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Star Wars: The Old Republic


SWTOR Datacron 82 | Corellia | Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return

Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return - Datacron 82 on planet Corellia, All faction in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Map of Datacron location and video walkthrough.

Datacron 82 Location

datacron: Strength +4

planet: Corellia

Datacron 82 Location Map Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return

While seeking out the last surviving Jedi Masters, the Jedi Exile had learned much. Although the Exile had been deafened to the Force, this condition was not a punishment by the Council for fighting in the Mandalorian Wars; it had been caused by the millions of deaths at the battle of Malachor Five.

Knowing the Exile was haunted by Malachor, Kreia--taking up the mantle of Darth Traya again--returned to the planet. The assassin Darth Sion also returned there to face the Exile, but he was defeated, persuaded to release his unnatural hold on life.

Finally, the Exile dueled Darth Traya--who claimed that, despite her betrayal, there was no ill-will between them. To Traya, the Exile represented freedom from the Force, which Traya had come to despise. With Traya's death, the Exile left Malachor Five for the last time, and the Sith Triumvirate was defeated.

Youtube Datacron Walkthrough

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