihilation.

Before the war, the Government District was the grandest part of Corellia--a bright testament to its wealth and freedom. Few suspected the influence of the Empire was taking root within a place of such prosperity, and no one--Imperial or Republic--knows what will become of the district after the war.

Green Jedi Enclave

The Green Jedi Enclave has been the Empire's top target since invading Corellia, but initial attempts to destroy it failed utterly. The enclave's inhabitants appear to have learned from what happened to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and taken steps to avoid a similar fate.

Powerful shields fueled by internal reactors protected the structure from the first assault, giving the Jedi time to erect offensive cannons. An Imperial warship sent to attack the structure was shot to pieces over the sector, and although a large chunk of the vessel crashed into the enclave, it did not inflict heavy casualties or substantially weaken the structure. The Green Jedi Enclave remains a dark blot on the Empire's otherwise nearly flawless invasion.

Incorporation Islands

Corellia's economy is built on free trade, and the major corporate entities established on the planet post trillions of credits in profits each year. The business transactions occurring on Corellia affect every other corner of the galaxy--including the Empire. In retrospect, Imperial invasion of Corellia was not merely inevitable--it was a necessary step toward the Republic's defeat.

The largest and most prosperous business entities occupy a series of massive towers nicknamed the "Incorporation Islands." Most of the sector is wholly owned and controlled by different galaxy-spanning enterprises, and many have responded with hostility to the Imperial takeover. Some of the fiercest fighting on Corellia has been against highly-paid corporate security forces and their armies of droids.

Labor Valley

Corellian-manufactured high-tech goods--particularly starships and starship parts--are considered some of the finest in the galaxy. The planet's Labor Valley sector is home to dozens of interconnected industrial factories producing everything from raw durasteel to hyperdrives and thermal detonators. Millions of middle-class Corellians found their livelihoods in Labor Valley before war devastated the area.

Republic and Imperial forces are battling for control of key factories and destroying anything they can't hold for themselves. Vital plants lay in ruins and a massive fire rages out of control at a major fuel refinery. What was once an industrial paradise has become an apocalyptic inferno. Corellia's citizens can only look on in horror as everything they've built is methodically obliterated.

Museum of Corellian Industry (Sith Inquisitor)

During a protracted period of economic depression two hundred years ago, the Corellian government commissioned a morale-building museum to celebrate the planet's greatest technological and industrial achievements. Twenty years and hundreds of millions of credits later, the Museum of Corellian Industry finally opened to tepid public response.

When Republic forces regrouped in Axial Park, they quickly secured this remote and mostly-abandoned museum as a staging area. Darth Thanaton, sensing opportunity, personally eradicated the Republic forces occupying the sturdily built structure. Rather than reporting this victory to Imperial leaders, he instead made the museum his own private bunker.

Museum Republica

Whereas the Republic Foundation Museum in the Government District is considered a scholarly resource of priceless antiquities, Axial Park's Museum Republica was designed with tourists in mind. Combining the refined presentation of more traditional museums with display exhibits best described as carnival-like, the Museum Republica tries to offer something for everyone.

Before the Imperial Guard raided the museum and transformed it into a base of operations, the museum displayed many items of disputed provenance: a cybernetic lower jaw allegedly belonging to Darth Malak, a pair of boots worn by the fabled Jedi Cay Qel-Droma and a deactivated G0-T0 infrastructure planning droid said to have been recovered from the Malachor Five asteroid field.

Republic Foundation Museum

One of the largest archival resources on Corellia is the Republic Foundation Museum, a monument to the multi-millennial history of the Empire's greatest enemy. Priceless antiquities and invaluable records rest within the museum's vault-like walls, protected by high-security energy shields--now augmented to withstand Imperial bombardments. Morale is high among the rebel forces clustered inside, despite a life under siege; many of the soldiers and Jedi find the surroundings inspirational.

Once the Empire has crushed all resistance on Corellia, its first order of business will be to storm the Republic Foundation Museum and remove all of its wonders. Moff Tarandon has proposed that the museum be converted to a celebration of Imperial culture, while Diplomatic Service officials hope the museum can be used to teach Republic history from a more honest perspective. Other proposals include setting fire to the museum's contents in a public square and broadcasting the destruction across the Empire.

Tears of Taris

One of the most storied Imperial vessels orbiting Corellia is the legendary "Tears of Taris," a modified dreadnaught built, in part, from the remains of a Centurion-class battle cruiser from the time of Darth Malak. The Centurion was part of the fleet that bombarded the Republic world of Taris over three hundred years ago; it changed hands many times over the centuries that followed, but it has always served the Sith in one form or another.

When Darth Charnus became aware of the Centurion, he ordered it disassembled and its key elements integrated into his new dreadnaught--an act to honor the vessel that had survived for so long. Now, it is a formidable ship built to besiege planets and deploy troops. Corellia is its greatest challenge yet.

The Bastion (Trooper)

A fortress without equal, the Bastion has stood as a center of Republic military planning and analysis for centuries. Massive subterranean databanks contain information on every strategic asset at the Republic's disposal (offical or otherwise) as well as extensive data on every species, government and organization in the known galaxy.

Before the onset of the Great War, the Bastion's databanks were used to support elaborate simulated war games, with the military's top officers attempting to use the documented resources in unexpected ways to better prepare the Republic for any threat that might appear. Unfortunately, none of these scenarios even approximated the savagery and brilliance of the Sith Emperor's grand invasion plan.

The Guardian Holds (Jedi Consular)

In warfare, capturing an objective is theoretically simple; holding it is not. This principle was applied to the defense of Corellia's Coronet City with the creation of the Guardian Holds.

Key sites were carefully chosen--manufacturing centers, easily fortified buildings, hospitals and underground bunkers. These sites were then furnished with heavy defenses, armaments and elite Republic troops. In the event that Coronet City was sacked or captured, these impenetrable Guardian Holds would become fortresses from which the Republic could retake the city. The number and locations of the Guardian Holds is a closely-guarded secret held by the Republic's military leaders and the Jedi Council.

Some have questioned why so much expense has been invested specifically in protecting Corellia. The fact is that Corellia has strategic, economic and symbolic value to the Republic; the effort involved in the creation of the Guardian Holds only serves as evidence of the planet's importance.


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Corellian Corporate Council (Bounty Hunter)

Corellia is dominated by galaxy-spanning corporate interests that earn trillions of credits, and the planet's government has always claimed a significant share of those profits. It was only natural that the corporations would demand influence commensurate to their contributions. The world's most important business leaders formed the Corellian Corporate Council, a political policymaking coalition with representatives to every government committee.

This group's stated goal is "to ensure the smooth flow of trade between Corellia and the rest of the galaxy." In reality, this means negotiating in back rooms to limit the government's commercial regulations and negotiate favorable tax breaks. It is no coincidence that every council chairman has been accused of fraud at least once in his career.

Corellian Engineering Corporation

The Corellian Engineering Corporation claims to be the longest-operating business entity in galactic history. While some may dispute this assertion, no one argues with the quality of CEC's products. The Republic's smartest and most forward-thinking scientists and engineers flock to this company and create advanced new starships, droids and other technologies.

Before the Empire's invasion, Imperial Intelligence operatives quietly infiltrated the massive network of office buildings that makes up CEC's portion of the Incorporation Islands. The plan was to take control of the company's formidable defenses just prior to the Empire's arrival in case of corporate resistance. Something went wrong and none of the agents have been heard from since. Now, the CEC poses a major threat to Imperial ambitions on the planet.

Corellian Security Force

The Corellian Security Force, commonly referred to as CorSec, is the planet's primary law enforcement agency. It employs officers in such diverse fields as computer science, diplomacy and armed tactical response. CorSec's famed Special Operations Unit enlists some of the galaxy's best infiltration specialists, tasking them with penetrating criminal organizations and dismantling them from within.

Despite CorSec's advanced training, it was unable to detect or stop the Empire's conspiracy with the Corellian council to seize control of the planet. When Darth Decimus's fleet arrived above Coronet City, CorSec leaders sent an immediate panic alert to all its officers and sent them underground. Many law enforcement operatives from CorSec now actively collaborate with the Republic military.

The Corellian Rebellion

The resistance forces opposing the Imperial takeover of Corellia have been surprisingly successful, especially given their irregular and disorganized nature. These mostly civilian guerilla fighters are composed of freighter crews, unemployed mercenaries and patriotic citizens of all species who are all willing to fight for Corellian freedom. CorSec, the Corellian police force, has played a particularly vital role in coordinating and training the rebels.

During the invasion's first days, Corellian rebels successfully assassinated over a dozen high-ranking Imperial officers and bombed shipyards used as landing pads for the Empire's fleet. Leaders of the invasion force quickly learned to think twice before allowing "cooperative" Corellians access to Imperial bases.

The Green Jedi

Corellia's sworn protectors, the Green Jedi, comprise an elite and reclusive group with only loose ties to the main Jedi Order. Green Jedi place their allegiance to Corellia above the Republic, refusing to be drawn away from their homeworld and wearing green robes to symbolize their devotion to the ancient Corellian flag. For this reason, the Jedi Council considers the group unreliable and potentially suspect. Regardless, the Green Jedi are a formidable foe to the Empire.

Although few in number, the Green Jedi are working closely with their planet's CorSec defenders to disrupt Imperial war efforts. Led by Master Arfan Ramos, these warriors operate within a nigh-impenetrable enclave that has already survived multiple Imperial attacks. Some speculate that without the Green Jedi, Corellia would have fallen already.

The Imperial Guard

The ultimate non-Force sensitive fighters in the Empire serve the Emperor and the Emperor alone. Although most citizens know them as protectors of the Sith Academy on Korriban and the sanctum of the Citadel on Dromund Kaas, the guardsmen's mandate takes them wherever the Emperor requires. Even the Dark Council has neither control nor oversight of the guard's activities.

Clad in blood-red robes and armor, Imperial Guardsmen serve for life. Chosen for duty and initiated through deadly tests and traditions, those too old for active duty become instructors for the next generation until their skills deteriorate to the point where they are inevitably slain by a new recruit during training.

Fanatic in loyalty and unmatched in martial skill, even a lone Imperial Guard is a formidable opponent capable of standing toe-to-toe with a Jedi... or a Sith, should the occasion arise.

The Outer Rim Jedi Forces (Jedi Knight)

As the war reaches new heights on Corellia, the Republic's brave Jedi protectors are among the hardest hit. The order has sustained its heaviest losses since the Sacking of Coruscant--many powerful Jedi have sacrificed their lives to give Corellia's defenders a fighting chance.

In desperation, Grand Master Satele Shan has recruited Jedi from remote Outer Rim systems. Some are still only Padawans, while others have defended their worlds for years. Although the Outer Rim Jedi fear leaving their homes unguarded, they know that if Corellia falls, the Empire will soon dominate the rest of the galaxy.

Persons of Note

Chairman Harlon Fane (Bounty Hunter)

Chairman Harlon Fane is a savvy corporate tycoon at the pinnacle of his career. After a long and successful tenure as an executive with the largest starship manufacturer in the galaxy, Harlon retired from active control of the company to a more prestigious and influential position as the manufacturer's representative on the Corellian Corporate Council--a group comprised of major industry leaders devoted to influencing Corellian politics to corporate advantage.

In Harlon's world, everything comes down to money, and knowing where to spend it.

Cole Cantarus

Cole began life as a street urchin on Corellia, running with local gangs and experiencing numerous brushes with the law. At the age of sixteen, he was sent to a juvenile detention center where he turned his life around. Two years later he enlisted with CorSec--the Corellian police force--where he used his knowledge of the streets to compile an amazing arrest record.

As a reward, Cole was transferred to the CorSec unit assigned to protect the members of the Corellian council, where he was eventually promoted to captain. When the government handed Corellia over to the Empire, this betrayal by the men and women he had sworn to protect hit Cole particularly hard. But while a lesser man might have fallen into despair, Cole channeled his rage into a more productive path and helped organize the Corellian rebellion.

Commissioner Jonah Carter (Bounty Hunter)

Before the war, Corellian Security Force Commissioner Jonah Carter was a paragon of the community--a white knight with rough edges who wasn't afraid to tackle rampant corruption within CorSec or the government. Carter's wits, brazen demeanor and iron will made him more than a match for most of Corellia's criminal scum and dirty officials, as well as endeared him to his officers and the general public.

Whether those traits were what made Commissioner Carter impervious to both political power plays and assassination attempts is anyone's guess, but no one was able oust him in over a decade of service--including the Empire. Since surviving the political purge that preceded the Imperial takeover of the Corellian government, Commissioner Carter has become a leader of the civil uprising attempting to push the Imperials off of Corellia--a burden he's taken up with enthusiasm.

Councilor Belos

A member of the Corellian council, Belos is a no-nonsense businessman who can spot a good deal when he sees one. Believing the Empire's superior military might would allow it to overwhelm the Republic, Councilor Belos voted to join the winning side. However, his business sense has led him to rethink his decision; suspecting the Republic might not be such a lost cause after all, he now backs the Corellian defenders.

Like any reasonable Corellian businessman, Belos has his own personal security team and covert operatives to help protect his various investments. The agents he employs keep him updated on the status of many companies and organizations around the city, both public and secretive.

Councilor Caicos (Smuggler)

Councilor Caicos represents the best and worst aspects of Corellia: its riches, freedom, corruption and selfishness. Born to a wealthy family, Caicos had every privilege growing up--and it was never enough. Squandering his family's credits on a series of failed businesses, Caicos turned to loans from the Hutt Cartel and other underworld figures, including the future Voidwolf.

Taking advantage of Corellia's lax laws to walk the line between crime lord and legitimate businessman, Caicos doubled his fortunes and bought himself a place on the Corellian Council. When the Voidwolf called in his debt, Caicos willingly bribed, blackmailed and threatened his fellow councilors into selling out Corellia to the Empire.

Darbin Sull

Charming, charismatic and opportunistic, Darbin Sull had a promising political career on Corellia. One of the youngest individuals ever elected to the government council, many believed it was only a matter of time until he became the prime minister. But Darbin was not content to wait. When the Empire began plotting its takeover of the world he was quick to sell out the Republic in exchange for the promise of a promotion to prime minister once the Imperials seized power.

Much to Darbin's surprise, however, the Corellian people put up a stiff resistance in response to the actions of their government. What Darbin imagined would be a quick power-grab has degenerated into a bloody conflict, and although he has a personal distaste for war, the dangling promise of the prime minister's chair has kept Darbin securely in the Empire's pocket.

Darth Acharon

Although the Imperial military traditionally looks upon the Dark Council with a mix of adulation and fear, Darth Acharon is almost universally despised by officers who know his reputation. Acharon is personally responsible for executing over two hundred soldiers he deemed to be incompetent. The unfortunate individuals' transgressions ranged from critical mission failures to wearing boots that were inadequately polished.

Because of Darth Acharon's zero-tolerance policy, assignment to any operation overseen by him is considered a punishment. A few ambitious men and women willingly volunteer for this duty, seeking to enhance their careers by proving themselves worthy of surviving his service. These spirited upstarts often regret the decision, as the only thing Acharon hates more than incompetence is sycophants.

Darth Charnus

The right hand of the brilliant strategist Darth Decimus, Charnus lacks his superior's gift for cunning. However, he makes up for it with a deep cruelty lurking beneath his cordial and refined exterior. Even among the Sith, his viciousness is remarkable, particularly when interrogating helpless prisoners.

His penchant for extracting information has served him well, as he is often assigned to investigate secret organizations and societies within the Sith that might seek to bring the Empire down. His methods are effective, and his success at rooting out and executing traitors is largely responsible for his current position.

Numerous innocent individuals have suffered at his hands as well, but he has always managed to keep the collateral damage of his investigations to an acceptable level.

Darth Decimus

Known for his brilliant military strategies and his ability to cunningly exploit any situation for his own personal gain, Darth Deciums ascended to the Dark Council after the unexpected death of Darth Azamin at the hands of a Jedi strike team toward the end of the last war.

Many suspect Decimus aided the strike team on their mission in order to remove a powerful rival, but these suspicions were never proven. The Jedi all perished when the ship they used to escape Azamin's stronghold exploded due to a mechanical malfunction that was most likely due to sabotage.

Despite his wanton ambition, Decimus is fiercely loyal to the Emperor, and he was chosen to lead the Imperial invasion of Corellia. Living up to his reputation, Decimus devised a plan that allowed the Empire to seize control of the world with virtually no significant resistance, giving the Imperials an early upper hand over the Republic.

Darth Hadra

Longtime rival of the technological savant Darth Mekhis, Darth Hadra ascended to her foe's seat on the Dark Council after a classified SIS operation resulted in Mekhis's disappearance. So far as the Republic is concerned, Hadra is no improvement--although less experienced than her predecessor, she is more ambitious, more treacherous and a superior combatant.

Early in her rise to power, Hadra was the subject of unflattering rumors--proof that even in the Empire, average citizens enjoy gossiping about those in power. Word was that the strikingly attractive Hadra achieved the title of Sith Lord via a romantic relationship with Darth Malgus. Even fellow members of the Sith leadership wondered if such whispers might be true.

The accusations are ridiculous, of course. Anyone who becomes a Darth and lasts longer than a month has clearly earned her position through considerable power and sheer force of will. The truth is that Darth Hadra never required seduction to get her way; murder was always more effective.

Darth Vowrawn (Sith Warrior)

Darth Vowrawn is a charming and sophisticated elder statesman who has served on the Dark Council for decades--no small feat in the Empire, where the tenure of new council members is often measured in weeks. His passionate, almost hedonistic pursuit of challenge is well known among his peers, who have learned never to underestimate his cutthroat enthusiasm. Vowrawn revels in the game of conquest and Sith power plays, driven to euphoria by all the rich details of his favorite sport.

Many upstart Sith have attempted to best Vowrawn over the years through a variety of strategies, from complex schemes to bluntly direct surprise attacks. Although some scored temporary victories, Vowrawn's talent for adjusting his strategy on the fly has left him the final victor in all these confrontations.

General Aves

The leader of the Republic's military efforts on Corellia, General Aves fights an uphill battle to retake the planet. Aves is an ardent patriot, believing the Republic absolutely must defeat the Empire to secure the future of the galaxy. He's seen firsthand the chaos and destruction brought about by Imperial rule, and considers it his sworn duty to stop the enemy at any cost.

No stranger to overwhelming odds, a then-Colonel Aves was involved in the defense of the planet Loronar during the previous war. Imperial forces hit the planet hard, but Aves's strategic thinking and quiet determination kept valuable locations from being overrun. The Republic troops under his command held fast until the Empire was driven from the planet for good.

General Hesker

The head of the Imperial Guard stationed on Corellia, General Hesker is a brilliant field tactician, an accomplished pilot and virtually unstoppable in battle. He first saw military action as a young man during the Sacking of Coruscant; assigned to the first wave of shuttles to land on the surface, his squad was intended for a diversionary role to draw initial Republic fire.

But Hesker refused to be used as mere blaster fodder. Instead, he led his team in a furious assault that broke the Republic lines and transformed the battle into an Imperial rout. He quickly gained recognition inside both the Imperial military and the Imperial Guard, and his deeds since have firmly established his reputation as one of the Empire's greatest military heroes.

Jedi Master Jun Seros (Bounty Hunter)

For over a decade, Jun Seros served as a Knight of the Jedi Order, mastering the arts of warfare and lightsaber combat without ever striking a blow with intent to harm. That ended when the Sith Empire returned; understanding the fight ahead, Jun Seros took up his weapon in earnest for the first time in his life. Unlike many of his Jedi peers, he did not shy away from war.

Jun acted as a general in the Republic's armed forces and trained dozens of Jedi as the order's Battlemaster. His strategic genius and bold personal interventions left him undefeated on every front he led. When Coruscant was sacked, he was vocally opposed to honoring the treaty that followed--a treaty he continued to warn against trusting for years.

Locke (Trooper)

A Republic Special Forces veteran who completed his service and "retired" to an administrative position with the Corellian Security Force, the man known to his friends simply as "Locke" thought that he was done with war. But when Imperial boots began stomping across his beloved homeworld, he became one of many Corellians who put his past experience to work in the resistance movement.

Good-natured and swaggering in that distinctly Corellian way, Locke is a passionate defender of his world and people. He welcomes the Republic military's aid reclaiming his homeworld, but takes a dim view of the rampant property destruction being inflicted by the non-native troops.

Lord Skar (Sith Inquisitor)

Since rising up from the Korriban Academy, Lord Skar has been Darth Thanaton's apprentice. A valiant general and unparalleled lightsaber duelist, many have marveled that Skar has never moved against his master.

In truth, Skar finds the life of a scheming Sith Lord distasteful, and prefers the more visceral thrill of battle to the political machinations of a Darth. But that is not to say that Skar lacks ambition, and he has been responsible for his fair number of betrayals and dead rivals over the years.

Master Arfan Ramos

Born into a wealthy Corellian family, Arfan Ramos had an affinity for the Force that was discovered at an early age. Instead of sending him to the Jedi Council for training, however, his family gave him over to the Green Jedi of Coronet City--an enclave of Jedi who rejected the council's authority and placed loyalty to Corellia above all else.

Like most of the Green Jedi, Master Arfan focused primarily on philosophical studies and research into the non-martial uses of the Force. Over the decades, he distinguished himself among his peers and rose to a position of wise, contemplative authority. With the arrival of the Empire and the defection of the local government, however, Master Arfan recognized the time for pacifism was past, and he was quick to change the Green Jedi's focus. Strong in the Force and a confident and capable leader, he has willingly shouldered the burden that has been thrust upon him.

The Entity (Sith Warrior)

Darth Baras's rise to power has been facilitated by his enslavement of a Sith spirit known only as the Entity. Baras dominated this centuries-dead Sith into using her powers of precognition and farseeing to aid his ascendancy onto the Dark Council while plotting the destruction of all enemies in his path.

The Entity chafes at her enslavement, desperately seeking freedom from this ignoble fate. Centuries ago, she nearly brought the galaxy to its knees and all but eradicated the Jedi Order; to be used as a mere political tool by Darth Baras is an insult to these past deeds.

The First Son (Jedi Consular)

The Sith Emperor seeks to shape all things to his will. His Children, individuals infused with part of his being, have been scattered throughout the Republic, knowingly--or unknowingly--manipulating events to the Emperor's advantage over the years. Above them all is the First Son of the Emperor, a master strategist placed within the Jedi Council itself.

Cloaked in the identity of Master Syo Bakarn, the First Son has been hiding the Children from the Jedi for decades, playing a long game with the Republic. His actions suggest a man possessing remarkable patience, ruthlessness and power. However, as Sophia Farash claimed, Master Syo has been unaware of the First Son's existence--suggesting he and the First Son are two separate personas.

The Real Darmas Polleran (Smuggler)

The man known as Darmas Pollaran is an elaborate fiction--a cover identity crafted by one of Imperial Intelligence's most successful infiltrators. Every woman romanced, every hand of sabacc played and every scrap of information gathered has all been in service to the Sith Empire. He is fiercely loyal to the brutal oppressors he so faithfully serves.

Darmas despises everything about the Republic, but reserves special hatred for its criminal denizens. Now that his true identity is revealed, certain past calamities within the galactic underworld--like the rise and fall of the Migrant Merchants' Guild on Coruscant--must be viewed in a new light. It is almost certain Darmas had a direct hand in these events.



The diminutive and studious Drall are native to one of five inhabited worlds in the Corellian system and have been part of everyday life on Corellia itself for thousands of years. The Drall have long been Corellia's most trusted and respected recordkeepers--it is rumored that even the planet's crime lords rely on these small furry creatures for accurate accounting, and every library and museum of note keeps at least one Drall archivist on staff.

Despite their animalistic appearance, Drall are highly intelligent beings of refined tastes. They are deeply respectful of others and expect to be treated in kind. The Drall are not a violent species and possess little military training, but their detailed knowledge of Corellia is proving invaluable to Republic forces.


Corellian folklore says that long ago, the Drall and Selonians chose their species' future paths--and where the Drall selected peaceful intellect, the Selonians claimed passionate physicality. Native to Selonia, the second planet in the Corellian system, the tall, wiry Selonians are perfectly adapted for hand-to-hand combat. Their needle-like teeth and claws make for impressive natural weapons, and even Wookiees respect these agile warriors' prowess.

The immense Selonian population on Corellia immediately sided with the resistance when the Empire invaded the planet. However, the Selonians stubbornly resist using their underground tunnel networks to ambush or trap Imperial forces due to a cultural disgust for lies and subterfuge. Is it said that in war, truth is the first casualty; if the Selonians are unwilling to accept this sacrifice, they may fare poorly in the battles ahead.



Lean, amphibious bipeds with a tendency to travel in packs, lurkers are carrion eaters most comfortable in tropical environments. Alone, they usually avoid confronting danger, crawling into tight spaces and observing potential threats from a distance. In numbers, they can strike with a rabid, frenzied intensity, happily downing prey for later consumption.

Biologists serving the Hutt Cartel believe that lurkers originated on a nameless jungle world on the edges of the Torch Nebula. They were first identified in the wider galaxy two hundred years ago, and have begun appearing on more and more worlds ever since. No convincing explanation for the lurkers' spread has been offered, leaving the creatures a disturbing mystery.


A Culture of Freedom

Corellia and Coruscant have served as supporting pillars of Republic civilization for millennia, providing its foundational systems of commerce and government, respectively. However, while Coruscant attempts to provide a model of responsible and orderly democracy, Corellia's culture emphasizes free trade and individual privilege over the strict rule of law.

Corellian citizens enjoy a profound amount of personal freedom to pursue their livelihoods, and they exercise that right with a relaxed leisure that belies their fierce refusal to surrender it. Those who mistook the Corellian citizenry's casual attitude for laziness or indifference were surprised when the Empire's occupation was met with armed resistance.

Black Codex: The Star Cabal's Endgame (Imperial Agent)

[Data reconstructed from fragmentary transmissions traced back from the Star Cabal's airship.]

There will be horrors undreamed of. Worlds will be broken, and neither the Jedi nor the Sith will fall without dragging anything in their grasp into ruin.

But it will end, Hunter, more quickly than anyone expects, because we have ensured that each player knows the weaknesses of his opponent. The Jedi intend to move against the Emperor himself, and all that's left for us is to clear the way.

Afterward, we return to our lives. We reconstruct civilization from our places of strength, and the cabal will, fate willing, fade into obscurity as the years go by. Let the Creeper keep his vigil and our elderly friend write her books, and I will nurture the people I love. You may finally find peace. There will be no more wars between men who think they are gods.

A golden era awaits us, built upon the bones of trillions. At last, I can accept this.

[Reconstruction ends here.]

Corellian Government

Corellia is a world that experiments with its system of government on a regular basis. Although it has most often been regarded as a monarchy due to the presence of royal rulers of some kind, these leaders' direct hand in affairs of state has varied wildly throughout history. At various points, Corellia has been everything from an anarchic kleptocracy to a parliamentary democracy.

The present Corellian government is composed of an elected council representing the planet's major population districts. These men and women are led by a prime minister chosen by a council vote. Since the council's alliance with the Empire, however, its members have earned lifetime appointments to their posts; what other changes the Empire may enforce is still uncertain.

Coronet City

Nicknamed "The Jewel of Corellia," Coronet City is the center of government and commerce on the planet. Although Corellia's urban development is negligible compared to Coruscant's, it is commonly accepted that Corellia's cities--Coronet included--are cleaner, greener and friendlier than any place on Coruscant. Indeed, the tourism industry on Corellia is almost twice the size of that of the Republic capital.

Celebrated author Custo Ramak's final work, "Nights of Ryschate and Diamonds," is a deeply sentimental account of his luxurious, hedonistic lifestyle in Coronet City. Ramak's deathbed composition has long been embraced by young artists flocking to the city in search of fame and fortune. The author himself remains on display in the Museum of Fine Art, his funeral ashes compressed into a diamond per Corellian custom.

Firestorm Lasers (Jedi Knight)

Although the Desolator superweapon was destroyed in orbit above Tython, the legacy of Darth Angral and his son Tarnis lives on. Imperial scientists have adapted the Desolator technology into a new form: the Firestorm Turbolaser. These cannons superheat the atmosphere in a targeted area, literally setting the air on fire and incinerating anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within the area of effect.

The Firestorm Turbolasers have one key weakness: they must be deployed relatively close to the battlefield. This leaves the artillery units vulnerable to counterattack and destruction. Indeed, the only way to remain safe from these deadly weapons is to ensure they are never fired.

First-Class Corellian Bloodstripes

The legendary Corellian bloodstripes are only awarded to heroes who have faced certain death not in the heat of the moment, but after careful deliberation and full foreknowledge of the sacrifice. Although this recognition can technically be bestowed for any reason, the usual one is courage under fire during a military conflict.

Corellian bloodstripes are traditionally worn as conspicuous colored piping running the length of the recipient's trousers. A popular urban myth states that awardees who catch someone wearing unearned bloodstripes may kill that person without legal reprisal, but there are no records of such an event occurring.

History of Corellia

Corellia's history is intertwined with that of the Galactic Republic itself. It was Corellians who were among the very first humanoids to develop faster-than-light space travel, and who--in partnership with the Duros--eventually engineered hyperdrive technology and made full exploration of the galaxy possible.

With hyperdrive travel linking the Core Worlds, Corellia became one of the Core Founders of the Republic. Emerging trade routes like the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine took their name from not only the planet itself, but the number of Corellian trade vessels that carried goods across the galaxy.

As Corellia's importance grew, its primary industry shipbuilding expanded into orbital spacedocks. The capital, Coronet City, was largely founded on the credits of Corellia's many starship manufacturers. Even to this day, Corellia is best known for its proud spacefaring and trailblazing heritage.

Invasion of Corellia

The Empire's takeover of Corellia was carefully orchestrated over a period of years by Sith Lord Darth Decimus and his agents. Imperial spies identified key politicians in Corellia's highest government echelons and the Empire methodically recruited these individuals by promising them lifetime power in exchange for their loyalty. Eventually, the entire Corellian Council was secretly allied with the Empire.

As the Treaty of Coruscant ended and war resumed, Corellia's government orchestrated a faked emergency that cleared the planet's hyperlanes and closed down its spaceports. The council then voted unanimously to place the world under the Imperial banner as Darth Decimus's fleet appeared in the skies above Coronet City. The invasion was over, but the war for Corellia was only beginning.

Medal of Imperial Glory

Only members of the Dark Council and the Minister of War possess the authority to create official Imperial awards for distinguished service. On Corellia, Darth Decimus exercised this power by establishing the Medal of Imperial Glory to recognize the heroism of his elite forces in the battle for that world.

When the leader who creates a particular medal dies, that reward is officially removed from service and never offered again. Collectors of Imperial military memorabilia highly prize certain badges of honor that were only awarded to a select few individuals before their creators met an untimely demise.

Starship Manufacturing

Corellia's number one trade export is starships. Dozens of advanced shipyards orbit the planet, and dozens more stand planetside, working around the clock. All manner of vessels are constructed by Corellia's renowned shipwrights, from tiny scout pods to massive military dreadnoughts. Corellian-built starships are prized by buyers as diverse as the Republic Stellar Cartography Service and the Hutt Cartel.

Corellia's dominance in the galactic starship market is also one reason why the Empire favored a political takeover of the planet. A world that makes the very best warships and trains some of the greatest pilots in the galaxy always keeps plenty of both for planetary defense.

The Bakvalen Family (Jedi Consular)

Claiming descent from the early heroes of the Republic, the Bakvalens are a family of nobles who have lived on Corellia for centuries. Bakvalen Hall, their ancestral seat, has become a landmark on the borders of Axial Park.

Several generations ago, the family suffered something of a scandal when Jhaka Bakvalen, then the eldest daughter, turned her back on life as a noble and joined the Republic military as a lowly starfighter pilot. Disowned by her father, she changed her surname to the more common "Bakarn" and became a renowned fighter ace.

Jhaka eventually led her squadron to glory against a dangerous warlord in the Outer Rim, but she was killed in the final assault. Overcome with grief and pride at his daughter's heroism, her father changed the family name to Bakarn--the name their scions are known by to this day.

The Fall of Tol Braga (Jedi Knight)

Once a respected member of the Jedi Council and its most fervent advocate for peace, Master Tol Braga now willingly serves the Sith Emperor. His confrontation with that foe showed him the nature of true evil and revealed a powerful force he had grossly underestimated. Master Braga's failure to redeem the Emperor broke his spirit. With his pride and faith shattered, he succumbed to nihilistic despair.

Unlike Warren Sedoru and Leeha Narezz, Master Braga did not require the Emperor's oppressive domination to remain obedient. He knowingly surrendered to the power of the dark side, believing it was his punishment for allowing pride to blind him to the Sith's true nature.

The Kaggath (Sith Inquisitor)

The Kaggath is an ancient, but rarely employed rite of the Sith. One part duel, one part large-scale dejarik-match, the Kaggath pits Sith against Sith unto humiliation and death. The challenger sets the arena, whether a planet, a star system or the entire galaxy. The two combatants must then muster their full power bases to outwit and outmaneuver each other and defeat or win over each other's forces.

When the Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord fought and won his one and only Kaggath, he declared that the name of his opponent would be stricken from history--and his command was fulfilled. The Kaggath has the power not only to destroy an individual Sith, but to obliterate his entire legacy.

The Legislature

The exquisitely expensive Legislature building houses the council, the current ruling body of Corellia. Throughout the planet's experiments with different government systems over the ages, the Legislature has alternately been a house of parliament, a corporate boardroom and a royal council chamber--usually being renamed each time. Regardless of the form the government has taken, it has always kept the spirited, unrestrained flair Corellia is known for.

Centuries ago, during a passionate debate about subsector zoning bypass regulations, Councilor Brecourl angrily challenged his opposition, Chairman Durand, to a duel in front of all in attendance. Durand won the duel over the hotheaded Brecourl, and the occasion is famously remembered as the only time someone was killed on the floor of the Legislature.

The Lucky Lancer (Trooper)

By far the biggest attraction at the Corellian Museum of Starships is the assault shuttle "The Lucky Lancer." This Rendaran-class vessel--a predecessor to the modern Fortitude class--flew over one hundred combat missions during the last war; by comparison, the second-most famous starship on display survived ten missions. Whether through the quality of her crew or the whims of fate, The Lucky Lancer more than lived up to her name.

The ship's most celebrated mission involved delivering a payload of improvised short-range torpedoes created from transparisteel tubing and hundreds of thermal detonators. The Lucky Lancer threaded a deadly gauntlet of Imperial starfighters to close to within a kilometer of the enemy's flagship. The payload was delivered directly into the Imperial vessel's engines, destroying it in one shot.

The Rocket Tram System

Coronet City's rapid public transit system is a symbol of Corellia's economic and industrial power, as well as its commitment to a relatively clean urban environment. Providing cheap and fast transport to all corners of the city, the rocket tram is easily one of Corellia's most popular services. Corporations viciously compete for contracts to add their own technology and resources to the system, as well as for advertising space inside the trams.

The sprawling network of city-wide tram rails has long since become too complex for the Corellians to control, and so direction of the system has been handed over to specially designed droids. Some wonder if such a high level of automation is truly safe, but the only recourse would be reducing the functionality of the entire system.

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